Elevated Platelet Count

Updated on March 14, 2008
C.H. asks from Brandon, MS
4 answers

My 26 y/o son was recently diagnosed with primary thrombocytosis (elevated blood platelets). Does anyone have any information on or experience with living with it?

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answers from Lafayette on

I have (ET) Essential Thrombocytosis. I was diagnosed with it in December 1995. I was 36 at that time. I take Hydrea and a baby aspirin daily. I really haven't had many problems, thank God. I had one episode of hemorrage after having surgery, but it turned out ok. Please let me know if you have any specific questions that possibly I could answer for you.



answers from Lake Charles on

My son has the opposite of what your son has. My son is 8 and was dx with ITP(low platelets) in Dec 06. The Platelet Disorder Support Association has a fantastic website www.pdsa.org They have a fantastic support group. If you will look on the adult itp board you will find a thread for other platelet disorders. You will be able to find others with your son's disorder there. Best of luck to you and your son. Hope this helps.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I have Systemic Lupus and I have a problem with my platelets dropping below 20,000 and not getting them back up for long periods of time. I have to see a hemotoligist every month to keep a close eye on it. The lowest they ever got was 3,000. I was 19 years old. The dr's tell me absolutley NO Asprin,it thins out your blood. Maybe you can talk to his dr. about something like that. Good luck to the both of you.



answers from Monroe on

I am getting a degree in natural medicine and I work with alternative solutions. Everything we put in our mouth for food will directly effect our health. The hardest thing to do is change our eating habits but it is the easiest and best solution. Get some pH strips and measure his alkalinity. I would bet he is acidic. I would start with a natural cleanse and then start moving his diet to more raw vegetables. Do away with all white sugar, white flour, bread, rice, grains for at least two weeks or more. Only eat lean meats and raw or lightly steamed vegetables. Only berries for fruit since most others have high sugar content. He doesn't need sugar in any form right now. Get on an antifungal such as olive leaf extract from Seagate or oregano from North American Spice. After two weeks, depending on how he is doing, you can start adding other foods such as potatoes, brown rice, beans or grains in moderation but keep 70-80% of what he eats vegetables raw or steamed. Excellent reading from Doug Kaufmann at www.knowthecause.com or Dr. Young's pH Miracle. Beware that he might have anything from flu-like symptoms to headaches starting on this program. That is normal from the toxins releasing from his body. I have used this method with my own family. We haven't been to the doctor in years. My boys are 26, 21, and 20. Had I known then what I know now, I would never had given them a grain of sugar in any form.

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