Going Rate for a Housekeeper/cleaner?

Updated on November 30, 2007
S.H. asks from Longwood, FL
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I posted an advert for referals etc..for a house cleaner/keeper, but did n't get too much response. However, I am pursuing this wish and was trying to find out what the going rate would be for a cleaner to come once a week or every two weeks and clean a 2 bed/2 bath home...any clues????? We reside in Longwood.

Thanks..oh yes, we are pretty clean and a small family of 3.

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I pay $75 every other week to have my two bedroom, two bath home cleaned. My house is about 1200 square feet. My friend pays $80 every week to have her 2500 3 bedroom/3 bath square foot home cleaned. My other friend pays $90 every other week to have her 1800 sq ft. 3 bedroom/2 bath home cleaned. I think the going rate is about $20 - 25 per hour. I have two ladies who come for about 2 hours. They do a great job. Their number is: ###-###-####. My friend with the 2500 square foot house uses them as well. They are very trustworthy.

If you have it done every week it is cheaper. We rationalize our cleaning cost by eating out less. We used to go out to dinner or get takeout 3 - 4 times per week. Now, we only eat out once per week. I've also cut back on lunches out and bring my lunch to work. I'd much rather cook than clean!



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Hi S., I'm not sure if you have already found someone to clean your house , but I clean houses and I have room on my schedule for 2 or 3 more houses a week. If you are interested my cell# is ###-###-####. Please give me a call and we can discuss the details if you would like. I can provide references.



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I have my own company and its only me I currently have a few clients in Longwood I charge them anywhere from one of the houses is 60.00 a week and the other is 75.00 every 2 weeks. Let me know if you'd like a quote I am a down to earth mom of 3 , married and very honest . I have plenty of refferences also . One thing people like is there is never alot of differant people in and out always myself.
Kathys Cleaning service



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Different housekeeper services charge different amounts. I used Molly Maids when I was in an apartment, since their people have to go thru a background check, I had a 3 bedroom 2 bath apt 1200 square feet at that time and They charged per hour. I never paid more then $100 for that service. I believe they cut you a deal if they come regularly. For me, I only called them when I did not feel like cleaning.

I would say shop around and try different companys and see which one works for you. The newspaper always has coupons for first time customers.

Hope that helps.



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I have a great housekeeper that is very honest and reasonable. We have been using her for over three years and have a very large house that she comes once a week--she does all the basics for us like floors, bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, changes sheets, etc. She also does other things for us as well as needed (without me asking), like dusting the ceiling fans, cleaning the sliding glass doors, etc. She offers other services too like one time cleanings, and deep cleanings (think baseboards, refrigerator, etc) and laundry.

She was the result of 4 attempts of trying to get a decent house cleaner or service. All ranged differently in prices--her actually being the cheapest at $80/week (I was quoted up to $150) but we have a very large house (5,000 sq feet)
I would expect you to pay about $50/week or $75 for every other week for yours or somewhere in that range based on the house we lived in before this one and knowing what other moms I know pay.
My housekeeper's name is Maria Carvalho and her number is ###-###-#### she is Brazilian and speaks only a little English, but understands it, and will have her daughter translate if there is a problem.

If for some reason she can't take you on as a client, she originally worked for High Grade Housecleaning ###-###-####
When she left, we went with her, but these girls are great and reasonable too. They usually work in teams of two and are in and out very quickly and their prices can't be beat (they visit you and quote you a price) It's been 2 years though, so I'm not sure that number is still good.

My only other advice is to NOT get a service that charges by the hour, but by the job. I have had horrible luck with the by the hour type businesses where the girls just rush to get everything done and don't pay attention to detail or even know what they are doing half the time.

PM me if you have any other questions.

Good luck!



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My housekeeper is Nanette, and I don't know what I would do without her!! Her business is called The Cleaning Whiz, and it fits her perfectly. She is so high energy and thorough. She gets so much done in a small amount of time and is very reasonably priced. Very honest and reliable. She's always told me if I could tell people about her, she'd appreciate it! So, give her a call and tell her K. sent you. ###-###-#### or ###-###-####.

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