What to Add/leave off Baby Registry?

Updated on January 06, 2009
S.J. asks from Bryant, WI
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Hi - I am wondering what items other Moms have put on their Baby Registry, and what items you would leave off? Obviously, leave off clothes, but is there anything you wished you had put on that you didn't, or vice versa? Also, when it comes to things like bottles, should I register for a "variety" pack of sorts? Or, should I research basically everything in advance before putting it on the list? I've started researching the bigger items, strollers, high chairs, diaper genie, etc. so I can put on the items that have the best features or have gotten the best reviews. It seems so hard to know in advance what products you will end up liking & using! What items did you think you would use and didn't? Any advice or recommendations? Also, we're from a small town, so I was thinking of just registering at Walmart, to be more convenient for everyone. Is it bad to put on several items that are only available online?

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answers from Madison on

Best suggestion I could give is get the book Baby Bargains by Denise Fields. It is fantastic! It rates all the products, what's useful and what's not, and best of all how to do it at a lower cost. Best part is it's updated every 2 years and a new one is due out soon.

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answers from Madison on

How exciting for you. Best of luck!
The thing about bottles is that you have no idea what kind your baby will like so I got a lot of bottles that I ended up getting rid of. I would take that off. Later, when you're ready to start bottle feeding, buy just one or two of a couple different kinds. Same with pacifiers.

Diaper genie - I have found to be a waste of money. Diapers stink no matter what bucket you put them in. We like a small metal garbage can with lid and empty the can almost daily.
Stroller - We loved our Jeep Urban Terrain stroller for 4+ years!! I wish they made a double. We bought, and were given many others that didn't compare to the versatility. For little car jaunts while peanut is still in the car seat - a snap-n-go is lite, compact and wonderful!

This is the big one: Register for, or ask for collection toward, a really good, really comfortable glider/rocker. This is something you will spend a lot of time in. Invest in one that you would be comfortable sleeping in. Seriously - this is the one item I wish we had splurged on or asked for more help towards. Now on our second child - we still spend enough time half asleep in it to warrant a way better chair. Ugh...

Pack n Play, Bouncy seat, and a good Breast Pump (medela is the best) should cover just about all you'll need besides clothes and diapers.
Online stuff seems fine to me!


answers from Milwaukee on

i agree about the diaper genie....waste of money. at our house garbage goes out every day anyways. but onesies are a big must. i used cloth diaper as burp towels.



answers from Minneapolis on

My experiance is noone went by my baby registry and did whatever they wanted anyways. I was kinda bummed as I recieved so many diapers in the same size I never used them all and so many clothes in the same size I couldn't possibly use them as well. I specifically asked for larger sizes in both and it didn't happen.

So don't count on your registry. But do put a variety of things/prices to help out who's buying for you.



answers from Minneapolis on

I think it is fine to put on;ine only items as long as you have lots of in store items. Walmart usually has free shipping if you pickup at the store. You could also consider registering at Amazon.com. They have huge selection, and competative pricing. This is a good place to reister for clothes because the buyer doesn't need to search the racks for it.

These were my favs:
-basic clothes that are always available (packs of onies, sleep sacks, socks, sleepers, front snap shirts, swaddling wrap sleep sacks)
-Lullaby sound spa - I like the one by Homedic it has white noise and music and a projection mobile
-changing pad w/cover for changing table
-teething rings, plastic keys, rattles, peek-a-boo rattle
-books including parenting books
-night light
-rocking chair
-infant carrier that you wear (sling and baby bjorn)
-cloth diapers to use as burp clothes
-terry cloth bibs
-crib sheets (we have 4)
-bouncy chair
-pack and play



answers from Milwaukee on

Just a general thought. Before you register think about your tastes. Do you like a lot of stuff, or are you a minimalist?

Keep that in mind when you are registering--I didn't. There is a lot of stuff out there, which seems essential pre-baby. Once the baby was here much of what other people found to be essential, I thought cluttered the house and didn't use.

We never used the monitor. You will hear the baby unless the baby sleeps on a different floor. Diaper pails-- anything that has a lid that seals well contains the odor. Plus you don't have to keep buying refills.



answers from Minneapolis on

You'll probably quickly learn that there are many differing opinions out there! Alot of it varies based on the parents preferences and then also the individual baby.

