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Updated on January 29, 2009
H.D. asks from Keller, TX
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I am at a loss on boy names. I have a girl name picked out and ready to go but can't say the same for boy names. I want a name that can be abbreviated. For example, my son's name is Tucker and sometimes we call him Tuck.

I like the name Hudson...Hud but can't think of any others. I like Shep but don't like the Shepard that goes along with it. What do you think?

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Hi H.,

I have a Tucker, too. And yes, we just call him Tuck. For my second son I really wanted to name him Tanner, but hubby wouldn't go for it. Therefore, I'm partial to Tanner, but I also like the Ty (Tyler) and Wes (Weston) suggestions. This isn't a name to shorten, but I met a man named Rhett which I thought was a cool name. Different, but not too out there...very Texan.


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My boys are Justin and Andrew. We call them Jay and Andy. I wanted Andy's middle name to be Jack and call him AJ, but that didn't work so well. Jay's middle name came about from my daughter when she was little.

I love Tucker though! And one of my great friends has a little one named Tyler, she calls him Ty.



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Hi There,
Congratulations! We have a Tyler that we call Ty and I have also love Gabe (short for Gabriel).

I have a Carter and we call him Mr. Car-Tear (like Welcome back Carter) :-)

Good Luck!



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Most boy names have a short version or their friends will make one up... :)

Andrew - Andy/Drew
William - Bill/Will
Daniel - Dan
Joseph - Joe/Joey
Joshua - Josh
Johnathan - John
Matthew - Matt
Timothy - Tim
Thomas - Tom
Marcus - Mark
Michael - Mike
Nathan - Nate
Lucas - Luke
Zachary - Zach
Nicholas = Nick
Samuel - Sam
Robert - Rob
Douglas - Doug
Taylor - Taye (like Taye Diggs)
Alexander - Alex/Xan/Al
Phillip - Phil
Arthur - Art
David - Dave

GL and congrats!



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Here are a few cute ones that I know of:

Caden - Cade
Lawson - Law
Lincoln - Link
Jackson - Jack
Judson - Jud
Weston - Wes
Brycen - Bryce
Colton - Cole
Clayton - Clay

I also think Carter and Hunter are cute names, but I don't know how you can abbreviate those.

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