Hot Head?

Updated on June 18, 2010
K.B. asks from Waterloo, IA
6 answers

My 2 1/2 yr old has been waking up at night with a hot head and the pillow is all wet, but his body is fine almost chilly. His hair is really short. Anybody gone through this, is it a phase?

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answers from Minneapolis on

we've always referred to our 2.5 year old's sweaty head as "misty". she wakes up from most sleeps with damp, curly hair. i've assumed it's normal since it happens whether or not she's sick.

your son may be burrowing more into pillows or blankets these days, causing his head to retain heat. that's my only theory about why it may have recently started.



answers from New York on

it may be his body... tell a dr... this could be anything.. it could be a gland problem.. or something.. check it out.... good luck



answers from Minneapolis on

My 6yr old son has this problem along with my 2 1/2 yr old daughter, they both get really hot when sleeping. For my 6yr old, sometimes it is just his head and at other times his whole body. My 2 1/2 yr old always wakes up with a sweaty head from her naps. She still sleeps in her crib, she is normally wearing shorts and a tshirt and never can leave her blanket on her. I try to keep her fan on to circulate the air. At first I thought it was the fleecy puppy pillow that she slept on, but now she has a regular pillow with cotton pillow case, and she still wakes up with damp hair.

First thing I would look at is what he is wearing when sleeping, what he is sleeping on and what type of covers he has.

I have even noticed that when my kids are sick they heat raises up and they have sweaty heads..



answers from Green Bay on

Body heat rises through the head. Example...when you are outside in the winter and put a hat on you are warm all over, when you take your hat off you get cold. Your child maybe needs a haircut. And if you have any bald relatives they will tell you the same thing, they get colder than others because they have no hair. Nothing to worry about, your baby is just normal....luvu


answers from St. Louis on

We change the pillow case on a daily basis with our children. You say the word hot and they are sweating, just like their father. They basically freeze me out of our house in the summer. I haven't found anything to do outside of keeping a clean pillow case on the pillow for them. If you find any ideas or good suggestions please let me know.



answers from Fargo on

My son has this problem too. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. Some kids (and adults) just are warmer. I remember when I was a kid in the winter time & my brother used to sleep in shorts with only a sheet covering him and still be hot. I wouldn't worry about it.

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