I'll share some of the life savers for us: A low reclining bouncy chair that vibrated for when our son was a newborn, and then a little more upright one with more bells and whistles as he got older, a swing (I would encourage one that is almost like a bed when a newborn but can be more upright as he/she gets older), Tiny Love Black/Red/White gym, a sound machine, a simple exersaucer, some type of baby carrier (which one really depends on you and then what your baby will tolerate), a stroller frame that the infant car seat just snapped into, and then a really nice stroller the baby could grow up in (I personally was not a fan of the combo sets, but that was just us), a kick toy (but the best one out there is not made anymore...I found it at Once Upon a Child), a dresser/changing table combo, a fast read thermometer (not the ones that come in a kit or the ones for ears), infant seat cover to keep baby warm until summer, an extra head support, next step in car seat, high chair, booster seat, deluxe diaper bag, Medela Pump In Stlye Advance Breast Pump, GOOD stain remover such as OxyClean and Zout (test first to make sure baby is not sensitive to), Aquaphor, lots of baby wipes.

Things that were nice: several brands of pacifiers, several brands of bottles, a diaper pail (we've tried several, but I think I like the Diaper Champ the best), a changing pad with at least 2 covers, newborn and size 1 diapers, burp clothes or cloth diapers for this purpose, crib sheets and waterproof pads, extra small waterproof pads to use in varies places in case of leaks or spitups, simple onsies in several sizes, a pack of bibs (velcro), eating set, small wash clothes, a couple baby towels with hoods, a sleep sack, swaddler, baby book, Desitin Orignial, Aveeno or other more natural baby wash and lotion, baby clothes in bigger sizes, pack n play (but we did not need the ultra deluxe one we got!), baby gates, a few basic baby proof items, baby monitor (we did not have video but that would be a nice extra), vaporizer, books for baby, books for parents, teethers, rattles, toys up to 9 months (then you can get more at Christmas), Robeez, a mirror for baby in car, a mirror so parents can see baby in car, simple infant seat toys, car seat protector, car shades unless you have tinted windows, infant toothbrush and toothpaste, pacifier clip, nursing pillows if nursing (I liked My Brest Friend when first learning and then Bobby pillows as I got the hang of it!), hooter hider for nursing, cart cover for germs and comfort,something you are OK with as a lovey when child gets older, bottle drier, microwave sterilizer (for pacifiers and/or bottles), substantial bibs for when baby starts food, back carrier if you lead an active lifestyle, front carrier for when baby is able to hold head up, high chair toys, 1 or 2 nice lullaby CD's,

What we were given that was not necesaary: Wipe warmer, bottle warmer, grooming kit, medical kit, baby product kit, baby oil, baby powder, Vaseline, baby medicine, way too many blankets, way too many bibs, way too many stuffed animals, odds and ends of momentos, Baby Einstein DVD's (our son did not get into them...try from library first!), Dreft (use something like 7th Generation instead...Dreft has perfumes and such that can be irritating.)

I used the baby comb, snot clearer, vaseline, tub and such from the hospital. I also just used Olive Oil for Cradle Cap instead of Baby Oil. I tend to like to go natural for the most part, but I was not able to find a natural solution for stains.

I'm sure I've missed things, but I hope this helps. I wish I had gotten help with my registry. Oh...register at a couple places. Target and BabiesRUs, or something like that.

Have fun and best wishes.



answers from Minneapolis on

Congrats on your first baby and good luck. Things with a first baby are scary and exciting at the same time. Take lots of pictures-that's my #1 advice.

I use Costco diapers and love them. Never had a leak once. I like the Diaper Genie and think it's worth it. I would try BPA-free bottles, even if you are nursing. That way someone else can feed the baby when you're gone. Also little things like a bottle brush, breast milk storage bags...As for onesies, yes, get many sizes. I think Gerber ones feel cheap/rough, but Carter's are nice. Sleep Sacks are great. Our little guy used one for a year! When the baby's little you can put him/her in a nightgown-makes night changes go faster. A baby monitor. I loved my Boppy and used it a ton! We borrowed a Baby Bjorn but didn't use it much. You could probably get a cheaper version or a sling. The Bumbo seat is a waste, I think. Ask for some cardboard books. I would spend more money on things that get used a lot-high chair, car seat, stroller. Good luck!



answers from Des Moines on

You have a lot of good advice, although I didn't read through everything. I wouldn't register for too much of anything (bottles, diapers, onesie sets), because we found our little one had his own preferences that mattered more than our own:)

I wouldn't worry to much about the registery; in my experience, people who could buy from it did, but many just got what they wanted to:) Online stuff is okay, realizing that you may be less likely to get it.

