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Updated on January 01, 2009
B.D. asks from Overland Park, KS
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I'm expecting a baby girl in February, and we just brought home our new 10 and 5 year-old sons from Russia. Life is a little hectic right now, and most of my time is spent taking care of our new boys. A few friends are wanting to host a baby shower for me in January, and I am hearing mixed stories about certain "necessary items" to put on a baby registry. For those who've recently had babies, what items could you not live without? Also, I'd like to just list a few questions:

1) I am going to be able to purchase a new breast pump from my employer (I'm in health care), but I'm not really sure how these things work. Do I need to buy special bottles to fit the particular brand, or is it a one-size-fits-all kind of thing?

2) What is the best way to sterilize bottles, binkies, etc.?

3) What kind of car seat accessories do I really need? Strap covers? Neck Wings? Head Support? Full-Body Support? (I'm going down the Babies R Us checklist.)

4) Is it really okay to use a Pack N' Play type of system if we want the baby to sleep in our room for awhile? The bassinet part of the Pack N' Plays I've seen just don't seem that firm, and I've heard a firm sleeping area is needed to decrease the risk of SIDS.

5) Is a sleep positioner necessary for the crib/bassinet?

6) How many crib sheets do I really need?

7) How many sleep sacks/swaddle blankets do I really need?

ETA: 8) Any preference between the Boppy or the "My Breast Friend"?

9) Noise canceling devices? We are probably going to have a humidifier and a small space/heater (fan) in the room, because our house is dry and drafty. Do we need any more white noise?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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answers from St. Louis on

I have a medela pump in style. The Dr Brown bottles fit on it.

I rarely sterilized bottles... but I did boil paci's & would use sterilizing bags by medela for bottles too.

The only thing I used was a head support & most car seats come with one. We did use strap covers for a little bit too.

We used a pack & play for his bassinet. For sleeping positioning, I just rolled some towels at his sides. He slept in the bouncer a lot in the beginning b/c he spit up a lot. The bouncer was awesome...

a CD player with instrumental music is good for white noise.

4 crib sheets should be plenty.

Maybe 4 each sleep sacks & swaddle blankets.

I used boppy & MBF, but prefered MBF.

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answers from Kansas City on

wow, triple congrats! i just bet your life is crazy right now! and sounds like it'll stay that way for awhile, too! lol. first off i will say that the most wonderful gifts i received were DIAPERS, wipes, and CLOTHES. the less you have to worry about getting those first few weeks, the better. i remember having a minor moment of panic when i had to buy diapers for the first time. sounds silly i know! but they are so expensive and while learning to deal with a newborn, running to walmart was the last thing i wanted to do. anyway, about the sheets, i'd register for quite a few - my son was a spitter and at first we were changing them every day or couple of days. he is two now and we only change them once a week, but at first you'll need several. depending on how often you want to do laundry! i would also forgo blankets on the registry - we were given SO many, and really he only used two or three of them. now we have a quilt rack with a ton of unused baby blankets, but they all have sentimental value for me, so they stay. just clutter now, really. onsies are also a big YES, just like the sheets, you may go through a lot of them, even several a day. between the what comes out the top and what comes out the bottom, you can never have too many. and in several sizes too. if you have a humidifier and a space heater or fan, you'll be fine on white noise. we always used a small air purifier in my son's room, but some babies do fine without them. you'd be surprised what babies will sleep through lol. i would definitly say YES to the pack n' play as well. they are SO useful, and so portable. if you ever go on vacation you'll have it ready to go. i took my son to get togethers in parks or at the lake, and the pack n' play was so handy, it kept him corralled and he just was happy as a clam to sit in it and watch the action. we never used the basinette attachment, i felt like it was just not real sturdy. sleep sacks i am a fan of. they are great because little ones don't always keep their blankets on, and this way you know they'll keep it on. swaddling blankets, it just depends on the baby, some like it, some don't. my son turned his receiving blankets into lovies, so we have had great use of those. :) some things i found to be more of a hassle than they were worth, was wipe warmers, and diaper genies. just my two cents, but remember every baby is different, so some things you may use, others you may not. enjoy the fact that people are willing to throw you a party and buy you things. take all the help you can get! and remember in most cases stores are great about returning things you get as gifts. OH! one more thing - those little hats they have for newborns, i never used them! i got six for my shower, and used one, but the rest stayed on his little hooks on his wall, till literally, we started packing to move this past week. and he's now two. never used them! good luck and again, CONGRATS!!

PS, karla is totally right about the hospital receiving blankets, i was warned ahead of time but it slipped my mind once i was in the hospital, TAKE THEM! they're huge compared to store-bought ones. not sure why, but i sure wished i had taken them when i had the chance. also agree with ruth about watching what you register for (sounds like that's what you're doing on here), so much of it is so gimmicky and unnecessary. basically, clothes in lots of sizes, diapers, and wipes. you'll get lots more of course, but those are the main necessities. all new moms i know would rather have gotten those things than anything else!



answers from Topeka on

Wow congratulations!!! What a wonderful family you are growing in a really short amount of time!!!
I am a it has been a while since I had to deal with these questions...but I do have a one year old grandson ( the most intelligent, gorgeous person on earth of course...heheheh) so I have watched my daughter go through some of these questions.
M first but of advice would be dont concentrate too much on newborn sizes...unless you have a really teeny tiny little girl she is going to out grow those before she has a chance to use them for very long!!! The first few months she will basically need a lot of sleepers, warm ones until spring so you dont have to bury her under too many covers when she is sleeping....and then you will want crib/bassinet sheets, changing pads and burp clothes. (Ok toss in a couple of cute oneies for church and when Grandma comes to visit!!
I would wait on the white noise device...let your daughter tell you if it is needed or not. If she has trouble with waking easily from her naps...then get one...if not...forget it.
Dont fall into the trap of listing everything that you find on that gift registry suggestion list...they are going to make everything sound so wonderful that you will think you can't live without it!! After all...they are in business to make money!!! I would stick to the basics...and go for quality instead of quantity. Invest in a really good car seat that is reversible, so it can be used for a longer period of time. We bought a really nice one for our grandson before he was born and he has ALREADY outgrown it and they had to invest in a bigger one.
My main piece of advice is ....RELAX...just enjoy this wonderful new brood of chicks that you have lovingly brought under your roof!!! Let each of them guide you as you learn to anticipate their needs and wants...learn to love each of them as individuals...and just concentrate on loving them!!! That baby of yours doesnt care if she has the "right brand" of car seat or whether she sleeps with a sleep positioner or with a stuffed animal that is keeping her company...she cares that her Momma and her Daddy and her new big brothers love her and nurture her!!!
One other word of advice....dont lose sight of Momma and Daddy in all of this....make time for the two of you...a night out every month...just the two of you...that will help maintain the solid foundation for your little family!!
Again congratulations!!! I hope that your two sons adjust to life here in America with ease...and that your new baby daughter is a picture of perfection!!!
R. Ann



answers from Kansas City on

I would have to say renting a breastpump may be better than buying, as you may find that one doesn't work for you. And, manual pumping is free. I would guess some may think that is weird, but the machines hurt me too much and I pumped for 9 mos with my oldest. Just another option for you. If I had to rely on a pump, I may not have been able to BF my son at all.

