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Updated on May 31, 2012
S.E. asks from Caldwell, NJ
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are there any specific joint pills/treats that any of you give to your dogs. my yellow lab is almost 10 and we're starting to see stiffness in his joints when he gets up from laying down or when he goes to lay down. the past 3 months in a row we've been giving him joint treats that i found in stop n shop, the plus was that he actually enjoyed eating them, the ones we tried before that he would spit out even when hidden in food (they were pretty big and they were crunchy so he always seemed to know they were in there) .. we havent been able to get the ones we hav been giving him and last time we went shopping we asked and the store isnt carrying them anymore. i really dont want to keep switching them up on him, ive heard cosequin is really good but they are the most expensive ones ive seen out there but heck if they work great ill buy them. just looking for some opinions from other dog owners before i buy a different brand

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answers from New York on

Hi, Go to Drs Fosters and Smith (they have a website). They have an array of products that are all good but depending on the severity of his problem I couldn't suggest one without knowing. It takes a good 6 weeks or so to see a difference so be patient. Also, know that one can work really good for a while and then you might have to switch up because they get used to it. All of their products are great, you just have to find the one that suits him best. Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have had a dog that was 16 and another that was 11.
This is the time to talk to your vet about Rimadyl.
The sooner the better.
Good luck!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I have wondered the same thing. My 8 yr old GSD has become more noticably reticent to get up and go for stuff. She groans audibly when she lies down these days. So, I went "in search of" something to help without breaking the bank.
She is a picky eater and is already on anti-seizure medication and thyroid meds... so I can't afford to spend ridiculous sums on joint meds, or specialty foods, too.

I went to PetSmart and checked out their medicinal aisle. Ended up getting a tablet with 400mg Glucosamine and Chondroitin (the same stuff dr's recommend for humans with arthritis and joint pain) for her. A 4 month supply was about $27. I just add one tablet to her daily food, just like I do with her heartworm medication tablet (that's just once a month though, lol). She just eats it along with the rest of her dry kibble. Her actual prescribed medication, I have to give her twice a day, and that requires the pricey pill pockets to get her to take them.

I haven't had her taking them long enough to really tell if they work (the packages all say 4-6 weeks for noticeable results), but unless I am just wishful thinking(seeing)... she gets up more readily now than she did just 2 weeks ago (right before I started her on this tablet). She seems a bit more spry already.

And FWIW, do your research on Rimadyl before going that route. It is a controversial drug. There is some scary information about it out there. Our dog was given Rimadyl for a high fever and other issues about 2 years ago. I cannot for certain say that the rimadyl is the cause, but within 24 hours of taking it, she had seizures, dizziness, balance issues, loss of ability to stand, etc. These dragged on for a week, and we thought she was going to die several times. We took her to a 2nd vet for a 2nd opinion and had her admitted for hospital care. She made it. It may be that the condition that prompted her original vet to prescribe the rimadyl was responsible, or it may have been connected/side effects/contributed to by the rimadyl. We'll never know. But Pfizer even keeps a record of "adverse reaction" incidents reported. And there is a support group for animals who have had severe adverse reactions (which in some cases are fatal). So do your own research before blindly using it on your dog.

ETA: here is a link to what I buy:

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answers from Los Angeles on


Bought them at Costco for a bit of a savings.

They are HUGE pills so I would cut them in half (or you could do thirds)
then stick them into a piece of hot dog so my dog would not "find" it to
spit out. It worked for a long time. When it no longer worked, I discontinued giving them to her to give her a break.

Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

Our 17 year old mutt just died. He had arthritis really bad for about a year. I went to PetSmart and bought GNC Ultra Mega Hip & Joint Health for Senior Dogs liquid (they also have chewables). I would just pour the amount in his food. I really think this helped slow down his arthritis. I also gave him Nature's Recipe Joint and Hip treats. We also bought him an orthopedic bed that he liked.

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answers from Raleigh on

My 12 year old mutt has pretty bad osteoarthritis. My vet said the only thing that will work is Omega 3 supplements. So, we have been giving him fish oil supplements and have really noticed a big difference in his mobility. It took a couple of weeks to notice a change, but he is much like his younger self these days. I bought the fish oil pills at BJs for really cheap. This capsules are quite large, so I wrap it in a piece of deli turkey and he swallows the whole thing in one gulp. Hope this helps.

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answers from Biloxi on

Our 14 year old Corgi mix began limping badly about a year ago. A trip to the vet ensued and she now is on a Glucosaminechew that I get from the vets. Same stuff we humans can take for our aging joints. The first few weeks she also had half a Rimadyl (pain pill), but has not needed that since the Glucosamine kicked in.

Really, the change in her is amazing - she went from limping and barely walking to running in the yard with the other dogs in less than 4 weeks.

Please check with your vet - I am leery of animal meds bought from elsewhere.

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answers from Denver on

ask the vet about what glucosamine pills they would recommend. we got some vet prescribed stuff for our hunting dog and it works wonders.

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answers from Dallas on

We have always given our dogs Omega 3 fatty acids, and glucosomine with chondroitin.


answers from Dallas on

Our 18yo dog died in December, but she was on Rimadyl for a few years and did very well on it. It's a prescription that we had to get from our vet. It is a chewable pill that must taste alright because we didn't have to hide it in food. She just ate it right out of our hands. I hope your dog finds some relief.



answers from Houston on

Yes....act fast and talk to your vet. You don't want to get to the point where he can't stand up. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

glucosamine. I have been lazy because the best ones I have found that are not real expensive are pills, which my dog does not take easily. But there are treats with them in it...... will be more expensive.



answers from New York on

We were able to give our dog Glucosamin from Costco. We just coated them in peanut butter an he chewed them right up. Have you looked ot see if you can buy your regular brand on line?


answers from Dallas on

My Boston Terrier is 7 and we're looking into getting her started on something. She has some hip stiffness that keeps her from jumping/walking/running like she used to. I've heard the fish oil does wonders. We'll probably try that first.

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