I agree with the wipe warmer, especially if you live in a cooler winter climate. I also thought it seemed like something that just spoiled the baby, but in reality I spent a lot of time warming wipes in my fist:) It's harder than it seems to put a cold wipe on a little baby's bottom, knowing he won't like it!

Good luck!

ETA: I would hold off on the swing and pack'n'play -- mine didn't use the swing much, and I was glad I just used a hand-me-down. We thought we'd use a pack'n'play all of the time, as we go out of town often; but for monnths, he wouldn't sleep in it, then my MIL got one and we just use hers. More to think about:)



answers from Fargo on

Knowing what to put on your baby registry is not easy. I had so much on my registry that I am glad that I did not get. Onsies, bottles, DIAPERS, WIPES and other everyday items will help you out alot. I think my daughter was about two or three months before we had to buy diapers or wipes. Also with requesting diapers and wipes chances are you are going to get a veriety of brands so you will be able to find the one that works for you. I always liked Pampers for my daughter, while my little sister uses Huggies for her son. If you are not planning on nursing - formula, or if you are nursing - nursing suppies and storage. I asked for a diaper genie but did not get one and was able to survive, while my sister got one and uses it all the time. Wal-mart and Target have little baggie dispensers for the diaper bag to put soiled diapers in on the go, I used them all of the time. A travel swing is also a must. We have a small living room so it was the perfect size and I was able to take it with me to work it daycare was closed for what ever reason or to the in-laws. The fold up nice and are easy to get out of the way. My little girl loved it. I hope that this helps you decide what to include in your baby registry.

Also, cloth diapers make some of the best burb rags you will ever use. It would not hurt to ask for a couple packs of them - you will need um. Good luck!! :o)



answers from Minneapolis on

A lot of what I needed, I did not know about until after I had my baby. Each baby is different. Mine hated the snugglie, but loved the sling and baby backpack carrier. I barely used the pack-n-play, but had to buy a bouncy chair later (I didn't think I would need one).

I received many items I did not register for, but ended up loving. I think many people will buy things for you that their kids loved. I didn't register for any clothes, but still received some. I also received a ton of stuff from people getting rid of their baby stuff since we are the last of our friends to have kids (late in life baby).

I feel like the first year of my daughter's life was a big trial period. As in we tried lots of things, some worked, some did not. Do you have friends with kids that you can trade stuff around? Or a resale shop to buy/sell items?

I think Wal-mart would be a great place to register items; plus they are less expensive.

Best wishes!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

It is so much fun to give advice about what to get for the baby! Our little one was a miracle and it was so much fun picking out what we wanted.

Make a list of things you want...keep asking moms what they love and hate for baby gear. Get an idea of what the regular price of each item is. Keep a lookout on Craigslist.com, community baby sales, and yard sales for items on your list that are in great shape and at a great discount, especially if you think you won't get everything on your registry (and you probably won't). Even if you put it on the registry and find the item before the shower, you can take it off.

Register for one brand of baby gear...the parts and toys can then be interchanged.

Don't go overboard with things that you are not sure of (like bottles). I know you can always take things back, but with a new baby, you may be less likely to do so.

We didn't get the Diaper Genie, but got a stainless steel trash can with lid/peddle for disposable diapers. We can now use it in another part of the house. We did go to cloth diapering, which I highly recommend. Let me know if you would like a referral of a lady that hand makes them in Minneapolis for much less than commercial brands.

We live in a bi-level and I breastfed, so I liked having two bobby pillows. One for the living room and one for the nursery.

We liked having our Bumbo seat with tray for when my daughter was first learning to eat from a spoon and for pictures...I bought mine at a yard sale for $10.

You'll want a humidifier for the nursery and a good nightlight. We also got a portable CD player and play instrumental music during the night.

Ask for the basics and gift cards. You may not know what you will need until you need it. It depends on how you set things up, who your baby is, and how you parent and what's important to you.

