Pregnancy: Infant, Melissa & Doug

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9 Months Pregnant with Preschooler to Occupy

I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and am having some signs of early labor. My doctor has stopped short of putting me on bed rest, but advised me to rest as much as possible. However, I have a very active and energetic 3 year old at home, and am having a hard time not being able to keep up with her. SHe is in preschool three mornings a week, and we have a terrific babysitter who spends 15-20 hours with her per week - but my husband works a lot and there a still a lot of hours where I am left on my own with her. I've resorted to more television...


Would This Be Weird

I am pregnant with a girl whom I was planning on naming Madelynn but now I...

Baby Shower

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with a creative yet inexpensive gift idea. We've been invited to a shower but had not budgeted for it since originally they weren't planning to have one. One idea i loved but know someone else is doing is giving a magazine subscription to a parent type magazine. I usually like to give a themed gift (i.e. all bath items - towel, toys, etc) but that all adds up quickly! I'd like to keep the cost at $30 or under.

Bringing Baby Home

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"Big Brother" Gifts

We are expecting our second son in a little less than 8 weeks and I want to be sure to make this a special event for our first son who is a little over 2 years old. Any ideas on gifts we can give our 2 year old son to make him feel special? Also interested in hearing about unique ways we can mark the occasion! Thanks!