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Pampers Dry Max

Is anyone else having rash issues with the Pampers dry max? I am 8 mnths pregnant and have bought a few of the Pampers Swaddlers dry max boxes but heard just last night on the news that the issues with the bad diaper rash is still a problem with many parents. I thought everything had been fixed so just curious to know who still uses these diapers, if your baby had any diaper rashes from them and if I should return my boxes or not. Thanks so much for your help.


Pregnant with Twins

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Baby Shower

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Pampers - Dry Max Vs. Baby Dry??

We are looking for a new brand of diapers as Target brand hasn't been working out for us all of a sudden. Does anyone know what the difference is between Pampers Dry Max and Pampers Baby Dry? I recall hearing some bad things about Dry Max, did that mess get cleared up or are they still a problem? Thanks for any info!


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