Hand down My Shirt!!!!!

Updated on February 16, 2008
J.N. asks from Knoxville, TN
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I was just wondering if any other moms have gone through this...and please tell me it will end soon? I breastfed my son for 13 months and since then I always get the "boobie check!" Wether we are at home or out in public, I found myself not even recognizing it until someone starts looking at me funny. What really getting to me is the "checks" in the middle of the night..at least twice(yes, I cosleep with him). Please someone tell me, does it ever end?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the input and encouragement...I really needed it. It doesn't so much bother me that he puts his hand down my shirt, but he really doesn't play gentle with it sometimes, and you know it hurts.

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I can so relate. My daughter is 17 months and still breatfeeds and cosleeps. She goes beyond the boobie check though and massages my breast. Normally its just at home but sometimes when she feels agitated or just flat out ready to go she grabs hold. Our pedi said that this was normal and she would grow out of it. Good luck.
and ignore all the looks. its none of thier business any way.



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I have a 21 mth old and I do soooo understand what your going through....my daughter pinches and that really hurts. she used to pull my shirt down when we where in public places. one way we got her to stop doing it was I started to ware shirts with high necks. now she doesn't pull my shirt down when we are out no matter what kind of shirt I'm waring.



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I am beginning to wonder that myself. My son nursed for almost 4 years...the last year or so was primarily at night or just for comfort. He stopped completely this past August because I had to start a medication that would pass through to breast milk. However, he still does as you put it the "boobie checks" he also like to snuggle with me with his hands or cheeks on my boobs. I doesn't bother me most of the time; however there are days when I just don't want to be touched at all and I wonder what other people may think when he sometimes in public is feeling insecure or tired and reaches for the boobs.



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I was a breast feeding mom of 4 all for at least a year, some more and some not to the year point.
I have never heard of the "boobie check" Does that mean that people you don't know are checking out your "large" boobs or your kid is feeling for them to make sure his dinner is still there or is he trying to nurse ... I am not sure exactly what you are saying.



answers from Texarkana on

Hi! My son will be two this weekend and weaned about two months ago. He still feels of me and reaches for them when he feels needy. That is okay with me. He goes to sleep in his big boy bed and wakes up around midnight and moves in with us (as well as our five year old). I am not a modest person-after nursing four kids, who is? The good news is that our 14 year old, five year old, and six year old don't check me out, but they still come to mama when they need me. My son will grow out of feeling of me like the girls did, but he will hopefully still come into our room when he needs us (a la daughter number three). Furthermore, when we are in public or at home, I discuss what he is doing with him by saying something about nursey-nurse and remember that Mom is out of milk. He usually says nursey-nurse all gone. I never notice other people. I had to put up with a lot in the early 90's, but either people are more accepting or I am just oblivious. Good luck!



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If you don't already know about it - you HAVE to check out this site (for co-sleeping, breastfeeding mamas) :).

Here's the link to the forums where you can lurk around and read answers to questions like yours. It's a great resource!




answers from Lafayette on

Same problem! I breastfed my daughter until she was 14 months old and she would do this to me to go to sleep. I talked to her pediatrician about this and he said that it was quite normal. She was ready to quit nursing but it was her own personal way of continuing the bonding we shared. Yes, it does seem a little perverted but she did grow out of it. The only bad thing, she now touches her own...and she's five. But again it's a habit that she will eventually out grow like sucking her thumb, etc. Have patience with your little one because they grow up too fast and this is something you will laugh about when he's older.

P.S.- Ignore the crazy looks, they're just jealous!!!



answers from Clarksville on

My little one self-weaned a few days before he turned 17 months. He will be two tomorrow and I still find him sticking his hand down my shirt from time to time. I, too, hope it ends soon. :)



answers from Honolulu on

OH GOD I remember that; it actually wasn't that long ago. My son is two years old, and he breast fed for a year. Up until sort of recently he would do it at the grocery store and other public places. He loved when I would make a big deal out of it. So, I finally just started pulling his hand out or down, and not giving him any attention over it. I'm not sure if he just wanted my attention, so after removing his hand, I would get his attention on something else, and play with him. Sometimes it would get his attention off of his former feeding place, and other times he was desperate for a good laugh at my expense. He's actually 2yrs and 6 months, so it's been a good 8 months since I've had that problem. Good luck.


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