BEABA Babyfood Maker

Updated on July 07, 2011
T.F. asks from San Jose, CA
6 answers

Has anyone used a BEAPA babyfood maker? Did you like it? Any review of this babyfood maker is helpful.

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So What Happened?

I went ahead and bought it. I LOVE IT!!! I can make the baby food and put it in the dishwasher. Done. I just don't have time to create a huge mess with blender, steamer and pots and pans. I don't need huge batches of food,so it is perfect. Thank you to everyone who replied, I wanted to get a good idea about it and did.

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

I have one and loved it. Mostly because it is an all in one appliance and I didn't have to used 5 different things to cook, steam, blend, defrost etc. I actually think it's makes almost too much food if I really fill it up. I would spend one afternoon making a ton of food that once I divided it and froze it would make about a month's worth of food. I used it up until about 2 years old because it was quick to steam food. I will pull it out and use it again for my new baby that's on the way.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We never used any of the babyfood making gimmicks, we boiled fruits and veggies or steamed/baked them, and then pureed in a little food chopper and froze in ice cube trays, and then transferred to freezer bags.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I have one and I absolutely love it. My twins are now 15 months so I don't need to make purees for them, but I still use it to make quick batches of things like applesauce, to steam carrots, or sometimes to prep things for grown-up meals (rather than get out the Cuisinart to grind a small amount of something, for example). It is great!

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answers from San Francisco on

I have had one since my son (now 3) was born. I used it in the beginning, but when I went back to work part time I would make giant batches in the steamer on the stove, then puree the food in my cuisinart and freeze the food in ice cube trays. I now have a daughter that is 8 months old and I use it a lot more because I am home. I don't feel the need to make food in batches that last for 2 months. I make enough for about a week in a half hour while I am doing other things around the house. The storage jars I am using are small enough so that I can fit 2 in the beaba and steam a fruit and a veggie for her for dinner while I am cooking dinner for the rest of us. It seems a lot more convenient this go around for some reason. Its strange but the storage containers have oddly made it feel a lot more convenient than when I was freezing the food in ice cube trays (from one step ahead, in case you are wondering).



answers from Jacksonville on

We just used a food processor. Worked great and we already had it. The BEAPA doesn't look like it makes very much at one time. We liked to make a lot and freeze it-it saves money.



answers from Washington DC on

I used my steamer ( the kind that opens like a flower) and blender I already had to make our baby food. Looks like an overpriced gimmick to me.

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