We never did much sterilizing besides washing with soap and water after maternity leave. Before that, we boiled them.

We only used the soft padding around the head for the carseat.

Cosleeping is always an option. Put the baby on his side to reduce SIDS risk if you use a crib, there are those triangle supports for that. And, if you breastfeed, cosleep (baby gets your rhythm), and delay or don't do vaccinations, there really is no SIDS risk. Once the baby rolls on his own, no risk then either. Actually they say to reduce SIDS (this was a study), to have the baby in your room in a crib next to your bed, and give them a pacifier. Pacifiers interfere with breastfeeding, and the baby's access to the breast will keep him suckling. So, this was probably the best study to support cosleeping. You won't roll on the baby as long as you stay unmedicated and alcohol free.

Probably only 3-4 sheets is all you need if you choose a crib part time or full time.

Swaddle blankets? Never used those. We wrapped the baby in receiving blankets for a few days. After that, they don't normally want it.

I didn't like the Boppy because my torso isn't that long, and my breasts are larger. So, you may consider your stature before buying one of these. However, I did like the boppy to prop the baby up while asleep or looking at him.

I think your noise idea will work, unless your boys are particularly noisy during naps. We use the TV on low as noise so my son can sleep through the 6 siblings. But, I still encourage them to stay a little quiet for practice.



answers from Springfield on

Hi B.! Congrats on the new baby and the other recent additions to your family. I think that's awesome.
I don't have answers to all your questions, but I thought I'd offer some suggestions on what worked for me. As far as the breast pump goes, you may want to rent one for the first month or so to make sure you're able to breast feed and everything goes as planned before you buy one. Unless, you're getting a really really good deal from your employer. Because I had planned on breastfeeding but it just didn't work out for me because I simply did not produce enough milk for my daughter and was forced to bottle feed. I only spent $30 or so to rent a pump instead of what it would have cost to purchase one. Sanitzing is simply done by boiling the bottles, nipples, and binkies. Most have directions on the package. I would suggest a head support for the newborn car seat, that's all I ever needed. In regards to the pack and play, we used that in our bedroom for the first 3 months our daughter was home with us and it worked great. Kept her close to us, but not in our bed and meant not having to purchase another bulky furniture item we'd only use for a couple months. Most things I've read do not recommend the sleep positioners because they can cause suffication. It's better to just always put your baby on their back and once they're big enough to roll over to their tummy, they are usually big enough to roll back over if they need to while they're sleeping. I'd suggest at least 3 crib sheets, because that way when they pee, puke, or poop all over it in the middle of the night (and it's always in the middle of the night!) you'll have a clean on waiting. Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on


I can totally relate to this post. I remember when I walked into Babies R us 2 years ago (my daughter just turned 19 months old), and saw the wall of bottles and thought uh oh ... this is going to be way harder than I thought! All I want is a bottle to put milk in! how can there be so many choices? Many of items are truly wonderful conveniences, others not so much. But like many things in life which item fits into which category is personal thing.

I would recommend a book called Baby Bargains. It has a chapter on each type of item that you need (strollers, clothing...) and explains what the terms are, how they differ. It also provides product evaluations of the companies and the particular items themselves. While I didn't always agree on their conclusions, their explanations really helped me figure out what I wanted.

Here are my opinions/experiences in reply to your questions:

-- Items I couldn't live without: Bouncy seat; Swing; swaddling blankets; the happiest baby on the block book or video. "pumpkin" car seat that you can take the baby out of the car, and put directly into a stroller without taking the baby out of the seat. This is a wonderful feature. My daughter always fell asleep in the car, we could just take the car seat out, put it in the stroller (or carry it into the house/restaurant/store), and do whatever we needed to do without having to wake her up.

-- Sterilizing devices. Yes, you can just boil pacis and toys in water. And, when/if you need to clean bottles, you could wash in the dishwasher, and not need to sterilize. However, we didn't run our dishwasher as frequently as we needed to wash the bottles. So we would hand wash the bottles and use the Dr Brown sterilizing system to sterilize the bottles.

-- I would look for BPA free bottles. When we looked Born Free was the only brand that did BPA free plastic bottles, and our daycare didn't accept glass bottles.

-- We used the bassinet of the pack n play as her "crib" while she slept in our room. I think we moved her to her own crib ~4 months. The pack n play does wear out pretty quick, so you can't use it as a long term solution, but for those first couple of months it is an easy inexpensive way to keep the baby in the room with you. Ours actually had a changing table option that was really helpful to not have to go to another room to change her diaper.

-- White noise: we bought a soother. You hang it on the edge of the crib, and it plays music and has a light display. It was great for putting my daughter to sleep, she still loves watching the light show (ours has a monkey that swings next to a waterfall) An alternative could be a CD player with some good baby lullaby CD's. Our pack n play came with a white noise device that worked great for the first few months, and was portable so we could bring it with us when we traveled (which helped to go to sleep when we were out of town)

-- in terms of # of things you need of any item, think in terms of how much laundry you are willing to do, I would say 3 crib sheets so 1 is in the wash, one on the bed, and one in the dresser for those nights when you need to change in the middle of the night. Babies go trough a couple of tops/outfits per day.

-- breast pump. I would actually recommend waiting. I planned to breastfeed for at least the first year, but for various reasons that didn't work out for me. So I only needed a pump for a couple of months. I rented one for that time. It was much cheaper than buying one. And unless you have problems, you don't need to pump right away (the baby will do all of that for you :->) So, I would recommend waiting until you know for sure that you are going to breastfeed and that it warrants the expense.

-- I loved my boppy, didn't try the other brand. It made breastfeeding a whole lot easier.

-- I found swaddling with a blanket was better than with the swaddling sacks that they sell in Babies R us (you can get the swaddle tighter) but I know people who love the ones from the store. Once the baby no longer needs to be swaddled (~3 months), the sleep sacks are AWESOME. I still use them exclusively (I don't see how an unswaddled baby would stay under a blanket even if there wasn't a risk of SIDS). I have 3 so that there is always one clean.

-- I just remembered a couple more:

--burp cloths/cloth diapers. You cannot have enough of these a friend gave me a 12 pack of cloth diapers, and I thought what in the world am I going to do with 12 cloth diapers? You use them for everything... first you need burp cloths on every chair you might sit in to feed the baby. You don't realize how many uses until after the baby comes.

