Any Way to Keep Lint off Microfiber Sofa??!!

Updated on February 28, 2013
C.M. asks from Chicago, IL
6 answers

We just recently got a new sofa. The material is similar to microfiber. It attracts and picks up every singe piece of lint in the room, it seems!! It's hard to get off. I've tried the lint roller things and gets most off but not all.

Is there an easier way to clean the lint off the sofa?! Is there any way whatsoever to prevent all the lint?

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answers from Portland on

I know 2 people with microfiber furniture and they don't seem to collect lint. Because it's winter, could your sofa have static electricity that's attracting the lint. If so, try spraying it with the aerosole anti-static spray.

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answers from Orlando on

the lint brush that is made with the red velvety material works great! Not sure what you can do to prevent except cover it, but that's a bummer. Well, so is the lint, I'm sure! That stinks.....

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answers from Columbus on

I just bought slip covers made from the same type of material -- I love it, but it does collect hair and lint easily. For me, I can take them off and wash them, so I don't think this'll be a huge problem, but for you, I agree with Marda -- anti-static spray.

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answers from New York on

My microfiber couch does not collect lint or anything.


answers from Los Angeles on

Odd. We have a microfiber couch and it doesn't collect or show lint at all. Don't think you can prevent it short of covering it. You'll just have to use a lint roller on it daily if it bothers you. Is it black or navy?


answers from Norfolk on

Slip covers work great and are a lot easier to wash/keep clean.

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