Can They Really Do This??!!

Updated on June 03, 2008
S.T. asks from Alvin, TX
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A few months ago I received documents stating that a seismic testing company was going to come do testing on our property and they wanted us to relieve them of all responsibility should damage come to our property and home. We did not sign. The company who owns the mineral rights also sent us something insisting we sign and waive them of responsibility as well. This time they sent a cute young guy to sweet talk me into signing but of course I didn't.

On Saturday they came out and marked the places they will put the charges. Rather then doing it way away from the house like they could have (we have 4 acres) they marked places for the charges right along our well, house, playground and fruit trees and THEN it goes out to the far property line. Less then 10 feet on either side of our well they have it marked. They will drill 150 feet down (our well is 190 feet) and then load them with dynamite. And they really expect that when our well breaks we won't do anything? What about my house??!! I used to live in a neighborhood that had the seismic testing done and the foundations cracked and the walls seperated. Realtors refused to list homes there for sale. It was awful. And to have a new well drilled is super expensive.

Is there something I can do to get them off my land, or at the very least keep them from destroying our well?

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So What Happened?

After several confrontations with them (insisting that they had the right to be on my property but refusing to show documentation) they finally left and haven't been back! The last confrontation my dad (who lives on our property) told them that he was going to confinscate their vehicles and equipment. I thought they were going to bring the sheriff but they didn't, they just didn't return.

Unfortunately we still felt and heard the blasts EVEN THOUGH THEY WEREN'T ON OUR PROPERTY. We had pictures rattling and the such. And our water and my parents' water tastes funny now so it did affect us in some way. I'm really glad they didn't lay the lines along both wells like they planned to.


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1st you need an attonrey, The atty might not be able to stop them but he can slow them down. By slowing down, they may see that sitting down with a mediator, where you could EACH reach a fair and equitable settlement, would be to their advantage.

As expensive as attys are, you might ask within your congregaion if there is someone that wouble be willing t help you.



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I would get a lawyer or seek professional advice. They did the testing in our neighborhood a few years back and destroyed some homes. Owners went through courts to try and get money back for damage. sign nothing and get some help for a legal professional. Good luck.



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I would definately seak the advice of a lawyer! They have rights to what is under you property but you have rights to your improvements. The idea about asking in your church is a great idea!

Good luck!



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sorry there is not much u can do.. in not signing if they ruin anything u do have the right to sue.... but, that will not fix the problem right now... Hope all turns out well.. Blessings, Gypsy



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Hi S.!

I'm a Realtor and have a little experience with this myself, but I recommend that you call a "real estate" attorney because it sounds like because you didn't sign they might be trying to scare you. I know a great attorney who is extremely reasonable if you need him to write a letter to the company and he will consult with you on this for no charge. I don't feel it's proper to post his name and number here but if you will send me a message or call me I will give you his contact info.

C. P.
RE/MAX Clear Creek

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