Pregnancy: Infant, Aquaphor

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My Pregnant Niece Has Eczema

My niece is six months pregnant and has developed eczema on her hands, arms and neck. We are hoping this has something to do with her being pregnant an...

Baby Names

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Baby Eczema - PLEASE HELP

My four month old daughter developed eczema about one month ago. I took her to the peds and she diagnosed her with milk protein sensitivity. Ped recomm...


Infant Allergies

My daughter has had horrible eczema since she was two months old (she is now 5 1...


Baby Eczema

My son is 4 months old and has a rash mainly on his eyeslids and underneath his ...

Baby Shower

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Infant Ecema

Hi! My son is 7 months old and has infant ecema. His dr. gave him cortisone cream and told me to only use a small amt. on a small area each day. I'v...


Baby Ecezma

I have a four month old that has baby ecezma on the face, I've tried the baby ec...


Bad Baby Eczema

Hi moms. Does anyone have advice about baby eczema? My 9 month old seems to ha...

Bringing Baby Home

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Baby Acne...

I feel like such a goof on this one, but here goes. My daughter is just over tw...

In the Womb

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Must Have Baby Products

I am a first time Mom going through books and lists of must have baby items. Any advice of what you really should have and what you don't need so urgen...

Pregnancy Tests

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My son has eczema really badly. He has been tested and turned up positive for a number of food and environmental things, which I have been avoiding (in...