Pregnancy: Infant, Curves

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Curves During Pregnancy

I was curious if anyone does or has done Curves during pregnancy? I just started going back because of having a HORRIBLE first trimester with feeling sick 24/7. I'm 16 weeks and finally feeling better. My doctor gave me the go ahead to work out, with no further instruction. I went to the Curves yesterday and the women there didn't really have any guidance on what is or isn't safe during pregnancy. Does anyone have any idea? I thought I read somewhere not all of the machines are safe during pregnancy, but perhaps I'm wrong? Thank you in advance!


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In the Womb

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Overweight and Pregnant!!!!

I am over weight. I know it is horrible. I wish I could go back to mypre-pregnancy weight before my first child. But i have not and now i am pregnant with my second child. I really want to work on getting more in shape... but what can you do while you are pregnant... how much weight is safe to lose? i am to shy to go to like yoga at the gym or something.. please give me some advice!!!


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