Pregnancy: Infant, Beco

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Beco Baby Carrier

My daughter is 14 months and 21 pounds. She's pretty much outgrown her Baby Bjorn. I'm thinking about getting a Beco Baby Carrier but don't want to invest $140 in it unless I can get at least a years use out if it. I'd love to hear from other moms/dads who've used the Beco. How long were you able to use it to carry your child? Thanks!


Ergo Carrier vs Beco

which of these is better? i like the beco due to the fact it is locally made...


Beco Baby Carriers

From what I have read, and after talking to several moms, it seems like the...


Ergo vs Beco

Hello, I am interested in purchasing either a Beco or Ergo carrier for my 21...


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...

Baby Shower

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Ideas for a Unique Baby Shower Gift for New Mom-to-be with Everything.

Hi mom's, Pls let me know the most unique baby shower gift you've received, seen or heard about. I am going to a baby shower in a week for a new mom who's got it all, seen it all and done it all! They don't want to know the sex of the baby so I am at a loss. Girl things are easy! I'd love any input for somethng fun, interesting or new! Earth friendly even! Thank you so much! N.


Best Baby Carrier

So I am having my second child with in the month and i need a good baby...

Bringing Baby Home

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How Did You Stay Sane with Multiple Kids and No Family to Help You?....

I just had a baby, he's a month old now, and I have a four year old too. I know it's normal to feel overwhelmed, and my husband is great with trying to give me as much time as he can, but he works full time, has two online classes and lots of homework and my four year old demands a lot of his time. So me, I never really get a break. Plus, I have a few friends here, but they are all busy with their family lives as well, and we have no family here to help us, to give us a break for couple time etc. And of course I would like some ME time. I...