When getting furniture, you may want to look at lifetime cribs and dressers that have the changing table on them. We did this, and I love it. I don't have an extra piece of furniture (a changing table) that is only good for one reason and for such a short timeframe.

One last piece of advice...save all of the boxes and packaging, especially if you have room. It will make it easier for storage or for selling later. You'll get more money out of it if it is sold with it's container.

Have fun and enjoy that baby!



answers from Sheboygan on

Congrats and Good Luck! I see you have a TON of advise, but here's my "2 cents" =)

Diaper Genie 2 is MUCH easier than diaper Genie origianl. I know, I've had both. DG 2 is very easy to refill, and why not register for a handful of refill containers??? They will certainly not go to waste!!!

If you get diapers that don't work in terms of size, you could probably take them back to Walmart even without a receipt! and get the size you need.

Saw someone (at least one!) recommended a "booster seat" that straps on to the chair--LOVE ours!!! Have given it as a shower gift MANY times weather it was registered for or not--I believe ours is Fisher Price. It folds up easy, and many of my friends bring theirs to restaurants, then they know the tray is clean!

Someone said only 2 crib sheets/mattress pads. I disagree--I have 3 or 4 b/c I didn't want to get stuck "Having" to do laundry b/c both got spit up on or peed on or whatever. Just a lazy streak on my part =)

As for strollers--test them in the store. We felt bad registering for such an expensieve item (we got the Graco travel system from 4-5 years ago), but I was lucky and had a VERY generous aunt; and if not, co-workers were going to all go in together for it. Anyway--we got the one that my husband was able to fold-down one handed, and it still works 4 years later for baby number 2.

I agree with whoever suggested hangers!!!

We splurged on a wipes warmer. It was an item we would not have purchased on our own, but figured if someone else wanted to give it as a gift then fine. Glad they did! It is nice for those night time changes; I'm convinced if they were cold then we would have had way more pee accidents due to being cold!

Exersaucer--not necessary (I am a pediatric PT, so I am a little biased against them) I told my husband for the cost, I;d rather register for the other stuff! If we got one as a gift anyway, fine, but I could do without. Certainly don't miss having one, and our 1st daughter met all her milestones on time without it.

Baby lotion and shampoo go a long way, and you'll find a lot of people use the travel sizes as "fillers" My first daughter had a TON of hair and still took over a year to use up her first big bottle of shampoo.

A great convenience item (unless you are "green" with everything) are the disposable washclothes with mild baby soap already in them. Love these too--got them as a gift but hadn't registered for them. They are particularly great for travel.

I love the little "skull caps" (infant hats) b/c our baby's room happens to be the coldest in the house--we put these on her for the first 3 months--I think (maybe??) they helped her sleep better b/c she stayed warm. Gerber makes them and walmart carries them.

Don't be afraid to register for "fun" stuff that you like "just because"

OH--if you have 2 vehicles, definitely consider a 2nd car seat BASE!!! Major convenience item; so glad we have it! Especially since we change our mind as to who is doing the evening daycare pick up! We registered, didn't get it and used our gift cards to get it. As the first got older and into the regular car seat, we even purchased on for my in-laws so they would have one when they watched her. We did register for the bigger car seats too and received those as gifts.

Bathtub==thought the one with the battery operated shower would be great. NOT!! The spray is so gentle (I suppose for obvious reasons) that it would take forever to rinse baby, especially if he/she has a lot of hair! Much faster to use a cup and rinse!

Well, the 4 year old is calling me, sorry to end so abruptly--but I do think I hit my major "2 cents" Hope all or our advise helped!!!!! Good Luck and God Bless!



answers from Milwaukee on

You've got some good advice here! I've just got to put in a little note. I registered for online stuff and only got one item. My fam is old-fashioned so it may just be that but I just wanted to warn you to not count on that stuff. It doesn't hurt to put on your registry. I love my diaper genie since my daughter is now 2 and well, she has stinkies!! Check it out for yourself and decide. Otherwise I would stay away from receiving blankets since you'll get tons anyway. Bottles are hard too since kids are picky about nipples (DD would only take a silicone nipple.) Onsies, monitor, bibs and stuff is all wonderful. It's amazing what other moms know to get too so I wouldn't get too overwhelmed and trust those other moms to help you out with their advice/suggestions. Good luck and congrats!



answers from Des Moines on

I read a few of the responses, and I agree with most of them, only request one kind of bottle, they seriously take up so much room, and you will end up prefering one brand over another, and it is such a waste to have so many different kinds. Secondly, I couldn't live without my boppy for the first couple of months with my babies, I don't know how I survived my 12 year olds first couple of months without one. You also really want to stay away from standard receiving blankets. They are so small and you can not effectively swaddle your baby in them. And within two weeks they are only good as burp cloths. I had a friend who made receiving blankets for me that were much bigger, and my 1.5 year old daugther still carries one around, so they have stood the test of time.

