Formula Expiration Dates?

Updated on June 15, 2011
A.L. asks from Tacoma, WA
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Question, I've recently switched from BF to FF (about 2 months ago) but my mom found some formula packets (the small packets that contain 4ozs of formula powder in each one). But the expiration says 01 JUN 11. But does it mean that it's bad to give and will make a child sick or because companies have to put an expiration date on them? Just curious...I was going to call the company tomorrow before I even thought about giving it to her so don't freak out on me! Thanks! =)

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answers from Chicago on

It's likely fine, since you're so close to the expiration date, but if it expired that means it's been sitting around a long time. Personally I'd pass on it.

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answers from Denver on

take it back to the store- they will exchange it. don't mess with your kids and expiration dates. if it's just travel sticks- throw them out.. It's not worth risking.



answers from Portland on

If the powder is still dry, has been stored at room temp or lower, and the packages are unopened, there should be no problem if you're only a week or a month past expiration. Companies tend to give the earliest possible expiration dates not only to avoid consumer complaints, but to move more product as the older stuff is taken off shelves or thrown out in homes.

Powdered foods are generally not going to get tainted with anything dangerous, though liquid foods are certainly at risk. But the nutritional value will very gradually decline. Some vitamins lose potency when stored for a long time. But a product that has, say, an arbitrary one-year shelf life won't abruptly lose all its vitamins at one year and one day. That loss happens only slowly over time.



answers from Philadelphia on

Do you consider yourself to be the last stop before the trash can? Well, do not do that to your infant, either.
Compromised nutrition can lead to compromised health!
His/her wealth is her/his health!



answers from Honolulu on

If it is bad, you can still switch it out for powdered milk in recipes...



answers from Missoula on

I would use it, you are only a few days past the date. There isn't some magical transformation that takes place after that date that would make it unsafe.



answers from Louisville on

It dpends on if it is a sell-by date or a use-by date. I would call the company as it should have some shelf life left if that was the sell-by date.


answers from Eugene on

Expiration dates are not the holy grail. Food in sealed packages won't deteriorate if you use it a month after the date on the package. It's a guideline not an absolute.

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