-- portable changing pad. I use it on top of the changing tables in public restaurants, and they come in very handy when you go someplace where there isn't a changing table

A couple of other points.

1. Trust your instincts. You are the mom, you know what's best for you and your family. All anyone else can do is offer their opinions...
2. Enjoy the ride. The first few weeks are definately the hardest because the infant needs so much attention, but it is a very short lived time (although it doesn't feel that way while you are going through it!) and so much happens that first year! It's amazing how quickly they go from being a totally dependent being to an independent little kid. I've found every stage to be a wonderful experience.

Congrats on your growing family!



answers from St. Louis on

It's funny because with your first child it seems that you are concerned about everything! I had my 2nd child last year and it's funny to see how much more relaxed you are. :) Anyway, from having both kids these are the things that I couldn't live without:

- bassinet for parents bedroom (they sell small ones at Target and such for like $30)

- you'll need at least 2 crib sheets unless you want to wash constantly. One thing that I found that worked well were "Sheet Savers" - you can also find these at Babies R us or Target - they are great - they go across where the baby lays and if they spit up etc... you just change that and not the whole sheet.

- My last child was a preemie so we swaddled the first 2 months (hats and all) - so we had a lot of blankets. I'd say at least 5.

- I didn't find the Boppy useful for either child.

- If you will have a humidifier and space heater that should be enough white noise. (my daughter has the same thing and sleeps great).

- For the car seat, I would invest in one of those covers that you can pull over for cold weather. That way you don't have to worry about extra blankets, coats etc... They are great. I would get one of those head supports for infants because their heads wobble around so much for the first couple of months.

Congrats on your 2 boys and I hope that all works out for you and your family.



answers from St. Louis on

Congratulations on your new family! My husband and I were never around babies when we had our son, now almost 18 mos. old, and we had no idea what all we needed. When you look at all the stuff on the Babies R Us lists it's overwhelming! Less is more we found though. There are so many gadgets and items they try to sell you but really necessary.

1.) We have a medela breast pump and I used the Glass bottles, there's only one brand, for storage and pumping into. Then you have no BPA issues, funky taste, leaking,etc. The Playtex Drop In's make an adapter for the pumps if you go with those bottles. Honestly, I am a stay at home mom and I rarely used my pump. Why pump when he was right there? I would suggest stockpiling a bit of milk in the freezer when your milk comes in and you have excess.

2.) Many bottles/binkies/nipples tell you to only sterilize the first time. Washing in hot soapy water is what our pediatrician recommended. None of our friends sterilized anything and all of our children turned out healthy. Cleaning frequently and thoroughly is all that is necessary.

3.) My husband and I rolled a receiving blanket up when our son was very young and used it for a neck support. We didn't use anything else. The insertable ones made his head push forward and we were concerned about his airways constricting. We thought everything else was a gimmick and just a waste of money. We did purchase a high quality carseat though. We drove 70 mile, one-way, commutes with our son. We found you DO get what you pay for with the carseats. You can buy a $60 Graco but it has little padding and support... Safety over convenience was our concern.

4.) I agree most of the attachable co-sleeping beds are unsturdy and unfirm. You get much longer use from Pack N Plays since a basssinette may only be used until they can roll over, which our son started doing at 4 days old. We use the Pack N Play still while we're cooking so we know he's safe. Our son, because he was so active, slept MUCH better in his crib and started sleeping there right away.

5.) Our pediatrician said sleep positioners are SIDS risks. Simply put them in bed "Back to Sleep." Again, our son was super active super early, so we coulnd't have anything in the bed with him for suffocation hazards.

6.) We have 4. I don't think we've ever used more than 2 in one day.

7.) We had 4 swaddlers. We got a Ton of receiving blankets and only used about 2-3 regularly.

8.) My Brest Friend Hands down. Most people have never ever heard of it but it provides a firm surface for nursing/feeding. The Boppy is too soft and the baby sinks into it. So, at 2 am you're having to support the babies weight more. I found the Boppy to be hugely disappointing and didn't keep it. You can get covers now that are easily washable. We found that a cloth diaper was perfect on it also just in case baby spit up or I leaked. Then we could pull the cloth diaper off and he didn't have to have his head in wet or yuck.

9.) Our son didn't sleep any better with the white noise machines. We just put a classical music cd on.

To be perfectly honest, each baby is different and you'll find what works for you guys as you go. There are tons of items the stores will tell you you can't live without. Our son was extremely difficult the first five months and was collicky. He was nothing like any of our friends' kids. My favorite items were the My Brest Friends and the Baby Bjorn carrier. We couldn't have gotten through the all-night crying fests with him without them.

Enjoy it! Even as difficult as he was, I cherish each moment...and he's already almost a year and a half old!!



answers from St. Louis on

Hi B.... I just had my first child and the items that are most dear to me (from all my baby showers)are obviously, a car seat stroller travel set. According to Consumer Reports Graco travel and/or Chicco travel are rated the best. - I bought a head rest and it didn't fit comfortably in the carseat. I had to take it back.
You probably do not need to register for blankets as people will get them for you anyway.
Diapers are always good and needed - might want to register for several packs.
A tub to eventually wash baby.
I like glass bottles by Dr. Brown - BPA free
A boppy.
Sheets - register for 4/5 you can always get more.
A hamper - I didn't think i needed one, well, I do now.
Swaddles - you can always use receiving blankets too.. 2 swaddles are sufficiant.
I read for sterilization of bottles, etc... putting then in the dishwasher is fine if you have one. Otherwise, boil the bottles on the stove for 5 mins.
Hope this helps.



answers from Fayetteville on

I bought so many unnecessary your money!!
Congratulations on your children! What a wonderful blessing! And now a girl! Hope this helps:

1. The pumps have their own bottles-you should probably get a kit with it that includes a few bottles but you can purchase more t Babies R Us

2. I boiled the bottles and binkies-but there are sterilization items you can buy. Some are ones you put in the microwave and some are actual counter-top machines.

3. A neck support thing is necessary. Its like a tube that goes around the head. Also, a blanket thrown over a carseat is just as good as a carseat cover (unless of course you're going to be hanging out in the cold with your baby which I doubt) I also got a few toys she could look at that hang off the handle.

4. The pack n play works well, I never used the bassinet part but you could put her in the bottom part with a sleep positioner (for $20, its worth it unless your baby wiggles down to the bottom like mine did!) Also, you have to think about the bending over part...uncomfortable. Also, there are little bassinets that are soft that people use in their own beds-its kinda a compromise for people that want their baby in their bed but want a safer alternative.

5. (see above)

6. I got 2 crib sheets and that seems to work well, even as my daughter is 19 months. Be sure to get the fitted sheets for the pack n play-2 of those would be good since you'll be using it as a bed for a while.

