Anyone Experienced with Making CAKEPOPS?

Updated on November 03, 2011
✪.P. asks from Skokie, IL
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Hi Ladies~

I bought a cake pop machine recently and used it last night for the first time. (It's the purple machine that looks like a waffle maker.) Anyway, I found the cakepops to look very small and some baked evenly, but others did not.... almost burnt on the outside but doughy inside.) My kids loved them anyway! Haha! Well... I signed up to bring baked goods to my kids' bake sale the night we have vendors come to our school. I would love to make cakepops for the event.

However.... I need to work on improving the outcome of them. Do you have any suggestions? I don't really like the machine I bought and I'm not worried about returning the machine because the store I got it at has an awesome return policy. I am thinking about the cake pop doulbe tray that I saw on a commerical recently. (With this one.... you bake it in your oven and I am wondering if this would work out better.) Here's the one I am talking about: I don't like to order from TV ads though. Has anyone seen something similar to this one at a store?

I don't want to do another route which is to bake cake and take it out and roll it in to balls. I think that's too heavy of a taste. I've tried my friend's cake pops this way. I would like to put them in some kind of tray. If you have any other tips regarding cake pops such as tips or great websites, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks so much in advance. I really appreciate it!

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answers from Boston on

Just do it the original way, which is much easier and better tasting IMO. Bake a cake from a mix in a 13x9 pan, use a fork to mix the baked cake with 1/2 -3/4 of a can of frosting and roll that into balls, which you then put lollipop sticks in and freeze, then dip in chocolate or candy coating and decorate. These are as moist and light as you want them to be - if you prefer a lighter taste, go with a very bland frosting and don't use a lot of it. has the best information, from the basic process to fun decorating ideas. She is the one who published a whole cake pop cookbook and basically invented these (or made them really popular if she didn't literally invent them).

Be aware that these are time consuming no matter what technique you use. Personally I think the ones that are baked in a gimmicky mold are dry and inferior to the originals, but if that's your preference, still check out for all of the best decorating tips.

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I wanted that machine but then I seen the commercial for the same ones your talking about you place in the oven,thanks for the reminder I need to place my order.There are several places that carry Wilton products the have one that is a 6 or 9 caviety mold & Wilton makes great produts but to get the amount you need you'll have to buy 3 or more @ 14.99 each.If you have baking spary try that before placing the batter into the mold to help prevent the sticking/burning or I love the liquid by Wilton spread it with a silcone pastry brush.They do look small (cake pop machine) but after icing & decorations did they appear any bigger or was it just a globby mess?

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I have made several batches of brownie pops and it's a bit time consuming but very easy. Brownie pops are awesome - better than cake, I'd think.

I used this site -
it shows pictures so you know that you are on track.

Here are a few hints I learned:

1. For best taste, use Nestle or Ghirardelli chocolate chips (NOT Wilton) for a chocolate layer and use Wilton for a white layer. Wilton chocolate is not very tasty.

2. Don't dip in a cup - use a shallow bowl and twirl. If the stick falls out, dip it in melted chocolate and stick in again - it will help.

3. Use a spoon to get the melted chocolate around the stick - it will stay on better.

4. Make sure the brownies are very cool before you dip them.

5. Place them on parchment paper on a tray and let them cool really well

6. The lighter the decorations (sprinkles) the better. Try the sugar sprinkles.

Good luck and have fun!

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answers from Boca Raton on

I can't answer your question, exactly, but I just happened to read about cake pops not too long ago.

The recipe I saw said to use icing in the batter. I remember thinking that would make them to sweet for my taste.

Good luck - they look so neat.

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