Grandpa Is Very Tired All the Time

Updated on April 30, 2008
C.A. asks from Petaluma, CA
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My grandpa is 85 years old and is very tired all the time. He naps most of his day away and isn't very active. Growing up he was always running or swimming or biking and it's strange to see him this way. My thought is, he's 85 of course he's tired, he's old (no offense to anyone). However, my sister and I were discussing this and realized we know lots of very active people in their 80's. He did have a heart attach a few years back and has a pig valve now, but is it normal for him to be so tired all the time at 85 or are there things that we should encourage him and my grandma to ask his doctor about?
Thank you for any and all help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your support and thoughts on this. My family kind of figured it was mother’s nature’s way of him and us being ok with his passing. He does go to the Dr ever 3 months, but basically...he's getting old!

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My experience (a few deaths recently) has led me to believe that the body knows when the end is nearing. I hope this is not a bad thing to say to you but maybe at 85 his time is near. It seems that people often start to withdraw in many ways when the end is nearing, and that is nature's way of allowing us to emotionally leave this earth.

It's sad, but if he doesn't have it in him, no amount of doctors are probably going to make a difference, and people do have a right to live their later years the way they want.

Of course, please encourage him and your grandma to consult a doctor if you wish, just don't expect it to necessarily make a difference.

You must care about him a lot.

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Hi C.,

I was just wondering if maybe he is depressed? Maybe you could talk to him or your grandma about it. I was also thinking that he could be bored-- get him into a class or something he enjoys weekly-- we did that with my grandpa and it helped a lot. Good luck to you!


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My maternal grandmother was extremely tired all the time, which was unusual for her (she has run 8 marathons, one of which has been in the past 5 years). We encouraged her to go to the doctor because we were worried. (She had not been for several years, since my grandfather died.) It's a good thing she did, because it turned out that her heart meds were WAY off and when she arrived at her doctor's office, her blood pressure could not be measured (too low) and her heart rate was over 200 - YIKES! No wonder she'd been so tired! Fortunately they corrected her medications, diagnosed her with depression as well and got her on meds for that, and after a short hospital stay she was back to her old self, running, going on trips with friends, etc. She's like a new person, compared to how she was a year ago.

Now, my grandmother is in her early 70's so it's our hope she has many years ahead of her. Hopefully that is the case with your grandfather too! But it could also be that he is getting ready to let go; none of us will live forever. I do think it is worthwhile to at least have his doctor check him over, especially due to his history of heart trouble.

I hope everything works out; your Grandpa sounds like a special guy! It would be such a blessing for your daughter to get to know him.

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I would suggest seeing a doctor again. It never hurts to get a follow up. Granted he is up there in age and has lived a very wonderful fulfilling life but when in doubt see medical advice. I do hope he is okay and you find the peace you need.


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Hi C.

I would say its the heart problems. My Dad who is 66 had a heart attack and they also gave him a pig valve. He is still very tired and not nearly as active.


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