DESPERATE For Green Sweat Pants and Sweatshirt!

Updated on October 23, 2009
D.P. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
6 answers

HELP! My son wants to be a turtle for Halloween. I've got the shell & stomach design nailed down & ready to go but I CANNOT find dark green sweatpants and sweatshirts ANYWHERE! I have checked Target, Wal mart, Super Wal Mart (so you know I am desperate!), Kohls, Dunhams, Has anyone, by chance seen them somewhere? You know the basic, plain Hanes-type sweatpants--but in dark green. Thanks, mamas!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

They have white at wal-mart, you can buy the dark green rit dye and rit dye them. I think the white is in the little girls section but it shouldn't matter if they are girls or not. (just cut the tags out so he doesn't see the pink tag :) ) I did this last year for my son with green.
Hope this helps good luck !



answers from Pittsburgh on

Your gonna have to order online and fast........
I found the Hanes website has both a green sweatshirt and pants for like $3.99 each!

Good Luck S.



answers from Pittsburgh on

You can just get a white or grey set and use the RIT dye to dye them green. It really is easy and works great. I did it last year for my daughter who wanted to be SuperGirl. Dyed a pink leotard royal blue and it came out perfect. The dye is only a buck or two at Wal-Mart but some groceries carry it too. Good luck!

K. E.



answers from Pittsburgh on

You can find green sweatsuits at Christmas time in all of those stores. I have not seen any this year. You could try Good Will or Salvation Army, they normally have green. Another place to try is a fabric store, Joanne fabrics or Michaels.


answers from Pittsburgh on


go and get white pants and shirt and buy RIT dye(spelling) in green that should work. the dye is in a white box looks like a pudding box and you should find it in the craft sections...Giant Eagle even has it i believe.

Good Luck!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Try thrift stores, once upon a child. Think outside the box, look at girls clothes and light colors you can dye. If nothing, buy fabric and fabric glue. Lay him down, "trace around him, cut and glue! Cut a seam down the back and just use safety pins to close it up! have fun!

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