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Maclaren or Chicco

Hi Mama's! So I am registering for a few items I need-since it is the 2nd baby I don't need much. I have always wanted the Maclaren stroller-so those of you who know which one is better and is the Maclaren any different from the newer competitors like Chicco? For me, I want to be able to adjust the height or have higher handles Thanks! B.

Baby Shower

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Chicco or Combi?

I am having a hard time deciding which carseat/stroller combo I want. I originaly fell in love with the Chicco Cortina/keyfit travel system. My one major concern is that it might be too bulky/heavy. The other travel system I have looked at is Combi's tri-fold. I like that it is small and compact but worry about it's durablity/stroage compacity. Any suggestions?

Bringing Baby Home

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Need Baby Registry Advice

I'm expecting a baby girl in February, and we just brought home our new 10 and 5 year-old sons from Russia. Life is a little hectic right now, and most of my time is spent taking care of our new boys. A few friends are wanting to host a baby shower for me in January, and I am hearing mixed stories about certain "necessary items" to put on a baby registry. For those who've recently had babies, what items could you not live without? Also, I'd like to just list a few questions: 1) I am going to be able to purchase a new breast pump...


Car Seat Delima!

Hi mamas, my husband and I are struggling with what kind of car seat to get,...

In the Womb

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Smallest Infant Carseat Front to Back

I'm looking for a new infant carseat, and am trying to find out which one takes up the least amount of space front to back. We have a huge vehicle, but my husband is so tall that his seat needs to be all the way back. In order to make all the existing car seats fit, the infant seat will have to go behind his seat. So I need to know which seat will be smallest front to back when installed at the proper 45 degree angle (with the base). Width and height are not an issue. Thanks in advance for any help you all can give.

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Chicco Travel System Vs. Jogging Stroller

Has anyone bought a travel system and wished they had bought either a lightweight version of the travel system or a jogging stroller with an infacnt carrier attachment instead? I am due in October and trying to decide. I am a runner so I will be getting a jogging stroller anyways but are they too heavy to use everyday/in/out of the car etc? Any advice on the best joggin stroller? I am considering the Jeep Overland. Thanks!