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Why Has Autism Increased 600%?

Hi moms, I saw a PSA from autism speaks that said autism diagnosis have increased 600% in the last few decades. I know its the million dollar question, but why? Is there something really scary going on in the environment? Are diagnosis getting more accurate? Are more kids getting diagnosed who in previous years, would just be described as "quirky"? I was just wondering what your thoughts were.

Baby Shower

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Gingerbread Baby Shower

I am throwing a baby shower brunch for my sister inlaw the second week of December. My theme is Gingerbread baby. She's expecting a girl. My mother in law is hosting at her house, so there will already be Christmas decorations. Does anyone have any unique theme related ideas? I'm pretty crafty, so handmade ideas are greatly welcomed. Also, don't have a huge budget, so cheap or free is great too! Thanks. C.