Chevy Equinox

Updated on April 10, 2009
T.C. asks from Minneapolis, MN
4 answers

Does anyone have a chevy equinox. We are looking into getting one and am wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experiences with them good or bad?

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have one as a company car and not a big fan of it. Of course, because it is a company vehicle it is pretty basic so maybe with more features it would be nicer but the ride is pretty rough as well. I would test drive one first. I went from a Toyota Camry to this and it was day and night difference. I have heard of some people who have them and like them though.



answers from Minneapolis on

We had a pontiac torrent for about a year. As far as I know they are indentical to the equinox. It was ok but the backseat seemed very cramped.(with one carseat) We traded it in for a Chevy Trailblazer and love it! It is a bit bigger than an equinox but the best feature it has is four wheel drive! Great for MN winters! Good luck with your decision.



answers from Omaha on

I'd buy a gas-efficient sedan over this gas guzzling vehicle...when they are probably priced the same AND have the same amount of space.



answers from Minneapolis on

My husband and I had one for a rental vehicle, and thought it was somewhat cramped. We also had a GMC Acadia, (crossover equivelant) and loved it- seemed so much more spacious. I'd test drive both... Before you do, I'd also think about whether you plan to have more children. We have a 2 1/2 year old and had twins last July, so needed to upgrade from our Chevy Tahoe (which we LOVED, but the bench seat across the back was barely going to fit three car seats, if at all.). We upgraded to a Yukon XL with captains chairs in the back and couldn't be more thrilled! It has a ton of room, lots for hauling all that stuff you need for little ones, and sports equipment later on.

Good luck!

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