7. As someone who ended with oh.... 16 blankets lol... sleep sacks are good-3 of those would be good in case of a diaper leak. Swaddle blankets never worked for my daughter but just regular receiving blankets can be used for lots of different things-even swaddling.

8. I LOVED my daughter still likes to use it. They make them with the removable covers so you can wash them. I've never heard of the other one though.

9. I never had a noise-canceling device. A fan is probably a good idea as long as it doesn't get too cold. On the other hand, it creates the dependency on the fan so if you travel you'll have to be sure you have one there. A space heater is questionable in my opinion just because they are fire hazards. If you feel comfortable in the room, your baby probably is too. As far as a humidifier, the cool-mist only ones are recommended by baby-proofers. Also, get a large capacity one because once they use all the water, they become a fire hazard if they continue to run.



answers from Kansas City on

One Big piece of advice is RELAX!!!
You sound like you are wound up. Don't worry about these
things. It is amazing how things just seem to come together.
Enjoy being a mommy. Those years go by very quickly. My three sons are 26, 24, and almost 22. And I now have 3 grandchildren: 5, almost 4 and 5 months old. And they too are growing very quickly. So please do not worry about all these things. Just take down what you really need and let the rest fall into place. But really just enjoy this time right now. And what a blessing, having adopted 2 boys and then now you are having a girl. Definitely with a baby you will need plenty of sheets and receiving blankets or swaddling blankets. Because they make lots of messes. But enjoy them too. They are not as big of messes as teenagers can make. You know we used a pack and play bassinet with our oldest granddaughter and she stayed with us alot and she was a preemie. I mean we had her 5 days and nights a week for the first two years of her life. And she did great and that was a good play pen/bassinet. I think it was Graco brand. But it has been almost 6 years. She will be 6 in March.Well, B., I hope this will help you. But just remember, Enjoy and Relax. I would love to be in your shoes. God Bless you and my best to you and your wonderful family.



answers from Kansas City on

B., congrats on the new baby and your two little boys! Everyone has given you great advice, so pretty much the only thing I can add is don't buy anything extra for your carseat. If you want a head support and strap covers, make sure you buy a carseat that comes with these options. It is never a good idea to add any after market options to your carseat because it might void the manufacturers warranty. I would recommend the Chicco Keyfit 30. It comes with a newborn insert, a head support, and strap covers- plus it will hold an infant up to 30 lbs and 30". This will save you from having to buy a convertible carseat before your child is one. Hope that helps!



answers from St. Louis on

Oh wow! I just took the time to read all your "advice" so you really have decisions to make, huh?! :)Certainly you can go to the sids website and research all the factors that "put your baby at a higher risk". Firm sleeping surface, cooler temp, back vs. belly, swaddling, boy/girl, smoking parent, the list goes on and on....That would be where to look for any questions. We cosleep / have a bassinet next to the bed with ours (we've had 5 so far!)I have been to at least two seminars on SIDS trying to learn it's "prevention" or "contributions". Do your best and then relax and enjoy motherhood. Worrying will rob you of the times you get - God holds it all anyway!! :)

The same "mattress" that makes the floor of the pack n play is the one used for the bassinet - so that may give you an idea of how firm it really is.

She is listening to all the craziness of your life from inside. Most likely there will be enough "noise" with family children learn to sleep anywhere because they are used to all kinds of noise. (Like on the floor in the midst of a party, on the platform at choir practice (yes, they are choir babies- I drag them everywhere I go!!), grocery store....anywhere! If you start protecting them from noise - they don't sleep as well without their white noise / noise protection devices.

When they do fall asleep in their carseats it is nice to have the neck support (big puffy, wraps around the straps) hold their little heads up. They do slump over and although they're's a cheap gift someone can get you and it's so much more "comfortable looking"! :)

Boppy, breastfriend....anything! I love laying next to mine when I can. When I can, I use whatever pillow is close - sometimes I don't even get to sit down, the baby's just hanging out from under my shirt while I'm running doing other things!! :D With that said, the few posts about waiting to find out if you are really going to, if it will work, etc. etc...If you have any doubt connect with a local La Leche group now! It is the BEST gift you can give and by the way ALSO is a big SIDS "reducer" among all the other benefits........for your infant, for their lifetime and yours.

I would get or make or have made a sling! This is the one item I don't wish to be without!! A moby-type (basically a long piece of material, stretches in one direction) is my favorite; as it has so many positions and endless possibilities. You didn't mention if you had plans to stay home or go to work or what exactly your lifestyle was - I suppose all of those are to be considered when making baby need / your need / desired - selections.

All that said, I recommend the movie - The Business of Being Born - as soon as you can watch. A must watch for any momma birthing in the US - and in our area especially!! I wish the best for you from birthing to caring for your new infant. What an awesome experience for the boys too - BIG brothers are the best!! Never had any myself but my girls love 'em!! If you had any questions concerning birthing, breastfeeding or juggling babyhood/ childhood / motherhood and all it entales - feel free to contact me personally. I have lots of resources!!
Merry Christmas



answers from St. Louis on

First off, Congrats on your arrival of your boys and your new little girl on the way!!

1)Your breast pumps usually tells you which bottles are compatible with the pump itself. I know Advent bottles work well. I'm a big fan of Doctor Brown's but I did't use these bottles with my pump. Just do some researching on Babies R they list all kinds of reviews of pumps.

2)I sterilze my bottles and binkies in the dishwasher. I think buying a sterilizer is a waste of money and space.

3)As for carseat accessories I had some strap protecter things that came with the seat itself so no need to buy anything new. I did use the standard head support that the carseat came with as well. If your seat comes with this then you might be good to go. But if you feel the need for more support for your little girl I think the full body support is good too. When you have your little girl at the hospital ask the baby nurse to look at your seat and she should be able to tell you what's safe and what is best for your baby. I also suggest going to your local fire dept and having them show you and install your carseat.

4)It's totally Okay to use a pack n play as a bassinet. Most of them now double as a bassinet. Plus then it turns into a travel bed and whatever else you want to use it for. If you buy a bassinet alone that's all you get not the added use you will get later with a pack n play.

5)Most peds will tell you no sleep positioner cause of the risks of SIDS. At least thats what I have been told and heard. My cousin who is a death investigater (CSI) told me nothing should go into a crib except a baby and what they are wearing. I hope I"m not sounding scary to you or anything.

6)I bought like 4 or five crib sheets and 2 mattress pads. A good idea someone told me is to put two layers of mattress pads and sheets on the bed so when your little one pukes or pees on the sheets all you do is strip one layer off and you don't have to bother with changing the whole thing especially if it's the middle of the night. I then put a mattress protecter on top of the sheet so I would have to change it even less and just wash the protecter.

7)I highly suggest getting the Miracle blanket as your swaddle for your baby. They can't break free which is a good thing. Those kiddos are strong! I also suggest once your little one starts breaking out of the swaddle to start to ween them off of it as soon as possible. After the swaddle I then used halo sleep saks. I bought one in each size. My oldest daughter slept in one until she was almost 2.

