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Updated on January 20, 2009
C.D. asks from Andover, MN
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I am looking for a hotel that will work for 20 family members to get together. I'm looking in the southern twin cities area/suburbs where we can all meet. We've stayed at the Cantebury Inn in Shakopee before, which worked well, but found it to be completely dirty and disgusting. Would love a poolside room with lots of space where the family can hang out. Kids range in age from 5 mon-age 17. Anyone stayed in a place they would recommend?? Thank you!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

The Country Inn in Shakopee has a waterslide and kiddy pool area with a small slide. The hotel was really nice as well.



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree that the Holiday Inn in Owatonna is nice. We've been there. If you're not wanting to go that far south, there is a nice hotel with poolside rooms off of 35W. I can't remember the exact exit or name of the hotel right now. :( If you're heading South on 35W, the "complex" is on the left side.

My in-laws stayed there once when they came up to fly out for a vaction. They had a pool-side room and the pool even had a wading pool for the younger kids. There is also a restaurant attached to the hotel (why I called it a "complex"). I'll try and remember to ask next time I talk to them the name of the hotel.




answers from Minneapolis on

Grand Rio in Brooklyn Park/Center? Has an awesome indoor water park for the kids, and the parents if you feel like getting wet!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have heard good things about the Holiday Inn in Owatanna that has the waterpark.



answers from Alexandria on

What about the Water Park of America? Don't know the name of the hotel, but it is across from mall of America. I've heard good things about it.

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