Basement Leaking

Updated on September 06, 2008
J.M. asks from Bartlett, IL
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Greetings Mamas,

We bought our house 2 years ago and while the basement is unfinished, there is a finished bathroom down there. Recently we noticed mold growing in the corner on the wall so my husband ripped out large chunks of drywall to find a crack in the foundation that showed previous leaking but we weren't sure if that was still the cause.

Fast forward to last night's rainstorm and we've confirmed that this crack is in fact leaking. Anyone know if a good company that can seal cracks from the interior of the basement? We know we're going to have to tear out the drywall and studs as they're all soaked so access to the foundation wall won't be a problem.

Anyone have this done who can give me an idea of what to expect from a procedure and cost perspective? Tips?


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We just had this done, although we are in a split-level with a finished basement, and the foundation wall was probably about half the size of a regular basement wall. We had Perma-seal come out and do it; the cost was under $400 for interior; it would have been under 500 for the outside. To be quite honest, we had them do a couple of other cracks from the inside over 10 years ago, and have had NO problems with leaks at all. The most recent crack we had done about a week ago, and it was fine in our most recent rain. No water at all. We also had a mold guy out that we had used for my son's bedroom (plaster) wall and he said there was no need for him; just get rid of the damaged wood and carpeting.

Make sure to get more than one estimate for any job you want done. I know it's a pain, but it really ends up saving you money and headaches later.



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Hi Jen, my name is W. and my family owns a home improvment /remodeling businees.They give free estimates. If your interested in an honest, clean, fast, cost effective, workmanship you should give them a call ###-###-####. Good Luck!




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We have had leaks at the joints in our basement since before we moved in....I mean literally as they were finishing the build. The builder came in with this gun that injected an epoxy in the crack. They hammered a tube into the crack at the joint and then injected the epoxy. I have a brother-in-law that pours basements and he says that is standard practice and that you can do it yourself. They have the kits to do it at most home improvement stores. I have two cracks joints...that need to be fixed. They just started leaking with all the rain.



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You need to get a company to come in and fix the leak first. They need to fix it from the outside. They insert a product that seals the crack. Then you need to remove drywall and let studs and concrete dry COMPLETELY. You can then treat the area with an anti mold product before putting up new drywall and painting. Been there, done that, and there are no shortcuts or you will again have mold. The waterproofing company usually offers a guarantee that the leak will not open up. Since you're a little busy with baby, you might have hubby remove drywall and get waterproofing company out as soon as possible (important with new baby in house). You can finish off remainder later if necessary. Not good timing, but good luck with everything.

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