8)I had a boppy and never tried the other one.

9)I think the humidifier is good enough. We also played classical music on a small boombox as well. If you have a humidifier it should be good enough.

I hopes this helps also remember that this is your baby and your it's mother so you know best for your child. Good luck and god bless:)



answers from St. Louis on

I haven't read all of the responses, but it looks like you have a lot of good information!

Here's my 2 cents:

1.) I borrowed a Medela pump from a friend and it comes with its own bottles to pump into... When we use the bottle, our little one likes the Avent nipples/bottles the best. We tried a few kinds and this is just what worked for him.

2.) I boiled for sterilizing... Used to boil once a week, but now mostly wash in hot soapy water. I do boil the binkies every now and then, though - or just replace as needed.

3.) Use a head support if it comes with the carseat, like many do. We also used strap covers b/c the straps can dig into their little necks - it's also good for keeping ears warm and heads from flopping over.

4.) We used the Pack 'n' Play bassinet w/ our little one for 3 months and it worked just fine. I did not use the padded/quilted cover as it was too fluffy and I worried too much about SIDS. I did use a sheet just for the bassinet, however.

5.) No - and some say not necessary (or recommended) at all.

6.) 3-5 is a good number, depending on how often your little one spits up at night.

7.) 3-5 sleep sacks (which we love... the Kiddopatomus kind). Our little one was wiggly and would work his way out of a blanket in no time. We only used blankets for the first few weeks until finding the sacks.

8.) I've only used the Boppy, so I don't have any other opinion. It is handy during the late-night feedings, but can slip away if you have a slick cover on it.

9.) We used a sound machine when he was in our room, but now that he's in his own room, a humidifier works just fine. Found one at Target for around $20.

And finally... congratulations on your family! What an exciting adventure you have before you - and all so quickly! Remember to take time out for you and your hubby - with all that goes on as a new mommy (x3) you don't want to lose your connection :)

Best wishes,



answers from Kansas City on

here were my must have items. all my kids spit up so I needed a lot of:

sleepers (at least 10-15)
burp cloths
onesie t-shirts
6-8 receiving blankets
2-3 bigger blankets

can always use more socks, diapers, and wipes. I recommend using bounty select a size paper towels and water for the first few months because babies skin is so sensitive and the wipes usually irritate and cause rashes and is a lot cheaper too. I would get a bowl of warm water and fold the paper towels in half to a square size so it is thicker and have these items ready at the changing area. The baby seemed happier to have warm water than those cold wipes but did have diaper wipes in the diaper bag to use when we were out. The paper towels are a lot cheaper and easy to use at home. I usually kept a bowl and folded the paper towels ahead of time and had on the changing table shelf so they were easy access if I needed more. I would just put a little water in the bowl when I knew the baby needed a diaper change.

probably just need 2-3 crib sheets as you will be doing the babies laundry a lot and I just washed the sheet with the clothes and usually had to change the sheet every day and sometimes twice a day but my oldest spit up so much he went through at least 10 outfits a day so I just washed his clothes every night before I went to bed so he would have plenty of fresh sleepers the next day. I know his spitting definately wasn't normal and took him to the dr a lot complaining about it but they thought because I was a new mom that it was probably just normal spit up but after the other 2 were born and weren't as bad I knew his was definately not normal but we just endured it and he was a very happy baby.

as far as must have big items,

a Baby monitor

the combo car seat/stroller sets are very nice and will use for a long time.

baby crib

can use the pack-n-play for the bassinet, changing table, and play pen. They aren't in the bassinet that long--usually less than 6 weeks so wouldn't spend the extra money on the bassinet and then have to store it or sell it so the pack-n-play would be fine and will get your use out of it for quite a while especially if you travel often or baby goes to Grandma's. It is always nice to have for them to sleep in even at a year old when they are away from home.

a baby swing is nice but not a requirement.

you can use the diswasher to wash bottles, binkies etc. There is a dishwasher basket you can buy for small items so they don't fly all over the dishwasher and get melted in the bottom. I still use these baskets for small lids, medicine droppers, measuring spoons and other small items.

as far as all that fancy stuff that they have at baby stores you don't need it all. You can use a receiving blanket rolled up to put next to their heads to help hold them up but the head thing that goes in the car seat is nice but will let you know that you don't want to have that stuff in the car seat when you leave the hospital because they will tell you to take it all out and won't let you use it to leave the hospital. The hospital will check and make sure the carseat is adjusted right for your baby and won't let you use anything extra except what the car seat was manufactured with so no point in taking any of that extra stuff when you have the baby. Fix it later when you get home to what you want to use. I do think those covers they have now that go over the car seat to keep the wind out and keep the baby warmer are nice. They didn't have those when my kids were little so had to bundle them up with several blankets and they would usually kick them off before we got to where we were going. As far as all the car seat stuff, I only used the head support. I didn't use any of the other stuff they have. The straps are fine with how they are made and won't make your baby uncomfortable if they are adjusted at the proper level. I think the more stuff you put on it the bulkier it makes it and can be more uncomfortable. The seats are designed for your babies comfort and the rest of the stuff is just a way for stores to make more money.

I didn't have any noise canceling devices. Babies will sleep anywhere especially newborns and if you make their world too quiet they will have a harder time sleeping when they get older. I didn't even have a night light for my kids and none of them are scared of the dark. I did have a crib light that came on when the baby cried that someone gave me as a gift and we did use it and was nice to be able to see in the babies room when you did need to go check on them and not have a night light on all the time for them to get used to where they can't sleep anywhere without one. That always annoyed me when I had friends come over when I was little that were scared of the dark and had to have a night light to sleep so I just didn't get it started for my kids. I did have a night light in the bathroom so they could see where it was if they needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night but didn't have them in their room.

As far as a crib positioner, I guess they are nice but you can use receiving blankets for this as well. You roll them up and put next to the babies back and stomach to keep them on their side when sleeping. Once they start rolling over on their own they will be fine to sleep in whatever position they want.

When the baby comes you will figure out what the child needs. Some use more things than others depending on their needs and personalities. I had one with colic for 5 months and she had other things that the boys didn't need but we tried many things to help calm her and some worked but a lot of things didn't. She didn't like the swing, noisy toys, or car rides. She did like her crib and a neighbor gave us a bouncy seat which she liked but you wouldn't need one for every baby.

Hope some of these ideas help.



answers from St. Louis on

You've gotten some great answers - just a few things to add. The swaddling blankets are awesome - much more secure they can't wiggle out as easily as a blanket. Don't get a sleep positioner - not necessary and not recommended for safety reasons.

