Pregnancy: Infant, Exersaucer

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Overly Needy Infant?

I have a beautiful 4-month old boy and while he is relatively easy to soothe and calm down, he becomes intolerably fussy within 2 minutes of being put down anywhere. I end up playing with him or holding him the entire day which I know they need a lot of at this age, but makes it impossible for me to get dressed or cook a meal without listening to a screaming fit. I hear different things: 1) let him cry it's good for him but only for 15 minutes at a time or 2) don't let them cry, they perceive this as abandonment and retain subconscious...


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...


Am I Pregnant?

I am almost a week late, took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. ...

Baby Shower

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Exersaucer or Jumperoo?

We would like to buy an exersaucer or a jumperoo for our little guy. He'll be 4 months soon. He likes to "stand" and is pretty active, so I want something that will get him some exercise and be entertaining. He's also pretty tall (80% percentile), so I'm hoping some of you moms can give me an opinion on which ones are good for taller babies. I don't want him to grow out of it too quickly! Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Walker V. Exersaucer

Ladies, our five month old loves to "stand" and to "pedal his feet". He...

Bringing Baby Home

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Am I Spoiling My Baby??

I am a first time mom to a beautiful 5 week old daughter. My husband and I were told by our pediatrician that we should let her cry so we don't spoil her. I was always taught that when a newborn cries that you should tend to them because they are crying for a reason and not for attention. She does like to be held when she sleeps and tends to wake up after putting her down for 10-20 minutes during the day but she sleeps fairly well (well for a 5 week old) at night. Her GI track is still adjusting - she has bouts of 24-36 hours of...

In the Womb

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Baby Shower for Baby #2

Looking to see how many of you had another baby shower for baby #2. I have a 3 year old daugter and we have basically everything that a baby needed but, we just found out we are having a baby boy. This is the 1st boy in the family. Do you have another shower? Thanks for your thoughts.


Overly Needy Infant?

I have a beautiful 4-month old boy and while he is relatively easy to soothe...