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Updated on September 27, 2011
L.J. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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I will be having my first child in December and I am attempting to create a baby registry. I thought this process would be easy and it's actually harder than I thought. I know what babies need but at the same time I feel like I don't.

So I was just wondering what all you guys have gotten that have been life savers, what have you gotten that hasn't been so great. What were things that you wished you had requested but never got? That sort of thing.

I will be having a baby boy and I've had lots of people tell me that because I'm having a boy I need to get a warmer for my wipes and I've had other people tell me not to bother so it leaves me a bit confused with everything.

If it helps, I've started a registry at Babies R' Us and I have thought about creating a second one on Amazon or Target or whereever. Not sure yet.


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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone for their responses so far. A little bit more information:

Umm I'm still learning the lingo so I am not 100% positive what SAHM stands for, but I'm not a single mother or a stay at home mom. I would like to be home with my child more but that isn't possible right now both my husband and I work.

I do plan on breastfeeding. I am normally quite active so a good stroller would be nice, because I enjoy taking walks.

I'm interested in anything that is adaptable for the baby later on. I've already looked at a convertible crib that can become a toddler bed to later become a twin bed. I'm all about the multiple uses for an items things like that.

My husband and I do okay-money wise but we're not rolling in it and looking at some of these prices just takes my breath away. I've also looked at Once Upon a Child for baby items.

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answers from Washington DC on

Well, what helped me a lot was to go on Target and read the reviews for the products I was eyeing. I changed my mind on a lot of them based on the negative or mixed reviews.

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answers from Dallas on

OK, first baby I bought a Peg Perego baby carrier because it was the weighs the most! Second baby I wised up and got a graco...cheaper, still cute, and lightest weight. Got 2 for my car and one for husbands truck.

I got a snap and go stroller that the baby carrier fit into and then once she was out of the baby carrier, I got a Macclaran umbrella stroller. On strollers, look for light weight, easy to fold, and storage.

Baby wipe one with first...didn't use it. waste of money.

Swing with plug into the wall so no batteries.

Bouncy seat...nothing fancy...I actually got 2. One for living room and one for bathroom when I am getting ready for work.

High chair - I didn't have much room in my kitchen so I got one that straps to the chair at the table. LOVE IT! Plus, it is easy to take off and take with you to peoples houses that don't have babies.

Bottles - used Dr. Browns with first...loved them...but pain to clean with all the parts. Second baby used Playtex liners fit and are 1/2 the price.

Formula - Similac advance but Target brand is the same for 1/2 the price!

Pack and Play with one sheet


Exersaucer and jumparoo...not the one that hangs in the doorway, get a stationary one!

Bobby pillow

Sound kids sleep like angels with white noise!!

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answers from Springfield on

I agree with BrownEyedGirls, just the necessities. My sister is having her first child, in Dec too, and has asked me this same question. What I told her is that you need a carseat, diapers, wipes and a few outfits. Everything else is just extra! I think so many people get carried away with buying baby items, things you only use for the first few months up to a year of the babies life. I feel like so much of it is a waste of money. The baby doesn't actually need them, the parents just think he/she does. Sure, some of the stuff is nice to have but if you're going to spend money, wouldn't it be better to put that money into a college fund or something your child could use as he/she grows. Just my opinion though.
(By the way, I was given a diaper genie and a wipe warmer as gifts with my first son. I ended up hating both of them and didn't keep them for baby #2 & #3. The wipe warmer took too long to warm up, unless I left it on all the time and would usually scorch the wipes on the bottom. I found holding a wipe in my hands for 30 sec before using it on my little one worked just as good.)

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answers from Cleveland on

I would register for the swaddle me blankets. If your baby likes to be swaddled (most do, some do not) you will find it to be a lifesaver! Wipes warmers are a huge waste (in my opinion) Since your baby will be born in december you will want warm clothes for when you will be taking the baby out, warm hats. They sell bundle me's that you hook up to the car seat that will keep your baby warm when you take him out (JJ Cole makes them) I have seen newer versions though and I don't know much about them. I had a baby shower 3 years ago so I am sure there are many new and improved things I don't know about. Get a good thermometer, humidifer, baby monitor. Sorry, that's all I can think of right now. Congrats!!

