Any Book Suggestions for Babies 4Months and Up?

Updated on January 23, 2011
T.D. asks from Syracuse, NY
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my little guy loves books but im out of ideas of what to read to him. Would appreciate advise on this :)

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answers from New York on

Read anything out loud for him! Tv guide, newspapers, magazines, whatever you are reading! Libraries are known for having a book or two also.

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answers from Denver on

At this point developmentally, simple stories (board books) with one image per page and minimal text are best. Here are some suggestions:
- The Series by Roger Pridy: "B is for Bear"
- The series "That's not my..."
- DK Peek-a-Boo books
- Chronicle Books, "Little ____" (Little Puppy is our daughter's favorite)

Happy Reading! It is such a special time to share with your little one. It is such a good habit to share as they grow. Even though it may seem they are too young to get it, they are storing away these special habits As I type this our 16mo old "book lover" is sitting reading her books, she can't get enough! Many of these titles are available at your local library if you wanted to check them out for free before purchasing.

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answers from Springfield on

Sandra Boynton, Eric Carle, Goodnight Moon

Any board book that you like that has good pictures, he will like. Just make sure you get board books, otherwise they really will get destroyed before he's 9 months!

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answers from New York on

I am also a big Sandra Boynton fan. However at 4 months old my son could have cared less for her books even though they are wonderful.

I found that he responded really well to books that had "real" pictures in them. A big favorite around here was Baby Faces by Margaret Miller. She has a few more books in the series as well. My son loved looking at the large faces of babies that were full of expression. He also loved chewing the book. 8)

Another great series that was a hit in our house was the Bright Baby series of books. The series includes: Animals, Colors, First Words, Baby Animals. All of the pictures are photographs with the word below. I know they are not stories, but at 4 months my son was way more into looking at pictures and eating the book than following a story.

Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear book was also a hit, but probably not until my son was about 6-8 months.

Whenever I did read him a story I found I was doing it more for me than him anyway. I was so excited as a new mom to be able to read books to my baby that I chose all of my favorites. Sometimes my son appeared to be listening, but honestly I think he just liked listening to the sound of my voice.

Cloth books were great. Touch and Feel books. I could go on and on.

Our Sandra Boynton books only began to be really appreciated when my son turned two. We still read some at bedtime and when we visit Barnes & Nobles. My son is three now and really gets her humor. As much as I thought these books would be appealing to him as an infant I know that they were more appealing to me. haha.

Happy reading.


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answers from New York on

I think it's great that you're reading to your infant. I love Sandra Boynton's books for babies. Eric Carle would also be good. In a couple of months, he might also like lift-the-flap books. Of course, I'd suggest you do the flap lifting so the book doesn't get ripped!

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answers from Philadelphia on

There is sooooo much out there to read! I've been reading to my daughter since she was in the womb and these are some of her favorites:

DK Books> they have a whole series of peekaboo books
- Bedtime Peekaboo
Baby Says Peekaboo

Amazing Baby> Baby Boo
Baby's Day
Night-Night baby

Anything by Sandra Boynton!- Hey, Wake Up
Barnyard Dance
Pajama Time

Felicia Bond- Tumble Bumble

Chuck Murphy- Slide-n-Seek Books- Colors

Margaret Wise Brown- Goodnight Moon

Raffi- Songs to Read- Baby Beluga
Down by the Bay
Wheels on the Bus
Five Little Ducks

Hope these suggestions help!!
Have fun!


answers from Provo on

Love you Through and Through
That was my son's first book, and at 15 months will drag it to me and say TAT! (for that) He loves it and the boy in there looks like O, plus he has a teddy bear that looks like the one my brother gave him.



answers from New York on

Oh, my absolute favortite for the babies is "Good Night Moon." We started this around 6 months and believe it or not he still wants us to read it to him from time to time at 3 years! We actually are on our third copy from all the wear and tear. I don't know what it is about this classic -- my son is so enthralled by it still.

Another series that is good, I forget her name but she is quite popular and has written "Snuggle Puppy" and "Moo! Baa! La La La!" Also she wrote the "BellyButton Book?" I am sure other moms can remember, but that is a nice series for very small ones as well, I think. They are colorful and funny.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

Sandra Boynton books are SUPER! Moo Baa LaLaLa was my kids' favorite as well as Not the Hippopotamus.

Also, any of the books by Priddy (company) are great! They are books with photographs of familiar objects and the words for the object under them. There are some hardcover smalls ones called "Animals", "Things That Go", "First Words", etc.

Goodnight Gorilla is another favorite with kids. There are no words, so you can make up what to say.

Books they can touch are great first baby books too. Most of these are about animals and have fur to touch, etc.

Hope this helps!



answers from Detroit on

Sandra Boyton wrote the books listed by YoMama - my DD (now 3 yo) loves all her stuff.

Also, anything by Eric Carle, Todd Parr, and Dr. Suess. Board books with simple pictures and words - alphabet, colors, etc.

And there is always "Goodnight Moon."



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi-check out
They have the best list of books for 4 month olds and every age.
Good luck!

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