I would probably stay away from pacifiers, none of my kids liked them, and they give you one in the hospital to try. If they do like them, and you want to go that route, then you can buy the brand you like. Some people won't live without them, I think that if you can, that is one less thing to have to give up when they are older that is traumatic to you.

And the other moms are right, ask for the big things, but watch Craigs list and come spring garage sales. I don't know how many times at either garage sales or through Craigslist I have gotten an item that is practically brand new for half the price I would have paid for it new. As quickly as babies outgrow so much of their gear, you will feel so much better about your investment if you haven't paid full price.

Other things you can never have enough of: Sensitive wipes (just in case your baby reacts the the regular ones), diapers larger than size one, baby wash, onesies, sleepers, bottle brushes (again if you are going to bottle feed), diaper rash cream, (we like the new A&D with zinc the best), and bibs.

Things that we had never used or hated: diaper genie, vibrating seats, lotions, powders, ear thermometers, most of the blankets, and the grocery cart seat thing (just take antibacterial wipes with you to clean it.)

One more thought, my friends and their moms signed up for enfamil and similac's clubs, you get coupons and freebies, and if there is any chance that you are going to be using formula, this will help defray the expense some.

Congrats on your upcoming baby. Enjoy your sleep now, you will probably miss sleeping and nice long showers the most for the first couple of months. I hope that everything goes well for you and bottom line is that you will get tons of stuff (and advice) you never use and a few things that you will use constantly and you just won't know what you love and dislike until you have your baby.



answers from Des Moines on

Just a simple suggestion - which may contradict others that have responded. Don't register for diapers. By the time I brought both of my kids home they were in a larger size diaper than what we got at showers etc (my daughter was 8lbs 14oz and my son was 9lbs 2oz). Or if you do, register for size 1 or 2 - always easier to make a large diaper smaller rather than trying to stretch a small diaper. I used Huggies for my daughter, and am using Pampers for my son - not sure why, but for some reason they worked best that way for us.

When registering for stuff, make sure to register for colors that will work with both genders - doctors may tell you it's going to be one or the other, but you may get a surprise in the end, it has happened before! :P

If you haven't gotten them yourself, register for children clothes hangers - that was one thing that I didn't register for and needed alot of, especially with my daughter and all the dang dresses.

Everything else I can think of has been suggested already!

Good luck!



answers from Des Moines on

Hi SJ. I see lots of folks here have opinions on products which I think is largely just personal preference (however just IMHO I do love my diaper genie II) but one thing I tell EVERY SINGLE pregnant friend they have to get, is a video baby monitor. We have the one by Summer and its GRRREAT! I had no idea how many little noises babies make while sleeping (snorts, grunts, groans, even cries!). If you run in each time, you disrupt your own sleep pattern, but most importantly theirs! They need to establish solid sleep blocks. Soooo with the video monitor, you just click a button, take a peek, see that they are fine, and then go back to what you were doing (like sleeping!!). I know they are expensive (around $200) but for hubby and I they are the #1 thing we would have to have if we did it all over again!



answers from Rochester on

Happy New Year!
I haven't read through all of the posts, but I would agree that a lot of the things you register for are personal likes and dislikes. Don't take one of the lists that tells you what you "have to" register for. I found that overwhelming and looking back at those lists now, I have never used or even had most of the things on those lists.

One of the best things we got was a clothes hamper for the nursery. I registered for it on a whim and am so glad I did. I got one that has a removable netting that holds the clothes. It's so easy to just pull out the netting and haul it all to the laundry.

We also got a Boppy bouncy seat that was a life saver! I finally had to hide it because our daughter is over the weight limit for it, but still loves to sit in it.