Best advice I got - get at least 3 sheets and 2 matress pads. Double up the matress (pad, sheet then another pad and sheet) that way if there is a mess in the middle of the night - you can just remove the top layer and not have to re-make the crib in the middle of the night. I did the same with the pack n play and cradle.

Best wishes.



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Good Morning B., I do not have any advice been to long ago for me. But I wanted to Give you Congratulations on your Adoption. My Brother in law and his wife Adopted two none siblings ( boys) from Russia 5 yrs ago. Nathan was 11 months Noah was 7 months. Both were developmentally challenged. WOW not now though they have really blossomed.
They went to choose only one child and just couldn't leave the other behind!! They are gorgeous smart little boys.

What a wonderful family you have already then to add a little Princess to it is aWOWsome.
God has blessed you abundantly
I pray it continues always
K. Nana of 5


answers from Kansas City on

Things I couldn't live without for a newborn:
-Diapers, get a package or two of the newborn size, and size 1 just in case she's too big for the newborns.
-Diaper pail. We have the Diaper Genie, but I wish we got the Diaper Champ because you can use regular trashbags instead of buying special ones.
-Swaddling blankets
-Clothes, onies, socks, sleepers (lots of them, my daughter pretty much lived in sleepers for the first month), the pajama's that look like a dress with an open bottom are awesome for night-time diaper changes.
-Boppy or other nursing/feeding pillow. This was my FAVORITE shower gift, and something that I really don't know if I could have lived without.
-Grooming kit with nail clippers, brush, nose bulb syringe, etc.
-Burp cloths.

Don't forget the necessities you will need after delivery!!! Breast pads; feminine pads (of varying absorbencies, and lots of them, you will probably bleed for at least 2 weeks); pain killers such as Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, etc.; stool softener such as Colace or the generic; Tucks pads or the generic (even if you don't have hemorrhoids the pads help with relieving swelling after birth.; Prep H; lanolin cream such as Pure Lan or Lansinoh; a water bottle also helps to make sure you drink plenty of water; carry-out menus for places to deliver/carry out meals because you won't want to cook afterwards; premade/frozen meals. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but these are the basics.

Now, on to your questions:
1) It depends on the pump and brand. Some bottles have wider-mouths, and some smaller. I can't remember off the top of my head, what goes with what. I'm not sure where you work and what kind of pumps they have. I loved my Medela. I used the plastic storage containers that came with the pump and then poured it into separate bottles for feeding. We used the Dr. Brown's bottles, but then switched because of BPA to Born Free glass bottles. The glass bottles did not fit my pump, but the Dr. Brown's did.

2) I think you should save your money, don't buy a separate sterilizing machine. Boiling water works just fine. Just drop it in for a minute or two and you're done. You really only need to sterilize most things for the first use, after that regular hot water and soap works just fine.

3) None of those things. We bought a carseat cover for cold weather, but that's it. Really I think a blanket would be just fine, it wasn't worth the money. Most good infant carseats come with all the support you will need. We used the Graco Snugride carseat system and loved it.

4) Yes. We used our bassinet for the 1st month or so in our room. We had a Pack N Play that also had a bassinet, so that's what she slept in. It's really a lot more sturdy than it looks and little newborns can't really move very much, so it's pretty safe. I wouldn't use it as a long term solution though.

5) No.

6) I had 2 or 3. Always keep one extra on hand that's clean and ready. You never know when you'll have to get up and change the sheets in the middle of the night because of spit-up or blow-out diapers. Same goes for a mattress pad, we had one extra on hand at all times.

7) We didn't use a sleep-sack/swaddle blanket until our daughter was older and started breaking out of her regular swaddle blanket. It's not really necessary, but it does make swaddling a little easier.

8) I had a Boppy, never tried the other pillow. Like I said above, it was by far the best shower gift I received and one of the things that got the most use.

9) No, I wouldn't think so. We have a small air purifier in our daughter's room. I, however, would advise against keeping the room too humid and too warm. Extra humidity and being too warm ups your risk of SIDS. Babies actually sleep better in cooler rooms and it's much safer.

Keep in mind that Babies R Us is in the business of selling you things, many of them you don't really need and are a complete waste of money. Stick to the basics, and try not to make it too complicated.

Good luck and congratulations!!!!



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Congratulations on your new beautiful sons! What lucky little boys they are :-) And congratulations on your soon-to-be-born daughter! You are truly blessed!!!! I have a little girl as well, so I'm a bit partial to girls :-)

You have asked a lot of good questions about what to register for. I was really confused as well, so I had friends come with me to register. Friends who had recently had babies and knew what to really get! Here is what I learned from them and from my daughter....

1. breast pump - when you're in the hospital, ask them to help you pump (whether you really will or not, it doesn't matter....) they will bring you all the attachments and bottles and will charge them to your insurance :-) You really only need a couple of bottles that fit the breast pump. When you are finished pumping each time pour the milk into Gerber breast milk bags, label them with the date, and then put them in the freezer on their sides so they'll freeze flat. Once frozen, they stand perfectly on the freezer door :-)...... FYI - don't go crazy buying any one brand of bottles for your daughter to drink from. buy one of several different kinds until SHE decides which one she likes. - that goes for the nipples as well...

2. sterilize bottles with boiling water

3. car seat support - definitely get head support. Most (if not all) newborn car seats have these included..... since the weather is cold, I'd suggest a carseat cover for when you take her outside. It just zips up and covers her.

4. Pack 'n Play - I've known a lot of people who have used the bassinet part of the PnP as the bassinet. It works great. the baby won't be heavy enough to make it unsafe.

5. sleep positioner - YES!!! having the baby sleep on her side is really important! She should use these until she can roll over on her own. You could use rolled up towels or blankets and put them in front and behind her instead of the store-bought "positioners", but just make sure she's on her side. The towels tend to shift, whereas the "positioners" don't.

6. crib sheets - I had 2. I put a crib sheet protector on top of them (they are really thin rubber mats that are covered in a flannel-like material). They were a Godsend!!! I used them on the changing table as well. They can be cut to fit the changing pad. I also carried one in the diaper bag so I could change my duaghter on something that wasn't so cold (like plastic)

7. swaddle blankets - LOTS!!!!!! she's bound to spit up. You can never have too many :-)

8. Boppy - I had one of these and never used it. I used regular pillows...

9. White Noise - She'll let you know what she needs :-)

10. **Bonus tip: When you leave the hospital, take the asperator - the snot-sucker-outer-thing :-) .... the hospital kind is THE BEST and you can't find any as good in the stores. Seriously! You may not realize it, but this is a VERY important little gadget - especially in the winter :-)

I hope these little tips help. Good luck!!!!



answers from Springfield on

Check into getting a Miracle Blanket, it is great for swaddeling and it is a good idea to have larger recieving blankets for this. I didn't use sleep sacks, and with the blankets get as many from the hospital as you can, my nurses said I could take everything but the clothes I believe and I took two blankets wrapped my baby in them when we left the hospital, and they are the best even if they aren't that "pretty" but I wish I had gotten the miracle blanket before he was 2 mos old as it was the best thing EVER!

