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Updated on January 06, 2009
S.E. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello Moms,
I figured you'd have the best suggestions re: where to stay and any other must-know info for a trip to Disney World. We are considering taking our 4.5 year old there this March. First of all, is she a good age or should we wait one more year? I've heard some people love it at this age, others say there aren't enough rides to go on for such a young age. Any feedback would be great. Any first hand do's and don'ts for going with a preschooler? And then... any suggestions as to where to stay? Any place to get deals out there? Is it worth it to stay at a Disney hotel? We were looking at the Animal Lodge one with the safari theme. The prices are a little steep, but I'm guessing that's true anywhere Disney. Thanks!! Your feedback is much appreciated.

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Love Disneyworld! My family and I have been there over a dozen times and we do not tire of it! My son was 5 months old and my daughter was 3 1/2 years on their first trip. If you can afford it - they are not too young!

You may try looking into a moderate resort - our favorite is Coronado Springs but many people like Carribbean Beach. Animal Lodge is very cool but very dark colors. I feel you can get the same feel for the safari by going to animal kingdom.

Good deals can be found at Disney - just go to their website. If you want more information from me, I certainly could overwhelm you with some and I don't want to do that because it is early in your planning. Feel free to personal message me should you have more questions. Good luck.

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Hi Susan!
My family and I LOVE Disney! I personally think 4.5 is a great age because they are at the totally into stage and everything will be amazing! I was worried when we took my sons at 4 & 6 about rides and things but it was all for not becuase they could have cared less about the rides they were more into meeting and getting autographs/pictures with the characters. I think Animal Kingdom hotel is fine but there are plenty to choose from and no matter where you end up will be great. Taking the smaller boats were a little harder with the stroller but after the first day we got that system down alright. I would call and have maps and planning packets sent to you because you need to make all your reservations 90 days out. Chef Mickeys is fun for both breakfast and dinner (haven't tried lunch) and the Hoop-dee (sp) DO Review at the Camp Wilderness is very funny! Make sure to check out the Mickey Moms Panel on their website it is "regular" Mom (and a few Dads) that answer your questions. The Cast Members are also very helpful so you could call them if you like the person-to-person contact. I have never felt rushed when calling and they have never laughed at my questions. They really do want everyone to have a great time.
Also, if you plan your days out you will not need the park hopper so you can save money that way.
Sorry if I have gone on and on. I guess I could have just said, Plan, plan plan and Ask, ask, ask and you will have a fantastic time!
Good Luck!

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I just have to second the suggestion to look at allears.net. It's a wonderful web site and I think they even have more info that the official Disney site. You can look at pictures of the resorts and see which one appeals to you. We always stayed at one of the value resorts and loved it. We didn't need a big room because we only slept there. Plus the HUGE icons were a big hit with our kids, my youngest being 3 1/2 his first time. He loved it.
With a little one just remember to take your time and go at her pace. I was the one that wanted to run to everything! It was hard to slow down! lol

Have a great trip!!!



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There are always so many things to do at Disney that I would not worry about not having things to do. We took my daughter when she was 18 months and she enjoyed herself.

I am actually not a fan of the disney hotels. I have stayed at Caribbean Beach, Pop Century and The Wilderness Lodge in the past but stayed at the Buena Vista Palace resort the last time. The Buena Vista Palance had all of the bus service that the Disney hotels had and the room was enormous and the price was excellent. We stayed for $89 a night and that included a buffet breakfast in the morning. We saved so much b/c after eating a good breakfast we were not hungry until an early dinner time.

Also, the resort is in the heart of Disney -- right across the street from the Paradise Island/Marketplace area. If you go to the reservations tab, click on Special Rates at teh bottom of the page. That is where I found my special rate including breakfast.

Best of luck, no matter what you do, I am sure it will be a wonderful trip for you and your family!



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Hi Susan,

I am a disney nut as my hubby calls me. I have gone almost every year since I was 6. If you go to disney's website now, they are having a sale where you buy 4 nights and get 3 free but I think you have to book by 1/24. The youngest I have taken my kids was 4 months and the other two were both 11 months their first time. They will have fun and 4.5 is a great age to go. One website that has awesome info is allearsnet.com and disney also has a moms panel where you can ask specific questions and get answers. I have stayed at a few of the different hotels and love Caribbean Beach but since I go for 10 nights got too expensive. The last time we went we stayed at Pop Century which is a value resort. We are staying there again in June, not many frills but has a bed and a shower which is all we really use the room for. If you want some more info, send me a message.




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Disney is having a special buy 4 nights get three free. I'm not sure of the available dates but it books up quick so I would call right away. Good luck!

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