Pregnancy: Infant, Triple Paste

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Severe Diaper Rash Help

My 10 month old was on antibiotics which we completed 9 days ago and she still has diareah (forgive the spelling) but worse off she has what seems to be an incurable sever case of diaper rash. She is raw and sometimes slightly bleeding when I clean here. I have used Desitin, Triple Paste, Powder, Nystatin prescribed by her doctor, and fresh Aloe. The Aloe calms it down somewhat but can't seem to kick it. Any suggestions of anything that has worked for you? Thanks


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...

Baby Shower

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What to Register for at Baby Shower

I'm having my first baby. Anything you had that you couldn't live without that I should register for? I've heard to get terrycloth diapers instead of burp pads cuz they're cheaper and more absorbent, and to buy a changing pad instead of a table and put the pad on the dresser cuz it's cheaper and takes up less space... It seems that veteran moms have some very clever ideas and I am not opposed to spending money on anything that's really important especially a safety device, but if I can cut corners and save money on other things I'd...


Bad Baby Eczema

Hi moms. Does anyone have advice about baby eczema? My 9 month old seems...