I also really appreciated the bottle drying rack that I registered for (again on a whim). It was nice to not have to dig small pieces out of the big dish rack. I also used the Platex bottle bag (that cools in the freezer) every day for almost a year to take breast milk to daycare.

I did register for just a few bottles. I had researched what I wanted, but didn't want a ton of them if they didn't work for our daughter. I still ended up with some that we never used (and I couldn't return because I didn't know where they came from).

Blankets, burp cloths, onsies (in a couple of different sizes), sleep sacks (in a couple of different sizes), both light weight receiving blankets and heavier blankets, baby towels and washcloths, a baby bathtub, changing pad and covers, and lap pads (highly absorbant and great to put on top of the changing pad) were all things that I used almost daily.

If I had it to do over I probably wouldn't register for a baby sling. The one I registered for our daughter hated, the next one I got she hated, and the third one she hated until she was almost a year old. We also have rarely used the baby monitor we got, the Baby Bjorn carrier and the dishwasher holder for baby items. The storage unit to keep breast milk in the freezer went right back to the store. (It worked a lot better to use an extra ice bin from our ice maker.)

I wouldn't register for things that you won't use right away (sippy cups, Bumbo seat, place settings, etc). It just is one more thing you have to find a place to store until you need them. I saved up some gift cards to have on hand for when we were ready for those things. I also wouldn't register for medications (they expire before you use them) or bath products (our daughter is almost a year and a half and I still haven't had to buy soap or lotion!).

I'd be careful about wipe warmers. Some of them have been recalled because they have started fires.

Most of the big items (stroller, car seat, pack and play, diaper bag, etc) we didn't register for. We just bought those on our own because we wanted to be sure we had the one we wanted. (We did use some gift cards to help buy those.)

We didn't register for a swing, but I wish we had. My mother-in-law ended up buying one for us that was a piece of junk and never worked right. (But I was stuck with it because she would have taken it personally and would have had a fit if I had returned it!

I think it is fine to register for on-line only items. We have a lot of family and friends who live out of town and it was really easy for them to have things shipped from online. The only thing I would caution you about it looking at what the return policy is. Walmart and Target usually let you return items to a local store (even if it is an on-line only order). Babies-R-Us will only give you store credit (a gift card) and if you don't live close to a store it can be a pain to box things up and mail them back.

Have fun registering, but don't think you have to register for everything. I'm glad I mostly registered just for things that I was going to need in the first couple of months. It gave us time to learn what our daughter's likes and dislikes were and what we really needed and didn't need.



answers from Minneapolis on

Congrats on your pregnancy! One thing I haven't seen anyone else mention is that no matter how much prep work you do before the baby comes, there will no doubt be a list of MUST HAVE NOW items you didn't expect - just after the baby is born. Seriously, a few days before my daughter came, I couldn't imagine one more thing I could buy, borrow, prepare, etc. Boom - I had an emergency C-section, and the day we got home from the hospital, we had a new page-long list of necessities to go get! So, if and when you get gift cards, maybe keep a couple for those after-the-baby-comes purchases you can't anticipate.

I agree with another poster about the Baby Bargains book - good stuff.

I think online gifts, too, are fine. Especially, if your friends/family reside in different geographic areas.

If you have cats, you might register for one of those mesh tents that affix with velcro to your crib.

If you'll be breastfeeding, nipple shields might come in handy (breastfeeding experts have all sorts of opinions about shields - but, I was happy to discover them too many weeks after my baby was born - but, they made a huge difference to me between being able to nurse or not b/c my nipples were SO sensitive). Again, breastfeeding or no, another helpful item was these donut-shaped pads that can be warmed up in the microwave or frozen in the freezer. When your breasts are hard and sore, or a duct might become plugged, I found those pads very helpful.

I also liked the What To Expect The First Year book, as well as Dr. Sears' book about vaccinations. Some much info to take in, but so many decisions to make about your Precious Bundle in the first year!

Happiness to you both, and great health to your growing family. :)


answers from Minneapolis on

We registered for a diaper genie and never used it, we switched to cloth shortly after our child's birth but the diaper genie was a big waste of money!

Bottles.... well we never used them so I didn't register for them. If you are nursing, then don't register for bottles. Register for a boppy pillow, Lansinoh, and nursing pads instead.

