Have You Seen What's Happening on I-70??? - Kansas City,MO

Updated on July 25, 2011
S.M. asks from Lakeside, CA
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Near Topeka they have a truck that is on the highway. I don't think anyone is in the truck. I'm not sure. The truck has writing all over it and it's full of barrels in the back. I can't find anything definite online. Johny Rowlands in KC is in a helicopter zooming in on the truck. They aren't saying anything. There's no people there yet. I heard they are saying it's a possible chemical spill. But I think possible chemical attack is more like it.

I'm only finding it online... www.kmbc.com

Look for the link to the live video.

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So What Happened?

The driver has been arrested. No one knows if this is a hoax designed to scare people or if it's real. But this is a type of terrorism none the less because of the way he's handled it and what's written all over the truck.

This guy is going to pay dearly for his 15 minutes of fame. I can imagine that what he has done will be treated like a terrorist thread even if he is harmless. Strictly speaking, terrorism is about scaring people, keeping our police force and other agencies busy, and costing us money and inconvenience, not just hurting people.

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WIBW has a story that reports that there was a bomb threat in a Ramada Inn hotel, the call was traced to a cell phone, the hotel was evacuated and appears safe at this time.

The police spotted the truck with the anti-government writing on the side and when they pulled the truck over, they determined that the driver was the suspect related to the bomb threat. They do not know what is in the truck as a precaution they closed the road. The bomb squad and FBI are involved

I googled Topeka I 70 closed and found several reports

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answers from St. Louis on

Yeah why would you think chemical attack? A chemical spill would get the same reaction. They shut down a highway here for garbage on the highway.

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I couldn't get audio on the live video. I tried to read what was written on the truck and all I could make out were single words here and there. The hood says, "My emergency contact is..." and then I couldn't figure it out. None of the stations are breaking in with the story but there's only 10 minutes until the 4 o'clock news, so I guess I'll figure it out then. All of my inlaws are in Topeka.

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That does look suspicious.

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I just received a update on my iPhone that 70 is closed West of Topeka...only ling I can find is http://www.kmbc.com/news/28659144/detail.html

Update: just watched the video and it looks like both sides of the interstate are closed. No traffic at all.

Looks suspect but not sure I'm ready to jump to chemical spill...but definitely weird due to the writing on the truck. Not like a advertisement writing. Can't read it though.

Above link has been updated as hazardous material 911 call placed to Junction City police.

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ETA - As of now just a truck sitting there, right? How does that make you think Chemical attack? (not being snarky... just asking)


Nope... just googled and haven't seen anything yet

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pretty scary anytime something like this happens, but when it is so close to you it is even scarier. i'm in liberty, mo.....scary

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Nope. Can you post a link?


answers from Houston on

is it on the news anywhere?

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