11 Week Old Doesn't Have Wet Diaper After Sleeping 8 Hours

Updated on October 13, 2008
D.D. asks from Enterprise, AL
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Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone else has ever heard of or had an inant that doesn't wake up wet after sleeping all night? My daughter wets fine (a whole lot) during the day, nurses well, and sleeps through the night. Not every night but every few nights she wakes up with a dry diaper, and then usually wets after she wake sup (right away mostly , at least within 15 minutes). The doc tor doesn't seem too concerned (no odor or dark color, she wets fine during the day) and we're keeping a log just in case. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has been through this? She's growing like a weed and seems like a very happy and healthy baby.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for the reassurance! My first daughter was always wet, so this was new to me. I'm really reassured to hear that there are so many children out there waking up dry.
Thanks again!

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answers from Jonesboro on

My three month old wakes up with a dry diaper somethimes. I think some kids can just hold it longer. I wouldn't worry about it.

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

I would not worry. My son never wet or pooped in his diaper through out the night. He is 14 years old now, 6' 1", plays football and is an honor student, it did not seem to hurt him in any way. Being a mother of an older child, it is one of the stories I like to tell about.



answers from Fayetteville on

It kind of surprises me that she goes all night without eating as a breastfed baby, since breast milk is digested so easily. It sounds like she's sleeping more soundly than you actually want (see below), and therefore she is not aware of her hunger signals.

Babies are actually not meant to sleep "through the night" or very soundly. This preserves them from SIDS. They don't sink too deep, you know?

So, to answer your question, since she is thriving and making lots of non-dark urine during the day, that part is fine, but you might want to very seriously consider bringing her into your bed with you. When done right, having your baby in your bed with you is extremely safe, and certainly helps against dangers like SIDS, aspirated vomit, etc. (you're more likely to wake up and help the baby. Also, mothers act like a sort of breathing pacemaker for babies.

Now, as with any change in your sleep situation, it will take some some to adjust. Give it a week or two and you'll get used to her and find what works for you. If or when she wakes up to nurse, try side-lying nursing. Everyone wonders why I am so well-rested as the mother of a 17-week old. This is my secret! She latches on, and we both fall back to sleep.

If you want to give it a try, and have any questions, please feel free to private message me. If I don't know the answer, I will look it up and help you find it. The Dr. Sears books are a great resource, especially, of course, The Sears Nighttime Parenting Book.

I do strongly encourage you to give this a real try, because of the SIDS risk of sleeping so soundly and also because it is so nurturing. My husband was hesitant at first, but now he and I both LOVE having our baby sleep with us. We feel it has been a great help in developing and maintaining that bond. Don't be afraid that she won't ever want to leave your bed. Babies whose emotional needs are well met, and feel very secure in their parents' love, become quite independent and not clingy. They have all they need. There is plenty of information, esp. in the Sears books, for how to transition them to their own bed, whenever you and your daughter are ready. There are also answers to the major questions involved with sleep sharing.




answers from Birmingham on

You are inventing things to worry about! If she is healthy and happy and her doctor isn't worried - don't invite trouble! My daughter did the same thing has grown into a "healthy and happy" adult.



answers from Lafayette on

Yup, my oldest daughter did the exact same thing. She was sleeping through the night at three weeks and practically night trained herself before she was even a few months old. She's 10 now and suffered no ill effects from doing this.



answers from Tulsa on

My son did that and yes I took advantage of that. When he woke from nap and in the morning I sat him on the potty, in the living room. (some parents disagree, he has never had issues. LOL) He was totally potty trained day and night by 12 mos. He is now 4.5 yrs and has had 2 night accidents since 12 mos. My daughter on the other hand is having issues, she is almost 10 mos and to busy, so it is a fight trying to get her to sit still long enough. so each child is different and if it were me I would take advantage. so good luck.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter is almost 13 weeks and does the same thing. I have never thought it might be bad. I guess I just figured it might help me out in the potty training end next year =).



answers from Montgomery on

I don't think it is anything to worry about, some infants just sleep dry all night.

Oh, in response to the other mother, both my boys were breast fed and they were sleeping through the night by 3 weeks of age.



answers from Texarkana on

A couple of my kids did this. It is weird, but they are fine now : ) This is totally my own assumption, but I think some babies just sleep so soundly that they don't even wet..?
If she starts to show any other strange symptoms, then I would worry, otherwise, enjoy the dry morning diaper!
I'd put her on the pot! Maybe she's a potty prodigee! hahaha


answers from Tulsa on

When my son was about 3-9 months old, he would often wake up with a dry diaper. He would still wake up to nurse, but wouldn't wet his diaper until he was up for the day. My doctor said he just had good bladder control. Now that he is almost two, it is a different story. He, for the past 6 months or so, has been sleeping through the night and will frequently wake up soaked through his diaper and clothes. This is even limiting his liquid intake at night and changing him right before bed. He will still go for quite a stretch in the day before having to pee, so I think if he would go right before bed, he would wake dry again. He's started growing out of this phase too and is waking up some nights almost dry, so I'm hoping no more wet clothes in the morning! As long as your daughter is eating well, goes during the day, and doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, I would think she is fine. You've already spoken with the doctor, so I wouldn't worry too much.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

All three of mine were breastfed and sleeping through the night from the day we brought them home. The first few weeks I would wake them up to feed them if I felt like i was getting engorged. After that, I decided it was a blessing and slept as much as I could, if I felt like i was getting engorged I pumped and froze the milk in case we needed a baby sitter.
My girls rarely woke up wet but my boy was wet almost every morning. They are 6 and 4 now and are normal, active kids.



answers from Lafayette on

My mom swears that I was that way as a baby. She said I was dry all night from 3 months on and she would sit me on the potty chair in the mornings as soon as I was able to sit up okay . She also said I wouldn't wet my diaper away from home and she began putting me on the toilet when we were away from home so I would use it. I can't argue with her as I don't remember :) None of my children were that way, though and my mother's other two children were not that way.
I don't think there is a problem with your daughter. That is just the way she is and maybe you can take advantage of it the way my mom did...who knows...myabe she will be easy to potty train.

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