Register for onesies, socks, jammies, toys, an exersaucer, swing, pack and play, etc.



answers from Davenport on

I agree with Anne. Register for everything you want or think you may need. I had a lot of people pool together and get me some of the bigger purchases. I also registered for some items only available online. I had an Aunt that got me some of this things. At my shower, she gave me a card and a picture of the online item she gave, it came straight to my house several days after the shower.



answers from Minneapolis on

i have to diagree about the diaper genie. we have one and i love it! i would only register for one kind of bottle or leave them off all togeather and get some on your own. we registered for different kinds and our son only liked the advent ones so now i have 20 bottles or so that have never been used. i would register for a few onsies in different sizes and nuks, sippy cups, hooded bath towels, a jumperoo, play mats for when they get older, and gift cards. that way you can get things you need later. i would not register for blankets. you dont end up using half of them and people always get them anyways. have fun registering and congrats on your new bundle of joy!



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi SJ! Congrats on the baby! Go out and register for anything and everything that you want or need! When I am buying a gift I LOVE to see a big registry! And if the person gets doubles of the gift I gave or need something else, I encourage them to take it back and get what they really need!
Register for a stroller, carseat, onesies, bottles, breastpump, crib, highchair... you name it! Often people like to pool their money to get a nice gift so don't worry about expensive things!
You can even register for baby clothes. Most people will include a gift reciept so you can exchange sizes.



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One thing that we didn't register and got as a shower gift was a Wipe Warmer. At first I thought, "What kind of a spoiled-brat kid needs warm wipes??" But our son loved it! LoL The other thing was a bouncy seat that vibrates. What a life saver that was!



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We actually got a very nice baby monitor that several of our relatives went in on to purchase for us and we have never used it. I am hoping that when my son (and daughter arriving May 2nd) is older we will find some use for it if they are outside playing,or in the playroom, etc. It just didn't seem to fit our needs. One of us is always in close quarters with my son. Anyway, it was a big ticket purchase that I thought I would get a lot of use out of and now it just sits here.

The item that I absolutely loved that was not on our registry was a swing. We bought one when my son was about 3-4 months old and I wished we would have had it sooner because he really enjoyed it a lot.

Another item that I have really found useful is the Chicco Keyfit travel system. You get the carseat carrier that fits inside the stroller. It is very user friendly and the stroller is lightweight. It is also the only brand that has a base that goes up to 30 pounds.

I only chose one store to register at as well, but I did choose Babies R Us over walmart or target. There selection is beyond compare and prices are very competitive with other places too.




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Good idea asking the Mamasource gals! We know best! I think I registered for too much. You only need a few blankets - and you get 20! People give those most - if you register for them or not. You don't need a ton of baby washcloths or towels - just 3 of each, really. You should have 2 crib sheets, one to have on bed, and one to have in wash. You can't have enough sleepers, but people give you those whether you register for them or not. Your infant can wear them in the daytime and night. And they spit up, poop and pee on them constantly, so you have to do a lot of laundry. That's all I can think of off hand.... Good luck!



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Yes leave off the diaper genie & wipe warmers & other gadgets. They are a waste of moeny & space. Unless you are in love with a theme you can leave off blankets too since you will most liekly receive many more than you can use.

yes register for bobby pillow, a baby sling, the large items, onesies (several sizes) if you registrer for clothes make sure to register for larger sizes (season appropriate of course)diapers, diapers diapers. You can never receive to many. Plus when you get different brands from the shower you can experiment & decide which ones work best for your baby. if it is there register for the bullet food processor, it works great for baby food.



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it all depends on what your mothering is going to be like.

if you are going to breastfeed, dont register or buy any bottles until you KNOW FOR SURE you will use them. i registered for a couple of sets of bottles, and i got some besides, and i NEVER used them. :P

diaper genies are nice and all, but i found that the refill bags are EXTREMELY expensive, and not worth the whole hassle. you can use any covered garbage with old grocery store bags instead. i had an old garage sale daiper genie, but never once bought the bags. its just not worth the cost.
hmmm.... i would honestly check out some cloth diapers too. they arent as bad as they used to be, and i actually liked them a lot, however i never had enough at one time to use them exclusively.
a bit about diapers. it might be an individual body shape thing, but the ones that worked the BEST for my son was pampers, huggies and luvs both leaked. the parents choice that walmart has work OK, but they would need to be changed WAY more often. they work ok for my son who is older, he is now 2, and goes less often, and is starting to potty train anyway.
pampers points can also get you a lot of free stuff! i got a WHOLE TON of free photos from the points, and a free photo calendar.... and a few other things. they are always changing and adding to their lists, so its really neat. thats another good thing about it. :D
hmmmm.... what else.
check with your insurance company. a lot of them actually will supply breastpumps if thats something you think you will use. i got the medela pump in style as long as my doc "prescribed" it. it was simple :D also, ive heard that some insurances give coupons for new infant seats. we got one free from someone who adopted and didnt use the seat, so we didnt try that out, but ive heard about it. so that may cover a couple big expenses.

