Gymboree for Newborns????

Updated on October 19, 2010
B.R. asks from Houston, TX
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Inquiring again...has anyone tried Gymboreee Level 1 class for newborn. I just had baby #2 and was interested in trying it out! FEEDBACK please!

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answers from Chicago on

Skip it. It's more for you than it is for the baby. If you need socialization and time out with other new moms, then go for it but otherwise it is a waste of money. We basically played with puppets, bubbles, gave them tummy time on a mirror, sang songs, and gave them infant massage.

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answers from San Antonio on

I saw your previous post, but didn't answer b/c we don't have Gymboree experience. But I saw your second post and feel bad that you had no answers....

so let me parallel Gymboree to baby swim lessons. I do have experience with that. I teach swim lessons to kids 4 and older.

In my opinion, the programs for babies are for the parents, not the babies. Babies are happy as long as they are loved and getting attention. Babies are happy playing with you at home, or at the park, or in the pool or bathtub with loving parents.

It's just my opinion, but I say save the money and play with your kids and get together with friends or neighbors to play.

All those sports, clubs, lessons come quickly enough and they are EXPENSIVE. When new parents ask me to teach their infant in the water, I politely decline and tell them to call me when their child is 4.

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answers from Honolulu on

Gymboree... is a great program. My kids attended it, from about 7 months old.
I did not know, they now have "newborn" classes....

My concern would be, IF this is for newborns.... I would be concerned about illnesses/sicknesses etc. and contagiousness.... because at this very young age... getting sick, can be serious... things like "RSV" etc. or Flu or stomach things. And not all newborns, are vaccinated yet.

See what their policies.. are on 'sick' kids. Because, many Moms, will still bring their baby to classes even if their child is coughing/sneezing/have a runny nose etc. I witnessed that first hand....

But yes, Gymboree is great. My kids loved it....

all the best,



answers from Los Angeles on

We started when my son was 4 months old and it was great!!! I really loved it. Two months at that level was perfect, and then at 6 months we moved up to Level 2. The people who started when their babies were only about 8 weeks old thought that it was a little too soon. I think somewhere in the 3-4 month range is a great time to start. Baby # 2 is due for me next week and I can't wait to do Gymboree with her!

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