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Updated on August 29, 2007
T.Z. asks from Pottstown, PA
4 answers

I was hoping to find a discount movie theater around here. When growing up in NY we ahd a $1 movie theater for when the movie was on it's way out of the theaters. Does anyone know of anything like this around here?


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answers from Philadelphia on

there is one that i know of and i want to say out in boyertown. Not sure it has been a few years. Also the local movie thearters during the summer have free movie wed..may be diferent in the areas. The movies are all the ones that where out the summer before. Places are slowly getting stuff like that. It is nice.



answers from Philadelphia on

There is a theater in Oaks, PA (Regal)that has FREE movies on Tuesday mornings for kids (and the parents are free too). Enjoy!



answers from Philadelphia on

The Bryn Mawr Film Institute is the only discounted type theater I know of, but its pretty far from you. Best of Luck

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