of course, you probably know to register for the big things too in case a group wants to go in together on something. the stroller we have is from target.com, and it has a steering wheel and a CD player holder with speakers (not headphones) so you can listen while you walk. it is a 3 wheeled stroller, with a tray, and has air up tires, so the ride is extra comfortable. ive used it a LOT, though it is big and bulky and wont really hold a car seat safely. however, your baby is due in april, that might be ok for most of the spring/summer/fall to just have her in the stroller when you need to use it.

hmm.... what else....
dont register for blankets. everyone piles those on. however if theres ONE bedroom set you like, or one or 2 blankets you really really want, go for it. but blankets are so common, just like clothes :P

high chairs are such a pain in the butt, if its possible in your home, get one of those seats that you strap right to the chair. that way you dont have a high chair sitting around your house, and you also can use the booster as baby grows! :D but its up to you. i personally liked the eddie bouer (spelling?) wooden high chair, but we couldnt afford it. we did register for it, but no one got it for us, which was ok. we made due with some used things from a friend :D

the best thing you could do for anything babycare, is ask your friends with kids for hand-me-downs. :P i got most of my kid's clothes from other people! :D

what else what else..
oh, you will always get soaps and stuff, but its a good idea probably to register for a brand you prefer, if you dont like johnsons and johnsons or something...
diaper rash cream - if you just get a tub of zinc oxide ointment from anywhere... i got a 1 lb tub of it from a friend who works in the local clinic. LOL. but im sure a walgreens or pharmacy should have it.
it works better than most diaper rash creams, and it will last you FOREVER!!! :D its awesome.

i would highly recommend registering at target. walmart is ok, but target has WAY cuter stuff that will last you longer. :D target is fantastic, and more user friendly. most people dont know where to find the registry computers at walmart, the ones at target are SO easy to find and use. :D i dunno. we registered at both for our wedding and our baby, but we usually had more shoppers for target.

you can use some online only items, especially if you have family or whatever who are far away and wont be able to make it to the shower. anyway, it cant hurt!
dont register for too many items. people get a bit overwhelmed if there are too many items on the list....
dont register for toys, or only register for 5 or less. toys for babies are pretty insignificant really... only register for a few that you REALLY want your baby to have. for the most part, babies would rather watch their world than play with a toy. :P at least in my experience (i have an in home day care too, so ... ive had lots of babies! LOL)
registering is more complicated than you think, then you have to do it and you are always gonna be like, i shoulda registered for this or that, or not this or that.... lol
remember to keep the tags on anything you get, and hopefully everyone gives you a gift receipt. keep it all together until you know what you use and what you dont. even if you end up selling stuff on ebay, people will pay more if you still have the tags on. :D
good luck. i know i wrote a LOT. have fun and congratulations on your baby!



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Wow - you have a lot of responses! I thought I'd add my 2 cents. Having 2 babies sure has changed my mind about what you think you need vs. what you really need!

Things I couldn't live without - a bottle warmer that also works to warm up baby food, a good bottle drying rack, diaper genie, sleep sacks (in a variety of sizes), we liked travel swings since they don't take up much space, a bouncy seat for each level of the house (so you don't have to lug it everywhere).

Things you could hold off on - bottles since every baby is different (I actually spent weeks trying to find a bottle my 2nd would use), slings (neither of mine liked them).

I second the advice to not register for but buy what you want in carseats, strollers and highchairs - we registered for certain ones, people bought us different ones and then we had to and return them - big mess!

I found that you don't need to register for towels, clothes and blankets because they are a really common gift - we got tons without registering for them.

It's nice to just register at one store so no one has to run all over town finding you things and Wal-mart has great prices and good items.

Best of luck to you!

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