Best Place to Sell My Van

Updated on December 31, 2007
D.G. asks from Spring, TX
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I'm going to FINALLY be getting my '06 Honda Oddysey on the market this week. What is the best venue you have found for selling cars? KBB/ Auto Trader or Edmunds? Other? I'd like to move it quickly.


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So What Happened?

Just FYI, as I've had a few questions...It is a gold 'O6 Ex w/ tan leather, multi CD, rear parking sensors, moon/sun roof, four NEW tires, and its right at 33K miles. It is in the shop at the moment getting buffed & having a new front bumber put on...too much parking lot "love" from other drivers! I'm asking $23,500K, but may be flexible. I'm in Keller, if you'd like to do a test drive. I LOVE, love, love my van, but it is a lease & I'm just wanting to get out of it. You are welcomed to call my cell, too ###-###-####. Thanks!

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We also used We sold my husband's Dodge diesel truck within 2 weeks. Just make sure you have a good description, good pictures, and contact information.
Good luck!



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We just sold our car on craigslist. I had 5 inquiries in 12 hrs, and sold within a week.



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We had good luck with We used it when we listed our Accord this Summer. It sold the same day it was listed. Best of all the add is free.



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carmax, carmax, carmax...
we have always been shocked at much they give us for our cars!! We have gotten above book value on more than one occasion and you do not have to buy a car from them. It is so easy....they give you a quote for what they will pay you...and it is good for a couple of weeks I think.
Try it!

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