Ergo Soft Carrier Vs. Chicco Backpack Carrier

Updated on September 11, 2011
H.T. asks from Allston, MA
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I have been using a Baby Bjorn to carry my son around town, but he's getting too heavy for me to carry him in front (4.5 months and 14 lbs). Since I don't have a car, I am carrying him to/fro daycare every day which is a 20-25 minute walk. My shoulders and back are killing me from using the baby bjorn.I am debating between an Ergo carrier or a Chicco Smart backpack carrier right now. I would like to get a carrier that is adjustable between my husband (6') and I (5'3"). Any advice are greatly welcomed!

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answers from Chicago on

I haven't tried the Chicco, but I LOVE my Ergo. It is the 6th carrier I have tried over the past 4.5 yrs and it is my favorite, by far. My 5 month old is 20 lbs and it is very comfortable. I wear it at the zoo, the park, around the home, at the mall....LOVE IT!

I am 5'10" and well over 200 lbs...I use it on the loosest settings, but it would be QUITE adaptable for a much smaller woman.

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answers from Chicago on

Another vote for Ergo. I have a Beco, pretty much the same.



answers from Birmingham on

ERGO! You will not be disappointed at all. Hands down this is my favorite carrier. It's so comfy you wouldn't believe it. My son is now 3 (46lbs) and he still fits comfortably in it. The choice is easy......



answers from Burlington on

I LOVE my ergo carrier...and so does my husband. he is 6' as well, Im 5 4'...i have been using it with my daughter since she was less than 1 year, and she is almost 4 now. we used to wear her in the ergo in the front and then as she got a bit older, and depending on the mission, we would shift to wearing her on our backs in the ergo. i love it because the weight sits on your hips and fits ones body so you barely feel the weight. she loves it even to this day..
i am 8 months pregnant with number 2, or i would still use it for her. several of my friends carry their 4 year olds on their back after a long hike or something, and no one complains about the weight or their bodies hurting. We have tried them all, chicco front backs, hiking day packs, slings etc...Ergo is by far the best. its a great investment that will literally change your life. good luck~



answers from Miami on

I went from Baby Bjorn to front carrying Ergo to Ergo on the back. I love Ergo on the back but it was super hard for me to get comfortable putting him on my back alone without a sofa or bed for him to be on in case we had trouble! Now he just turned one and he can actually help me get him in on my back. He weighs 24 lbs now and it is still very comfortable for even a few hours.



answers from New London on

I love my Ergo also. It can be difficult to get them on the back by yourself when they are little, but once you get used to it, it's not bad. Also it's very comfortable to carry on the front since it is all proportional. My 20 month old is 20 lbs and I still carry her comfortably on my stomach on occasion. You will not regret the purchase of an Ergo! My husband used to wear my first daughter in the Ergo all the time so it is very versatile for both of you. My 3 year old still asks to be carried in it on occasion, Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I LOVE my ergo and have used it a lot - when my son was young, and recently to get him to/from daycare. He's 50lbs and 4 years old and he still fits in it comfortably. It's basically like giving a piggy back ride. It's very adjustable. As long as your hubby isn't super barrel-chested, it should fit you both. Very easy to put on, get off, etc.



answers from Raleigh on

I had a chicco and returned it. I found the straps and connections difficult to work with. That being said the ergo has a learning curve too. It took 2-3 days of experimenting to find the fastest way to get it on and off. Also you can wear it 4 different ways so you have to find what works for you. However once you get it figured out it is wonderful. I actually put my 30 lb 3 yo in it a few weeks ago and it was still comfy. I'm an ergo fan all the way.



answers from Las Vegas on

I have the Ergo and love it. My son still uses it at 3 for hikes. So comfortable, and my husband doesn't mind wearing it either. I actually wear it a lot more than him, he complains about sweat (since the child is right against you, I don't notice it as much. My son is lighter, about 30 pounds, almost 40 inches, but I can see it working for a while for us still. Also, you can carry your baby on the front with it for a lot longer, I did it every once in while until my son got too tall, probably around 32 inches or so.

I have never had problems getting him into it by myself (especially on the front), but I didn't get it until my son was 1. I guess the back would be a little more difficult, but still doable. And you can just wear him on the front if you don't have help.

I think this would work for your walks, I did an over 3 mile hike with him a couple of months ago, and had no pain except for sore feet on the way back (I need new shoes). Another option, if you are interested, is a jogging stroller. I used to always run my son to his babysitter.

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