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Updated on June 24, 2008
L.G. asks from Lewisville, TX
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I am looking for advice on a good quality digital photo frame. I bought one for my hubby for Father's Day and am very displeased with it. I bought it at Wolf Camera and thought it would be a good purchase, but the quality of the photos are horrible, so I'm taking it back. I just got a wonderful new digital camera and it takes great photos. I don't want to spend a lot more $$$ on a frame, but any advice on a good deal and great quality???? Thanks!

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Here is one that I bought for my parents last year. It is not cheap but it is easy to use. It is called Ceiva, You don't have to use a memory card or anything. You upload your photos to a website and every night, the frame dials in (needs to be hooked up to a phone line) and downloads the photos to the frame. You can customize the pics, add captions, etc. It is great for out of town people. My parents don't have to do a thing but look at the frame, I do all of the work from here. You do have to pay a yearly service fee but it is a great gift for them. Check out the website.

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Brookstone has a cery nice one. If you don't want to spend that much, try Best Buy. Best Buy has a lot of them. I sent a Kodak one to my mom for Christmas and she loves it.



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I would get it from Costco. They probably only have 1 model, but you can not beat their lifetime satisfaction garauntee (sp?) ~



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Hi L. -
I have seen some reasonably priced digital frames at Target. We have one that is a bit pricey that we got from Brookstone. But I'd give that Target one a whirl first (but try it out quickly, so if you don't like it you can return it within Target's return policy window). I'm not a fan of Target's return policy for gifts without receipts or things outside that return window, but that is a whole different topic! ;D
Enjoy your frame - I may go get another one myself now that I'm thinking about it!!!
Blessings, S.
(home-schooling mom of 4, ages 14/10/8/4)

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