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answers from Portland on

This is such a hard question as each kid is different. I would recommend asking for a few of each kind of never know what they will want. Don't buy a breast pump, especially if you get WIC because they will loan you one, and I think Toys-R-Us will rent them. I never had any luck feeding my babies, so I had to do formula from the hospital on.

Things I couldn't live without:

Graco Sweetpeace Soother....swing, carseat holder, built in music, MP3 player, etc. all built into one. If your little guy falls asleep in the car you just put the carseat on it and it keeps the same motion as the car so the baby stays asleep. (A must have for colic and acid reflux!) My kids actually slept in their until they got to be about 6 months because it helps with the acid and the movement is great.

Bumbo Chair...I didn't have one of these for my first, but they are a wonderful thing for babies who want to sit up but you don't want to sit and hold them up all the time. Bouncers keep them leaning back too far.

Bouncer....I took my little guy to the store and let him lay in them all until he found one he liked, he hated the one we had at home from his sister, which she loved. Cheap is ok on these as long as he likes it.

Diapers...There is no telling what he will or won't be allergic to or what you will like. I personally love the Safeway brand ones, and we like the Fred Meyer ones, but both kids are allergic to them. I'm not fond of Walmart's but they are changing them soon, so they might be better. I love huggies, but they are expensive and the safeway ones are almost as nice. Target isn't bad either.

Hyland's Colic Tablets...some people swear by gripe water, I swear by these!!! They are not always easy to find, but you can get them the cheapest at kids both will only take the latex ones that look like the very old fashioned kinds, so before you stock up, wait and see what your kiddo likes. They will give you a soothie one in the hospital usually.

Playtex Dropins....These are the bottles that are bigger like mom so they are easier for babies to feel like they are nursing. And, they come in latex as well, so if your baby doesn't like the silicone ones, these are a good choice. Target liners are great, but the walmart ones smell like chemicals, and the playtex ones are wonderful, just more expensive. You do not have to get a new one each time, I usually wash one for each bottle feeding for the day and then get a new one at the start of the new day.

Graco Snugride Carseat...get at least one base, but if someone else is transporting the baby too, then buy extra bases. These are super! If your baby is bigger, like mine, you might need to upgrade to the Snugride 32 or the Safe-T-Seat. They go bigger, but weigh more, so I didn't start with them.

Stroller....I went with one that matched the carseat as a travel system, and I love how it snaps in and is safe in the stroller. The snap and go ones don't have cup holders and trays for the parent, so I was never a big fan. I know a lot of people recommend the baby wraps, carriers, etc. but my kids had acid reflux and hated them. They like the stroller and car seat though. (Also, if you need a c-section then carrying everything is hard at first and a stroller makes it easier.)

Clothes....night gowns are great at first and for sleeping. Soft clothes are wonderful. I don't put jeans on my kids because I wouldn't want to sleep in them, like the other mom said. (sorry I couldn't find it again to quote). You never know what size you will need to have a few in a couple of sizes. My almost 5 month old is in 9-12 month clothes... sleepers or outfits with and without feet are good. Some like them with feet, some hate them, and sometimes its the mood.

I am sure this isn't everything, but it is a good start. congrats and remember that you will be fine with whatever you have. But when that ONE thing starts nagging at your mind that you need, then go get it so you will have peace. (Mine was newborn diapers, my sister's was a bath tub.)