My newborn slept in the pack n play from the moment we returned from the hospital home until about 2 months old when we started co-sleeping, he still sleeps some in his pack n play.

we never used a sleep positioner with the baby.

I prefer the Boppy Pillow, it was just great!

Noise canceling, just having a fan in the room is a good idea, not only does it make a little sound but it helps reduce chances of SIDS.

Since I don't use a crib I can't help with the crib sheets question.

I personally only used the car seat, not any add on accessories. We used the carry type until we got to about 6-7 months old and then switched to a "leave in" type seat.

I use the medela Pump in Style and I bought some bottles to collect the milk in, they are not the same bottles I use for feeding. They make bags you can just "strap" on to pump into but I found it much more simple to use the bottles, I did by lansinoh bottles to collect milk into and they fit the pump just fine but they are not "regular" bottles if that makes sense.

My LO never did pacifiers and has only had bottles with the baby sitter, I have BF only, so any bottle cleaning has been the caregivers responsibility but I always boiled a pot of water and dipped the nipples, and rings, and bottles in the water with tongs for sterilization, but if I had a dishwasher I would just wash them in that as that steralizes just as well.



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Congrat on all of your new children!!! As a mom of 5, with the first I wanted all of it but by the end needed and used none but the breast pump. get the pump or look at it for bottle connections, usually standard and they usually come with 1 or 2 bottles. The most beneficial things for me were big square blankets, not the cheap recieving blankets from the store but 1-1.5 yard square cotton for summer and breastfeeding cover and flannel for winter. big square towels. these were standard new baby gifts my family members made for every new baby. the new car seats that have the 5 point harnesses hold the baby so much more securely so all the "extras" or positioning tools end up in the the straps around the baby and they don't slouch like in the old 3 point harness. The other extras that I couldn't live with out was a highchair (for later) and a bouncy seat with vibration (this I actually had for a baby I watched and loved it but my own children only had one that bounced. Good luck and don't bog yourself down with the "stuff", ask people for clothes in a wide range of sizes and seasons and diapers(they will get you nicer stuff than you will get yourself). buy the "stuff" for yourself as you feel you need it. You will be much happier with the item if you pick it out yourself for the need you have when you need it. you also find many other creative ways of doing the same thing with out spending a dime. oh I almost forgot, I really liked the covers for the carseat for my winter babies, they could peek out when it was safe and I could keep them covered to go in and out of the car and buildings, it also helped to contain the random blanket that helped cover the babe and i didn't loose so many in the wind. Steralizing bottles is not a necessary thing the guidelines are for clean, but not sterile anymore. but if you are really concerned, use the dishwasher it sterilizes, just be sure that any curdled milk is scrubbed out.
Any way enjoy your children this will be the most challenging adventure of your life but the most pleasing and rewarding. smile lots!!



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Congrats on your new baby! As far as most of the things it really is a personal preference. I just had to make one comment. DO NOT GET A SLEEP POSITIONER!!! They increase the chances of SIDS despite what they claim. They are not endorsed by any SIDS organization. A close friend of mine had their baby die while in a sleep positioner because she rolled over and got wedged to where she was rebreathing her own air (A huge SIDS risk factor). For the crib/bassinet area you are correct in saying that you need a firm fitting sheet and I am glad to see you are interested in sleep sacks instead of blankets. (Another SIDS risk) I think it is important to remember that you will need at least one for the baby to wear, an extra in the drawer and one that could be in the laundry. Babies are known for having diapers leak, explode or spitting up all over themselves.

I am sorry if I seem over the top with all of my SIDS recommendations. My infant son died of SIDS May 1, 2008 and I use any opportunity to help educate people about safe sleep.

Good Luck.



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I understand where Stephanie is coming from with the SIDS issue, but I do recommend a sleep positioner because the baby needs to sleep on her back to reduce SIDS. I had a brother die from SIDS and I am extremely paranoid, and do tons of research. They have all different types of sleep positioners, the one I used with both of my girls was the - The First Years Air Flow Sleep Positioner by Learning Curve it's $11.99. I would also recommend the Angel Care Monitor, it has a motion board that goes under the mattress and if baby stops breathing for 20 seconds the alarm sounds. This was a HUGE life saver for me, I lost alot of sleep with my first until I got this !!! I would get a wedge for under the mattress to heep her elevated. Oh and a new thing to reduse SIDS is to keep an oscalating fan in her room to where the fan will blow air in her face, it keeps them alert ! I would be cautious about SIDS, but you have 2 things going for you, #1 she is your first biological child .... SIDS occurs more often in the 2nd child (I am not sure why), and #2 SIDS is more common in boys (I also dont understand that). SIDS is also more common in from age 2 - 4 months and in the winter months ! I hope I have helped ease your mind and didnt overwhelm you ! Congratulations on the new baby girl, and the two boys !!! I have 2 girls and they are a handful ;D



answers from Kansas City on

1) No idea! :)

2) Before first use is the only time bottles are recommended to be sterilized. When ours need to be washed now I just wash them in the sink or dishwasher if there is room. For the binkies, I can't help, I have thumb suckers.

3) The only extra we have is a coverall for the carseat where her face sticks out. It's too cold here in KC for her to not have one of those.

4) Yes.

5) I tried to use this for a while with Ellie because of her reflux but she hated it. I guess it's good in the end because I don't want her to be so accustomed to having certain things that we have to pack the whole house for her/Emme to spend the night somewhere.

6) I only have two.

7) I have one swaddle blanket (it's called the Swaddle Me) and two sleep sacks. I do have lots of receiving blankets but we didn't use those much.

8) I liked the Boppy.

9) We use a box fan in both girls' rooms.



