Pregnancy: Infant, Hydrocortisone

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Pregnant with Rash...

Hi my name is L. and I just found out on Thanksgiving that I am pregnant with my...

Baby Names

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Vitamin for Baby with Allergies

I need a recommendation on vitamins. My son is allergic to a ton of things, and we're in the process of weaning. But so far all the vitamins I have fou...


Baby Eczema

My son is 4 months old and has a rash mainly on his eyeslids and underneath his ...


Infant Allergies

My daughter has had horrible eczema since she was two months old (she is now 5 1...

Baby Shower

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Infant Ecema

Hi! My son is 7 months old and has infant ecema. His dr. gave him cortisone cr...


Baby Ecezma

I have a four month old that has baby ecezma on the face, I've tried the baby ec...


Baby Acne

I just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on November 21, 2008. I not...

Bringing Baby Home

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Baby Rash

My son is almost 6 weeks old and for the past week and a half he has been gettin...

Pregnancy Tests

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My son has eczema really badly. He has been tested and turned up positive for a number of food and environmental things, which I have been avoiding (in...