Complex Hyperplasia Without Atypia

Updated on October 19, 2009
R.J. asks from Omaha, NE
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My 30 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with this condition. She has severe abdominal pain every month up to, during and after her menstral cycle. The pain used to last one week of the month, but now she has the pain most days of the month. The doctor wants to treat her with progesterone treatments for 3 months to see if that helps. He thinks she might have endometriosis, but this other condition takes priority because it has the potential to become cancer. He wants to see if he can clear it up first, and then deal with whatever else might be going on. He says if it is endometriosis, it is stage 4 and will more than likely have to have a hysterectomy. She has tried all kinds of pain meds during the time she has dealt with this pain, and nothing has helped, not even narcotics. She has been told that the progesterone meds could have her bleeding all month long, and that is what concerns her the most because her pain is the worst when she is bleeding. She is concerned about being able to perform her job for the next 3 months. I was wondering if any other moms had dealt with this condition and if anything worked for you She is very depressed about this and I am trying to help her anyway I can. We are wondering if there are any home remedies or alternative meds that might help with the pain for the next 3 months. Any help would be appreciated

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answers from Portland on

I would get another opinion from a Dr. that specialize in this field. Call around and get someone with the experience. If you have Kiaser ask for another opinion form someone else. Good luck

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answers from Milwaukee on Then go to archives click on “What Women Must Know” 9-14-09
there you will find a show about hysterectomies. But in that show Nora Coffey talks about endometriosis. And that it can only be diagnosed from an MRI. There are solutions that don’t involve having a hysterectomy. You can also call Nora Coffey and ask her what options she might have for the problem. You can find her at or call at ###-###-####. Nora has had 30 years experience with women’s issue. I have had a hysterectomy which I regret. I will be in pain for the rest of my life because of it. I found out from Nora that I had other options I was not told of. I was not given the opportunity to make any decision other than a hysterectomy. I no longer trust doctors. It is also hard to convince people not to trust doctors. So I would recommend finding out what the problem is from other doctors. If you have an MRI make sure you get a copy of the results and read them for yourself. If you have problems reading it you can look them up on the internet or go to a medical library. Nora Coffey can help you explain what is says on the MRI. Look for the answers from different places like hospital medical libraries. The librarians are usually helpful. Don’t think that a hysterectomy will solve the problem of endometrioses, it doesn’t work. You need to find out what is causing it. If you have the hysterectomy the endometrioses comes back.



answers from Waterloo on

as far as the endometriosis is concerned i was diagnised with it when i was 14 they said i would never have children. well i had my oldest son at 16 et my youngest at 18. young i know but, i ended up having a total hystercetomy at 19. it got to the point of me hemoraging et having to have blood tranfusions. anyway, i was told if i had a hysterctomy i would no longer have endometriosis i am now 39. et it came back 3 yrs. ago it can attach to anything/any organ et cause problems so hysterectomy isnt always the answer. i was told there is a shot that lasts for 3mths et is supposed to help at least slow it down et help ease the pain. i remember how depressed i was et i would suggest maybe an anti depressent it couldnt hurt anyway. there is a patch ur dr. can order its got lidocane in it i use it i think it helps a little. i wish i had more or better advice but tell her to hang in there et ill put her in my prayers. tc et god bless!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Good Morning R., if you would like to contact me I will give you an answer for your question concerning your daughter. 651=230=3034 My name is B. I will be free today from about 10 am until 400 pm I have grandchildren coming over. I do look forward to hearing from you



answers from Omaha on


As a woman in my late twenties, I suffer from endometriosis. I have known of this condition since I was about eighteen years old. I have never had symptoms as bad as your daughters: pain on a constant basis. With either of these conditions, they can affect one's ability to have children. I suggest that you daughter consults with a very knowledgeable gynecologist if she hasn't already. Also, it's very difficult to diagnose endometriosis, or hyperplasia for that matter, just by the symptoms. I wasn't diagnosed until my doctor did a laproscopic surgery. With this type of surgery, the doctor inserts 3 small cameras into the abdominal cavity to look around and identify the problem. If she does have endometriosis, even if it's highly advanced, there is some hope that some or most of the lesions can be removed via a laser, which the doctor does during the laproscopic surgery. However, the pain could even be something else entirely different such as ovarian cysts. I really feel she should talk to her doctor about this surgery, so the doctor has a better understanding of what is going on with her body. Especially before they put her on any kinds of medications not fully knowing what's wrong with her. Good luck!!



answers from Madison on

When my periods became wacky in spring 2008 (when I say wacky, I mean different than usual; my periods have always been off), I went to a new GYN. She ran a whole bunch of tests, ultrasounds, etc., and discovered that my endometrium was greater than 11 mm (normal is less than 5 mm). Since I was done with having children and was very upset with the heavy flow/blood clots and very short intervals between my periods, we talked about options. I didn't want a hysterectomy; your body needs those hormones to fully function. And thankfully, my GYN doesn't like performing hysterectomies unless they're necessary.

We decided on a NovaSure Ablation, where she burns off the inside lining of the uterus, thus getting rid of the thick lining. She did a biopsy beforehand and it showed no hyperplasia or cancer (this method is also used for hyperplasia). I elected to also have a laparoscopy done at the same time, to check for PCOS and Endometriosis and other female problems, and received a glowing report of perfectly fine and healthy organs. Whew!

It's been over a year now and I haven't had a period. Such a relief!



answers from Green Bay on

I am wondering if this could be an imbalance of hormones. I would try talking to a certified nutritionist to see if you can get to the root of the problem, instead of just trying to cover it up with meds. Ask around for someone who might know about estrogen dominance, etc.

Hope that helps - so sorry she has to go through this!

[email protected]



answers from Minneapolis on

Here is some info:

It says that the chance of this becoming cancer is only about 3%. It also sounds like the progestin does cause bleeding because that is what helps slough off the extra cells causing the overall problem. There are also articles that show that some women benefit from this treatment, for some amount of time, but not all.

This sounds like a somewhat complicated diagnosis and I would suggest that your daughter get a second opinion before attempting treatment. I also didn't read in any of the articles about the level of pain that she is experiencing and wonder if there isn't something else happening here. I would get a second opinion very soon. Pain exists to tell us something is wrong.



answers from Minneapolis on

wow...first tell her to get a new dr.i went thru the same for 12 long was horrid.i finally found the right a full hysterectomy-life has been great for the last 11 yrs.all those hormone pills etc.just make things worse.i sure hope the best for her.good luck

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