Anyone Ever Done Biofeedback Classes- for Migraines

Updated on July 22, 2009
M.D. asks from Rockport, TX
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My daughter gets migraines and we saw the neurologist today. He has scheduled her for biofeedback classes and Im not very familiar with them. I have read about it but wanted some first hand experiences. What to expect, did it work? He has also prescribed her some meds that we just are not sure if we want to give them to her. We may wait and see if the biofeedback works first. Any info is appreciated.

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answers from Austin on

I've never done biofeedback for my migraines, but what worked great for me is a chiropractor. Many doctors don't recommend chiropractors because they don't understand the methods used or were taught in antiquated med school that chiropractors = hokey medicine. My doctor said that if it gave me relief from my headaches, she saw no problem with it. And, it worked great for me! My chiropractor even gave me her cell phone so that she could squeeze me in for an adjustment any time I felt a headache coming on. It almost always worked for me. I'm with you... the medicines they have for migraines are very powerful even for adults, much less kids. I take imitrex nasal spray only if I'm at the point of vomiting and can't keep traditional pain killers down.

I'm a bit surprised that your doctor suggested biofeedback. It's considered alternative medicine and I personally know someone (a relative of a friend) who has NO medical training, but invested in a biofeedback machine and "uses" it to help "diagnose" people. If I were to try alternative medicine, biofeedback would not be my first choice.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about biofeedback, but my neurologist put me on a daily regimen of vitamin B1, B2, and Magnesium (OTC product called Slo-Mag). Maybe ask your doctor for a more natural daily preventative approach like that.



answers from McAllen on

We are a family of migraine sufferers! We have not tried it because it is expensive, but I have heard that it does get great results. It would definitely be worth a try. Biofeedback is used for different things, like Anxiety. It's a machine that somehow gets you to be conscious of what starts your migraines, anxiety etc. It gets you to be aware of your body temperature, heartbeats etc. You can buy a machine and administer it yourself, but i'd rather go somewhere and have it administered. Just curious, what type of meds are they wanting to put her on? Like Imitrex or an abortive for everyday like Topamax? My Mom and I have taken every medicine out there just about, if you need to know side effects etc, don't hesitate to PM me.


answers from Dallas on

sorry no, but you might ask your doc about magnesium and how much for a little girl. Magnesium pretty much cured my sisters migraines.

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