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answers from Phoenix on

Good question. I have two boys, 3 and 16 months and one boy on the way. Some things that were VERY important with one child was not used with the other. For instance my first didn't latch, so I used my Medela Pump in style 6 times or more a day for a year, tons of milk storage bags, lots of bottles and bottle brushes. He was also super drooly and bibs were a must. My second breast fed so I felt the breastfeeding shawl was super important. But both needed a burp cloth. Neither used the swing. My second was a terrible sleeper and the Cloud B Sleep Sheep helped him a lot. They both used pacifiers at first and then not after a few months (found their thumbs). But, they used different pacifiers. So don't buy too many of anything like that. And don't open or wash or remove tags on everything til you know what you need. So you could always return, exchange, re-sell. I was super prepared mama and washed everything and bought things way early and found out that was a mistake.

What I used with both boys A LOT and would buy again in a heartbeat if they broke to use with my third.

Newborn Stage:
diapers and wipes
2 swaddling blankets -big and square like Aiden and Anais style
Pack N Play- Used in our room when newborn and downstairs for safe play when a little older. (Also good for taking on a trip later)
clothes- onsies, snap up footy pj's, rompers, socks, hats - didn't use anything with zippers, shoes, collars, stopped at waist like shorts and pants
infant car seat
receiving blankets
burp cloths
Changing table, pad, pad cover.
diaper bag
glider chair (didn't ever use ottaman)
small baby fine tooth comb helped with cradle cap
safe shampoo-body wash (we like Burt's bees fragrance free)
baby tub - cheap and simple works fine
2 hoody towels cause they poop on em sometimes
soft washcloths (10 or so?)
Rainforest Bouncer- we actually have on on each floor. It is somewhere to put them to sleep, watch, and when you use the restroom.
butt cream
travel changing pad (we use the disposable ones)

4-12 months
crib, mattress, 2 sheets, 2 mattress protecting pads
breathable bumper for crib (they get their limbs stuck)
cloth teething rail covers
play mat with hanging toys
big blanket for the floor
Fisher Price Jumparoo-the one that goes on the floor
Exersaucer of some sort (we have one on each floor)
some teething toys
some cuddling toys
some flashy, loud toys like rattles
couple of safe cars, people, animals, etc
books and basket or bookshelf
safety q-tips
small nail clippers
butt cream
eating bib
small spoons (metal are better once they feed themselves)
highchair (we use the fisher price space saver and love it)

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answers from San Diego on

I have a boy and never used the wipe warmer for him. You do however need a cover for his pee pee as he will pee whether you like it or not so make sure you have a cover while changing his diapers. We didn't get a high chair till it was about time for him to be sitting in one. We got the stokke trip trap since it grows with him and he can use it well into his teen years. Changing table definitely. save your back as you will put a lot of pressure on your back carrying him around. We got the ergo baby carrier and loved it. I could do house chores with him in it and he slept in it a few times as well. We also love our Stokke xplory stroller as well. It assembles easy and we used the bassinett part when my son was born for him to sleep in we rolled it around to the bed. It was great for naps and more as well. The stroller is also made to last till he is 3. Wouldn't have another stroller. It sits high so you don't have to bend over and hurt your back. We ove our changing table and crib that we got at pottery barn for kids. It is durable and the bed will change into a full size bed for later. I am into using things that will last a long time. You will be throwing enough stuff away as he gets older. Make sure you get outfits in every size, newborn, 3 mos, 6 mos, 9 mos, and a year. Trust me when I say he will grow fast and you will be thankful to have the next size up when it's needed. Also Boudreaux's butt paste is amazing. Love that stuff and it clears rashes up really fast. our son maybe had 3 bad rashes and once we used the butt paste it healed really fast. Also get a kit with natural remedies in it. Like little tummies, little noses, etc. The gripe water is great for the baby when he is crying and has a little colic. The little tummy is great for upset stomachs. These are the things that saved us the most. If you go with disposable diapers get a membershipp at costco and you get coupons for diapers. Little life saver there, as well as the costco brand formula. Our son didn't spit up as much with it and it's cheaper than other formulas. I couldn't breast feed. That broke my heart. Most of all enjoy your little one and take lots of pictures they change everyday. I have millions of photos of our little angel and I am amazed how much he changes from day to day. Good Luck.

