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Updated on September 15, 2010
S.A. asks from Honolulu, HI
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Has anyone ever subscribed their child to a children's magazine (such as Ranger Rick, ChickaDee, National Geo. for Kids, etc)?
I am looking for a good/trusting website to order from, anyone know of one?...
This will be a Bday gift for my niece who is turning 4 soon...
Thanks for you help!

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answers from Little Rock on for the Kids National geographic mag.
This is the official National Geographic Website for Ranger Rick mag.
This is the Official National Wildlife Federation Website for ChickaDee mag. for Zoobooks mag. for Highlights mag. A
A note on this one, my sons 3rd grade teacher asked all the parents in her class to subscribe to this one because it is exception for reading and comprehension.

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answers from New York on

I've gotten then directly from the website.

I know when I got my BFF's daughter Animal BAby (the toddler version of Ranger Rick) she got some kind of free gift with the subscription.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

My children, when young, were given subscriptions to Ranger Rick, etc. My granddaughters get Cricket (and affiliated publications) and the Focus on the Family magazines.

I have bought subscriptions via Amazon and have been happy with the service. Keep in mind that it can be as long as three months from the time you pay to the time magazines begin to arrive. I don't know why, but it seems to be standard.

When you look at children's magazines, be sure to look at the age range for the publications. I find it useful to go through the reader reviews for each publication as well.

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answers from Tampa on

We ordered them by buying them first at the store and then by visiting their direct website.

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answers from Denver on

My Dad gets us Highlight High 5 (it's the Highlights for little kids). It's wonderful.

I suggest getting one from a bookstore to give to your niece with a note that more will come in the mail. You can just mail in the order then and don't need to worry about the webiste (or use the website listed in the magazine).

I can't recommend Highlights High 5 highly enough! LOL!

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answers from Austin on

Our daughter loved them.. I love giving them as gifts.. Ranger Rick, Highlights, Cricket, Spider..

All awesome..

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son is five and loves "Click"...It's one of the Cricket magazines. I'm sure if you google it you should find it. They have a whole bunch of kids magazines for all ages!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Sophia,

Your niece is lucky to have such a thoughtful aunt. Giving a magazine subscription is a great idea for a birthday gift, and the parents will love that it is not yet another toy that takes up space.

My mother got my daughter a subscription to Puzzle Box, and she loves it. If your niece enjoys things like mazes, hidden pictures and other kid type puzzles, she will love it.

Good luck!




answers from Phoenix on

I agree that Highlights and Zoobooks were faves but I also loved Stone Soup from the time I was about 4. The idea that the kids who read it submitted to its content was beyond cool. I get my subscriptions from Amazon because they often have deals, send out a nice subscription card when it is a gift and its easy to track when to renew with their service. Good luck!



answers from New York on

My daughter (age 15) absolutely loves Nat'l Geographic for Kids. We've been subscribing for many years and I highly recommend it for kids who can read (ages 6+).
They are now publishing an issue for little kids, but I haven't seen it.



answers from Los Angeles on

My kids love Nat. Geo for kids. Great pics. But maybe one of the others is better for a preschooler. Not sure.
The best way to order that I have done is through a school fundraiser. It usually has a better price than if you go directly through the magazine. See if any of the elementary aged kids in your neighborhood will be selling magazines soon for school.
The other week though, there was actually an ad for Nat. Geo for kids in the coupon section of the Sunday paper. It was the best deal I had seen by far AND comes with a blow up ball globe. I would try to track that ad down if you have time.



answers from Los Angeles on

Ranger Rick is a great magazine. I have ordered it for my classroom and for my own children too. It's full of great pictures of different types of animals with interesting articles. Other good ones are Zoobooks and Highlights magazine.



answers from Minneapolis on

I like the magazines from Cricket, Babybug for littlest ones (up to age 4 or so), then Ladybug and they go all the way through tween years. Here is the website:

We also get "My Big Backyard" and Highlights magazine. My boys (age 3 1/2 and 5 1/2) love them both.



answers from Honolulu on

My daughter gets Highlights for Children and really enjoys it. They have different magazines for different age groups. db


answers from Dover on

High Five by Highlights or Highlights' hidden picture books are great. My 3.5 yr old daughter and nephew love them. My other nephew is 5 and loves them too.



answers from Los Angeles on

My son loves nat geo for kids and owl is also one they like. You can go to the magazines own website to subscribe.... Or you can call me. My son is doing a magazine drive for a school fundraiser. Half the price of the subscription goes to his school. They have a website you can order thru or you can write a check to the school And I can fill out your order form.
Contact me if you want me to help you with it or want the website info. I don't have it with me right now.




answers from Los Angeles on

HiFives! it is a kiddie version of Highlights. Very approproate for 4 y.o.



answers from San Diego on

Baby Bug is a good one for us right now. My 2 year old likes the pictures and short stories and my 5 year old can read them herself.
Highlights High5 is good too.
I liked Animal Baby, but it didn't get the kids attention as much as the other two.


answers from San Luis Obispo on

My daughter has loved national geo for kids for years! She lights up when it comes in the mail!



answers from Cleveland on

My mom ordered National Geographic for Little Kids for my son (he's two) and Wild Animal Baby by National Wildlife Federation which is the same publisher as Ranger Rick. Each one has a few magazines for different age levels.

She got each one directly from their websites and we've had no problems.

This is such a nice gift - my son gets excited every time he gets one in the mail plus both of them sent little extra gifts like a CD, or an activity book with stickers. And of course the magazines are really nice too.



answers from Reno on

My kids (I have 4) have loved Ranger Rick, Nat, Geo. for Kids, and Your Big Backyard. :)

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