Are Your Kids Allowed to Jump on the Bed?

Updated on February 20, 2019
W.W. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My 3 year old loves to jump on her bed and I keep telling her she is not allowed. She ends up closing the door and jumping on her bed until I catch her and make her stop. I don't really care about the bed - I'm just worried she'll fall and hurt herself. I can be a worrywart mom so I need you mamas to tell me - do I have a valid concern or am I just being my overprotective self?

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answers from Boston on

Eh - not the hill I'd die on. My kids weren't die-hard bed jumpers so I don't recall it really being an issue but their beds were pretty low to the ground at that age (toddler beds) so it wasn't really dangerous.

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answers from Anchorage on

My kids did from time to time, as did I. Is it a valid concern, yes, I actually did fall off my bed as a child and get a mild concussion, but I still jumped on the bed again just like I still rode my bike after wrecking, still skied after falling, etc...

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My siblings and I jumped.
My kids jump.
I know it's not great for the bedsprings, but I don't think it's a major safety issue. I choose my battles carefully, and this is not one that I choose to fight.

ETA: I do agree with others here that the bigger issue in my house would be breaking of a rule that you made. Sneaking around behind mom's back to break rules is definitely a punishable offense for my kids.

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answers from Springfield on

Oh my gosh, my kids jumped on the bed all the time. They are 10 & 12, and we've never had a problem.

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answers from Norfolk on

Our son didn't jump on his bed - he jumped on ours - but only when I was there with him.
We knew the "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" thing by heart.
He wasn't allowed in our bedroom without me or dad being in there with him.
By the time he was about 3 he didn't do it anymore - he was getting too big.
Bouncy castles were better for jumping as he got older.

My sister and I were bed jumpers until we broke some wooden slats that were holding up the mattress on the bed frame (it was a very old bed).

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answers from Washington DC on

my concern would be my 3 year old completely ignoring my maternal edict. that's a bigger concern to me than the injury possibility.

my kids weren't allowed to jump on their beds because most bedframes aren't strong enough to withstand a lot of that, and we didn't have money laying around to replace them. but my kids were always free to make nests on the floor and jump on them, or go outside and jump around. when they got older they got to jump on trampolines, although we didn't own one. lots of their friends did.

your active 3 year old will almost certainly fall at some point. hopefully she'll just get a bruise that will cause her to get smarter, but serious injury is a risk that comes with being alive.

your 3 year old is currently learning a much more dangerous lesson- that when mom tells her not to do something, it's just background yammering that can be blocked out with a closed door. the repercussions from this life lesson will be a great deal worse than even a broken arm.


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answers from Portland on

My husband jumped on a bed, flipped off it and somehow landed against a sill of a window an split open his lip when he was about your daughter's age and required stitches. Fluke accident.

My kids were not allowed to jump on the bed, but they probably did at some point without me knowing.

*I should add, my kids had slat bottomed beds when little (so they would have gone through or bunk beds). We have a couple of broken slats which is why I assume they did.

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answers from Miami on

I didn’t allow it. I taught my 2 boys the sing-song “3 little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor, and the doctor said, “NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!!!”

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answers from Seattle on

I have had two kids fall off the bed and need to go to the doctor.
My first son was jumping on the bed, fell off the side and hit the night stand. My husband was LITERALLY sitting on the bed when it happened. Son actually knocked himself out and stayed out for a couple of minutes. Off to the hospital!
My daughter was on the bed, with me in it, and she was walking along and tripped over the sheets, fell off the bed and I grabbed her. I saved her from the floor, but didn't save her forehead from connecting with the night stand again. She somehow hit it right on the corner and punctured her forehead. Didn't go to the hospital, but she does have a scar!
Honestly, if I had little ones (mine are 8, 13, and 16) I would probably still let them jump on the bed....I would just move the night stands!

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answers from New York on

My 8 year old gets into trouble regularly for jumping on the bed.. My 6 yr old too! They are not allowed to do it and end up in time out every time I catch them. The time out time doubles if they had the bedroom door shut so they could try to hide it

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answers from Washington DC on

Eh, I've always let my kids jump on the bed. My son had a solid plain metal frame and my daughter has a stronger wooden bed. I try not to worry about them getting hurt. Unless they live in a bubble there is potential for injury in pretty much everything. I minimize the risk by not keeping night stands next to the bed for them to hit if they fall. Jumping teaches coordination.
However, the jumping doesn't concern me. the blatant disregard for my directions would be what I would punish. And since you've already told her no, I'd punish for the disobedience and stick with the no bed jumping rule. I think at age 3 she may not associate it correctly even if you said "Mommy was wrong and jumping really isn't that bad so go ahead" (if you really felt that way of course). She would see it like others have already said, "If I continue on doing what I want Mommy will give in eventually".

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answers from Washington DC on

Absolutely not! Furniture is not for jumping. Beds are for sleeping. Chairs and sofas are for sitting. Tables are for eating.


answers from Boston on

I had a friend whose daughter hurt herself when she fell off the bed hitting her nose on the edge of a vanity, tearing one side of her nose up to her eye.

She had to wait until 18-years old (after growth age) to have corrective surgery. She had to live with the scar from age 5 til she turned 18.

I would definitely say, "NO" to jumping on bed, couch etc and discipline if she disobeys.



answers from Dallas on

My biggest issue with jumping on the bed or couch is the damage it does to the furniture. I do think it wears it down much faster, but you said that's not your concern. As far as dangerous...meh. Kids need to learn how to do dangerous things and take risks. Yes your daughter could get hurt jumping on her bed but she could get hurt doing lots of things. Teach her how to take risks and when to be hesitant.

3 year olds are prone to not listening but I'd be sure to be consistent and expect her to follow the rules you set in place.



answers from San Antonio on

I don't see anything wrong with jumping on the bed other than injury like you said...however, the fact that you tell her a big no to something but she does it anyways, THAT concerns me!

So, I would not give in to jumping on the bed for right now because it is re-enforcing the behavior that "if I keep doing it long enough mom will cave and let me".

They do say to pick your battles...but I am concerned that she can't follow a pretty simple rule you have in place. Work on her following directions and get her to stop the behavior.

It maybe kinda cute at 3 but believe me at 13 it isn't cute and can be life threatening and/or deadly. You got this Mama!!



answers from Louisville on

Kids get hurt it happens. Let them jump


Kids get hurt it happens. Let them jump



answers from Baton Rouge on

No, my kid was never allowed to jump on the bed or any other piece of furniture. In addition to the possibility of her getting badly hurt, it ruins an expensive piece of furniture and shows total disrespect for other people’s belongings.
Jumping on the bed was a punishable offense.

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