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answers from San Antonio on

My SIL just got basic needs on her registry, then got a TON of gift cards. Her son's almost one year old and she still has some gcs stashed away for when she needs it.

One idea: look on other people's registry.

IMO, you need:
- at least 3 sets of sheets
- mattress saver
- bathtub (half price if you go buy one re-sale)
- washcloths
- towels
- a couple toys
- a Bumbo (foamy seat thing. AWESOME!)
- swing/bouncy chair
- bibs
- diaper bag
- bag to keep bottles cool
- socks
- onesies
- sleep sack type pajamas
- swaddle blanket
- Dreft or other "free" detergent
- gas drops
- baby tylenol and/or motrin
- tooth-brush (it's rubbery and fits around your finger)
- soft brush (my hospital gave me one)
- burp cloths -- the best ones are the thick cloth diapers by Gerber

When I have my next kid, we're likely going to skip the whole high-chair thing and just get a seat that straps into a real chair. It takes up WAY less room. My MIL bought it and I thought "Duh. So much better than a high chair."

Wipe warmer? Eh we lived w/o one. Yes in the winter if your house is cold, the wipe will be cold but oh well!

Depending on the noise-level of your house and baby's sleep habits, a white noise machine is nice (Graco makes a lovely one for $30/35).

ADDED: I registered online only. I didn't even go into Babies R Us except to buy the carseat and to return a few items. It was nice to do it online b/c I could read reviews to see if the product was a piece of junk or not. I only put 4 and 5 star items onmy registry.
Congrats on your baby!

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answers from Lansing on

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just get the necessities and don't fret over the small stuff.

There are always gadgets that people will suggest and other people will tell you not to bother with. For example diaper genies, some people swear by them others say its not a necessity and just use a trash can. A wipe warmer is definitely another one of those controversy items.

I personally would register at one store, that way if you need to return something, its easier to know to just go back to the one store. Babies R Us, should be able to meet all your needs.

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answers from Lake Charles on

The two things that made life SO much easier:
Wipe warmer, yes, get one, it's the nice thing to do.
GRIPE WATER.. seriously if you go through colic without this magic liquid you will have NO hair when you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Baby timer, for the first few weeks it was amazing, I don't think I'll need it this time because I've had a LOT of practice but for the first it keeps those first sleep-deprived weeks clear (it keeps track of the last time baby ate, napped, pooped etc).
Temporal thermometer, we still use it and it's AMAZING. Exorgen makes the best one for your money.

The things I never even really used:
The little bouncer, it was like 50 bucks and we used it once, waste.
The swing we didn't use until she was like 9 months so that could have waited..
Oh, and like nice newborn clothes (jeans and stuff that's just not that comfy) we dressed her up and stuff but we stuck mostly to soft stuff because they sleep so dang much, any fluffy dresses and jeans still have tags on them so think "would I want to sleep in an outfit like that?" and base what you keep and what you return on that.

And do yourself a favor and have hubby/SO throw a diaper party, it's basically a man baby shower and you get a ton of diapers, you can just exchange the brands you don't want for the ones you do. We didn't worry about diapers for god knows how long!

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answers from Dallas on

Have fun! The one thing I got that I loved was my boppy and the over the head hanging toy thing (not sure what they are called).
The one thing I hated and would never register for ever again -- diaper pail. really it is just a trash can. If you are using disposable, take the darn thing to a regular trash and just take your trash out weekly (or twice weekly) there is no stinky. I honeslty wished I had never bought one.
Also, if you are planning on BF don't get a lot of bottles at first. register for the 'starter' pack.
Get as much babywash as your cupboard will hold. I blew threw the stuff like crazy.
have fun!

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answers from Dayton on

Everybody is so different. Lol.
So many things mentioned I never ever used...

One thing I couldn't live w/out is my Floppy Seat Cover:
Don't need it till like 6 months or so but they are a great registry item, imo.

And a good sling.
A nursing cover.
A great diaper bag.
I did buy a wipes warmer for my son...not necessary, but if you have a big family (or lots of friends) they may be happy to have some gift suggestions.
I got the Munchkin one and it rarely dried the wipes out.

