Dr. Scott Kaszuba at Midwest Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants

Updated on April 02, 2008
M.S. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
4 answers

Has anyone ever seen Dr. Scott Kaszuba at Midwest Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants. Looking for any feedback.



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answers from Chicago on

Hi M.,

My son sees Dr. Kaszuba. He put tubes in my son's ears in late December. We LOVE him! He's very nice, takes plenty of time to answer questions and my son (who was 10.5 months old at the time of his tubes) seemed very comfortable around him. He's got young children of his own so I felt "relatable" to him during our visits. For example, when my son failed his hearing test PRE-tubes, I was very concerned. He sat me down and said, "I have small children of my own. I would tell you if this was something to be alarmed about right now & it's not." (He was right - hearing was normal after the tubes.) Anyway, I highly recommend him. I also have a neighbor who has had a very positive experience with Dr. Kaszuba as well. Hope that helps!

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answers from Chicago on

we see dr hotaling out of loyola took out daughters adnoids love him



answers from Chicago on

I could pretty much just ditto a PP's post - my daughter was SO at ease with Dr. Kaszuba. Other than a ridiculously long wait in the waiting area (we waited for over an hour just to get IN to the office, to wait another 20 minutes - but i think the receptionist just forgot to put our folder in the back) - anyways - other than that - I was VERY pleased with his demeanor and the time he does take with his patients. i would highly recommend him. My daughter's tubes were placed by another dr. at that practice, but overall - its a great place!

Good luck with your visit!




answers from Chicago on

I take my son to Dr. Eileen Mahoney(in the same practice) who is absoultely fabulous. Did my sons tube surgery and now is going to do his tonsils and adnoids soon. Hope this helps.

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