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Congrats B.! On all your new children! Okay, here goes... We just has a baby girl 6 months ago. From my experience:
1. Breast pump- they are btl brand particular. I have a 3 year old Modela I bought from a friend. I got the new tubes and sanitized the btls and I was good to go. I only used 4 bottles. 2 to use while I'm pumping and while those were dirty I put 2 in the pump bag to take to work with me. I bought those plastic storage bags and the cheap ones worked just as good as the modela ones, although they were a little thinner. Your Local leche league ( they will contact you in the hospital) will help you with the pump. They will start you in the hospital with a hospital pump too, which is very helpful.
2.Sterilize- I use the dishwasher and I bought those microwave bags that use steam.
Those seem to work but I had to take the items out and rinse them off. I also just use hot water and soap. She still healthy.
3.Car seat- Strap covers kept her head up and the head /full body fuzzy liner was good but we did use it long (2months?), she got hot and she was too big. The strap covers we had to cut almost half off to push the harness up, but they worked.
4-pack and Play (still using the top part) LOVE IT! I have a graco travel crib without the little raised diaper changer pad thing. It has a suspended top part with a pad and it works great, she slept in our bedrm in it for the first 2-3 months. She's 6 mos and is almost touching both ends, so she will graduate to the bottom part to play in. U can use rolled up towels next to her side to keep her on her back and from rolling over. Keep those bumper pads AWAY and out of your crib till she's about 5 months (rolling over and sticking her feet in the slats). She needs the air circulating, the ceiling fan also is known to reduce the rick of SIDS. I had hers on low every night, you never know.
6.Crib sheets- I have 4. 2 are still in the package. I have used those square waterproof pads which are great! I put those down on the top of the crib sheets then a recieving blanket over that. It works well when change her and wash those weekly.
7. Sleep sacks- everyone gave me them, you will use these a lot when she's young, so depending on how often you do laundry is how many you need. She was in hers every day, For the first... 2 months maybe. They are great! No buttons, no zippers! She didn't like to be swaddled til she was about 3-4 months, then I only had 2.
8. I had the best friend pillow. gives you great back support, but your baby grows longer than it is. The boppy you can use even after your baby is starting to sit. I would go for the boppy. I wish I did.
9. We have both and we do not have a noise device. I still might go get one at target. I have a radio in there and it just doesn't work as good. I have to do that by Wed, thanks!
Sorry this was soooo long, I hope it helped.
Also I'm 40, been married 10 years and my little girl is almost 7 months old. When you look things up, check the reviews from other people too. It's alway good to know what other people have experienced, good or bad.
Good luck and take care!



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I can help with a few of these questons my opinion
1)Most bottles are compatiable with the breast pumps I have a Medeal and use all sorts of bottles.I'am now switching to only BPA Free bottles
2)Sterilze I love the Medela bags just fillit with the items add a little water and pop it into the microwave can beused over and over upto 10 times and not expensive
3)You don't need any carseat accessories just use what comes with the carseat purchased Why because research is showing that the baby is incorrectly installed with other store bought items that are added to the carseat leaving gaps between restraint and baby if you find it hard to believe go to a carseat check lane
4)A pack in play is only ideal for a baby who is a little older you don't want them to sleep in it over nite a nap is ok but limit it to when you are in the same room they aren't firm at all and really I don't see them being all that comfortable for baby a crib is the best for baby on back only
5)Sleep positioner isn't necessary it'll only increase the risk of SIDS
6)Crib sheets I can live with 3 anymore thye become in the way and where do you store them they hardly wear out
7)Sleep sacks I have 3 as well and blankets well to many to list because they are needed at home and on outings
8)I use the boppy the only one I have ever used but don't let them fool ya a bed pillow will work just as
9)White noiseI hate it you'll get enough from the baby monitor
I'm a sahm of 2 and 1 more on the way 10 weeks left to go!!!



answers from St. Joseph on

1) Most of the breast pumps come with pumping bottles. What I pumped into was not what I ultimately gave my children bottles in...they were just temporary storage for me (we used the Playtex Ventairs). But most use the same sized mouth bottles...eventually, I ended up just using the Ventaires on my breast pump. I can highly recommend the Medula dual breast pump (electrical in a bag)'s awesome and holds up over the years...I've used it for 2 kids and have no doubt in my mind it will last for many more.

2)When I had my first child we bought a worked fine for about 2 months then petered out...then we just started boiling it all in a big stock pot. Dishwashers are perfectly fine if you have one of those. By the time I had my second we weren't nearly as concerned about the whole sterilization process and my second is healthier than my first.

3)Well your first car seat is generally the pumpkin seat so if you have multiple cars an extra base is nice so you don't have to switch it out. The belt wraps are nice only if it is rubbing baby...for the most part, they don't because you have them in so many clothes. However, the little neck pillow (that looks like the ones adults buy for airplane rides - a U shape) is REALLY nice for holding an infants head in place. When they sleep in those seats they are really limp noodles and it just holds their heads in place. I don't know if it does them more good or us since we always looked at the kids and just automatically felt a crick in our neck looking at them in that position...LOL. The rest is really superfulous stuff they sell you.

4) Perfectly OK to use Pack and Play system in your room. My BFF had her kiddo in it for nearly a year before moving him more permanently to his crib. The upper bassinets are good for such a short time due to the weight restrictions (just like a regular basinnet...about 25 lbs) I wouldn't worry about it.

5) NO you don't need a sleep positioner...they are a waste of money and more reports have shown they are more deterimetal to the kids than helpful. More accidents have been caused because of those - some kids are able to wiggle out of them and suffocate because of them. I would skip it.

6) I would go for 4-6 crib sheets (keep in mind pack n' play sheets are a different size than crib sheets). Here's what I did...get a matress pad protector, then put a crib sheet on, then I got some of the wet pads (like they use for hospitals and nursing homes for incontinance) and put one on top of the sheet and put another crib sheet over that...that way, if baby peed through to the sheet and got it wet I could easily strip one set of sheets away and have the bed already made without having to remake in the middle of the night (a REAL pain in the butt and wakes you up too). Works like a charm...:)

7) How much laundry do you do in a week? i.e. how often? Base it on that...I would say about 5 each...the blankets are really really handy for throwing over pumpkin seats and extra warmth in a car if you need it too...I always had extra of those but not the nursery flannel ones...I liked the waffle style blankets b/c they were cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

8) I personally liked the boppy better b/c I didn't have to worry about inflation levels. The boppy also comes with cover changes and are easy to clean in the washer.

9) The humidifer and heater are more than enough for white noise. I would also recommend one of the womb bears as a comfort item for baby...there were times when nothing I did would soothe my 2 and just activating that did the trick in 15 seconds. Well worth the $20!

As for other stuff I highly recommend...Johnson & Johnson Lavender bedtime bath (AWESOME), A & D diaper CREAM (with zinc)...Babies R Us used to carry them in a pump bottle that was super great for diaper chance of the bottle opening up and sqeezing out. And definitely, get yourself a supply of Little Tummies Gas Drops, a bottle of Infant's Motrin, and Infants's Tylenol. You never know when you are going to need the stuff and it is handy to have. If you get multiple diaper bags, keep them and pack out extras to go into your car...sometimes baby pukes through everything you have (or think you have) in your regular diaper bag and having an extra is just nice. I also always kept an emergency bag packed in case I had to leave in a hurry. The other item that really rocked was the Fisher Price aquarium that attaches to the crib...some kind of soothing music for baby to play or a button you could press on the pack and play just to help them get back to's a comfort item that works really well instead of picking them up all the time...My daughter had a really hard time letting go of hers and wanted to move it to her big girl bed b/c she liked the music so much. And definitely get yourself a good baby monitor. Best of luck to you and congratulations!

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