Though I rarely used it for my 1st-a good ($$) lightweight stroller.
I carry my newborns everywhere. But my son grew much faster than my daughter. He broke my back. He has spent much more time in the stroller.
That is kinda a wait and see item...unless again you have lots of people wanting to spend a lot of money on you. ;)

HTH! Congrats!

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answers from Minneapolis on

just the basics. I registered for a bunch of stuff I recieved and never used... and ended up buying things I could have registered for but didn't because I didn't know any better.

A pack and play
A good diaper bag with several changing pads
A "travel" sized swing
A bouncy seat
A car carrier/infant seat
A REALLY GOOD (Britax) convertible car seat for when they are older
A good stroller
I loved my baby sling - I have several - but a Baby Bjorn is good too.
A HANDFUL (that's all) of baby toys
A small baby bathtub
Burp rags
Blankets for swaddling


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answers from Cleveland on

I was unable to look at the other responses, but here's mine...first of all, it is absolutely wonderful that you plan on breastfeeding! Because of that, it is absolutely essential to have a Boppy. It is a firm pillow that helps to support the baby while you nurse so your arms don't get tired. It is great to even bring it to the hospital. If you can, get diapers just so you don't have to worry about rushing out to get them everytime you run out. Wipes warmer is NOT necessary. It is good to have something to put the baby down in, like a soothing swing or vibrating bouncy seat. Clothes wise, you really only need basics because it is likely they will mess them up somehow. Toys are sooo unnecessary. I found it is nice to have a few grooming things like safety nail clippers, a soft brush, and nice soft washcloths. I think every mother is different as to what they think is essential, but just remember that a lot of kids items can be found at secondhand stores and a lot of clothes they might grow out of before ever getting to wear so don't overdo it. Make sure you get some items for yourself to pamper because you will need it. Good luck!



answers from Tampa on

It would depend on your lifestyle, are you SAHM ? Are you planning on outing a lot, are you active? Are you planning on breastfeeding? Since you are in OH, you will more winter warm stuff for the newborn like pediatrition appts. Keep the receipts just in case some of the baby gear will not be a good fit for your baby. It might be a good idea for everyone at your baby shower to vying their favorite baby book for your baby's library. Never had a diaper gene, the idea of the dirty diapers piled in the baby's room :(

Here are my faves: Swing, one with a plug so you don't need to replace the batteries. Stroller, depends on your lifestyle. I love bugaboo, I used it
from week one till 40 lbs. It's a stroller that you have a adapter for your infant car east, so you dont remove sleeping baby from it's carseat you just place it on the stroller, the stroller also comes with therapeutic bassinet
and toddler kit one stroller you will ever need. Folds flat and it's light weight, I'm very much on the go and we travel a lot so it was expensive but worth every penny. It also has a toddler board which I use for my older
child while the baby still uses the stroller. bob jogger if you are very active. Stokke high chair, so the baby is part of you family meals at the table not away from the table. My 4.5 still uses hers, you adjust to their height. Backpack diaper bag, hands free. Humidifier, bibs, wash clothes, burp clothes. Bottles, dr.brown and born free. Diapers, baby wipes. Lots of Body suits short and long sleeves, hooded
towels, crib sheets, changing station sheets, so you are not doing laundry
at 3am. Mustela baby skin care, baby car mirror, britax infant carseat, britax convertable carseat. Bassinet, if you are breastfeeding, you might want the baby in your masterbedroonm so you don't need to get up with
hourly feedings. I didn't use the crib at night till the babies were sleeping
through the night 3-4 months, but I used it for day naps because they were more comfortable. Play pen, my kids only used it for a bit I didn't like the idea of baby sleeping in it when there was super comfortable crib upstairs. I used the pack n play for the to play while I cooking etc baby monitor, car
window shades.bottle warmer, organic blankets, car, stroller and crib toys, tethers giraffe Sofia is excellent. Jumparoo baby Einstein, any Einstein baby toys were great. Baby food processor, storage baby food cointeiners. Baby Hospital night gowns matching hat and fluffy socks, swaddlers,
blanket nightgowns ( no loose blankets in the crib) mobile for the crib and above the changing station. I love the little giraffe fluffy blankets and the Aden and anis are the organic breathable light weight blankets are great
for swaddle, cover at the beach, picnic, just an extra in the stroller basket, car and diaper bag for colder shopping malls, supermarkets, cooler evenings etc. Puj sink tub, great especially after c-section no bending down and straining your back. Have an extra changing pad always In the
babys bathroom, so you can dress the baby and change the diaper without taking a wet baby to the hallway, gates, hangers and boppy pillow ( take with you to the hospital) 1st aid box, Haggers. If you planning on more kids, buy celery green and yellow colors big items and coorinate little items like sippy cups, favorite blankets and outfits in pink or blue. Lots of luck!!!! Pm if you have any additional questions :)


answers from Lexington on

I couldn't live without my Diaper Genie 2!! You need tons of bibs and hard as it is, try not to go too crazy with buying a bunch of cute clothes bc he won't wear them. Get plenty of hats, booties, and blankies since it will be cold when he comes. Register for a ton of receiving blankets bc for the first few weeks and even months he is going to want to be wrapped up burrito-baby style=o ) I wouldn't waste my money on a wipe warmer but dont forget to register for a TON OF DIAPERS!! Once you figure out your favorite kind to use that works the best for you, you can take the others back and exchange them. Also, when you register at Babies R Us, everything that isnt bought off of your registry by others is offered to you at a 20% discount, so stock up on anything you think you may need!!! CONGRATS!!!



answers from Louisville on

I would definitely get two car seat bases. We did that and it really made it easier not having to worry about who had the car seat base in their car. I do agree about the diaper pails/diaper genie. Mine ended up stinking within a year and we threw it out. Now we just take the diapers out in a plastic grocery bag. Get a portable high chair. We got one at Babies R Us, made by Chicco. It hangs on the table with two arms that slide onto the table and you tighten some screws to the underside of the table. You can use it at home if it will fit your table. I love it because when you go out, you don't have to worry about whether the restaurant's high chairs were wiped down, (which they don't, they are just gross).
A boppy pillow for sure.
Lots of burp cloths.
Clothes and diapers of different sizes as your baby grows.
Baby monitor.
I got a pack and play, but didn't use it that much.
Bouncy seat.
I swaddled her in a baby blanket, but when she got to big for swaddling, she loves the sleep sacks.
Baby wash and baby wipes--you will never "not" use them. I would stock up.
You will need a humidifier when your baby gets it's first cold.
Just get the basics. The other stuff you can get as you figure out what will work for you and your baby.



answers from Cleveland on

The biggest waste of money was a diaper genie. The refill bags were expensive and after a while the plastic of the diaper genie itself absorbed the dirty diaper smell. I had to bleach it every week to combat the smell. It was more pain than it was worth. The best gift was a humidifer. It was one of those items, I never thought about. We used it in the winter to increase the moisture in the air. We used it for "white noise" and of course when the baby (and subsequently everyone else in the house) got a cold and was congested. Good luck with the little one. :)



answers from New York on

What you don't need...
stuffed animals
cutsie type clothing/outfits (babies spend most of their time in sleepers)

Things you need...
receiving blankets
a diaper bag - a friend used a backpack that was wonderful
baby tylenol/motrin
crib sheets
burb cloths - cloth diapers work great
car seats - you need one for each car

Depends on your lifestyle...
a stroller - (couldn't immagine life without one, we walked around the block, a trip to the mall, fairs, etc)
baby gate - depends on the layout of your home
baby tub - if you large kitchen sink, you can just line the sink with a towel
swing - my oldest absolutely loved it, my youngest only spent a small amount of time in it
bassinet - depends on layout of your home and if you want to keep the baby in your room for awhild
baby monitor - it was a must for me, depends on the layout of your home




answers from Cleveland on

Congrats on breastfeeding, we're going strong at 14.5 months and I work as well. I found 90% of my items secondhand on Craigslist and childrens resales (typicall held in Fall and Spring). Essentials?

Graco Sweetpeace swing (electric, plays music, mp3 player as well, and will also accept an infant car seat). Save $100 buying secondhand. This swing is #1 on my list.

Medela Freestyle* pump (hands free) or Pump in Style with 3 hands free pumping bras (personally, the bras will run you almost as much).

My Brest Friend* or Boppy (I also recommend learning to nurse by lying down with baby and you on your sides facing each other, much easier to get a good latch).

QUALITY baby carrier(s). Newborns: Moby wrap (can nurse in). 4 months plus: Beco Butterfly 2, Ergo, or Baby Hawk mei tai. Many other styles, especially those sold in stores, are NOT good for baby's developing hips.

2 nursing covers (keep one in car), if you prefer some privacy.


I personally love the wipes warmer or I run a cloth under warm water (we cloth diaper, and no outlet nearby at that changing station - yes, I have two). But, I only paid $5 for mine, rather than $30, again, secondhand :) Pretty easy to justify that way :) And, with all the savings, pretty easy to justify the one new item I wanted, the posh stroller.

I found that most people preferred to buy from Target. Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

If you get a converter bed make sure you buy all of the pieces to it or it will not convert. My cousin made the mistake of not buying the other pieces and when she was ready to turn the crib into a toddler bed they bed was outdated and she couldn't find the parts.

I didn't think I would need a bottle steamer but I wished I had one. I was advised not to get a wipes warmer because when you are out the wipes won't be warm so that throws the baby off so I didn't get that.

I wish I had more burp clothes and sheets. It seems I was doing laundry a lot. I would put several bottles of Dreft detergent on the registry. I used a whole bottle washing before the baby arrived.

My daughter loved the toys that hang from the carseat. When she started noticing things she would talk to it while I was driving so it kept her pretty entertained. Also a shopping cart cover is good to have. I used it for a while. Mine had a place where i could put treat so she could eat cheerios while we shopped.

We had a walker too. Some people are for and some are against having them but she loved it and so did I.

Have onesies and sleepers in different sizes on there. Make sure to have washclothes and towels too. They are so soft. I wouldn't get too much Johnson and Johnson products. I had a lot and my daughter has eczema so we couldn't use them.

Congratulations with on your baby and good luck!!


answers from Cleveland on

SAHM - Stay at Home Mom

Bumbo Seat - someone mentioned - GREAT for on your registry!



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people have said it but here it is in simple terms. Get a variety, wait till the last minute to make big purchases and SAVE receipts. Every baby is different. I bought a mamaroo (check out target) because it was super neat and new for baby number 4, he hated it. Complete waste of money.

every day things, in a lot of cases it depends on how often you want to do the laundry. obviously you need blankets and sheets and mattress pads, changing pad covers, ect. But the amount really depends on how often you do the wash.

same with lotions and body wash ect. After 3 kids with no issues, number 4 is allergic to EVERYTHING., and he has such severe eczema that he can't be bathed very often, so all the bath towels and goodies sit unused.

So just get the basics. I know how fun it is to shop and buy everything up front and have it all ready. But keep it simple and basic then buy what you need as you need it and if baby doesn't agree take it back.



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I used a Barenaked Boppy and changed out the covers. Invaluable to me. And my husband could use it to prop up the baby for bottle feedings, too.
The wipe warmers were a big joke with us during my first pregnancy. We thought (and still think) they are a waste of money. Ditto to the gizmo to heat up a bottle in your car (like a little electric blanket sleeve you slip over the bottle.)
We used our Diaper Champ (the Genie required its' own bags, does it still?) and there's no way it won't smell bad. Trash can accomplishes same purpose.
Kroger diapers. Kroger diapers. Kroger diapers!

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