Pregnancy: Infant, A&D

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Super Dry Skin During Pregnancy - Cocoa Butter? Coconut Oil? Anything Richer?

HI Moms: I'm 6 months pregnant with baby #2, and although cocoa butter seemed to make my belly happy for pregnancy #1, it doesn't seem to be doing the job anymore. My skin is literally peeling off and getting scaly in patches! Happily, no stretch marks on the belly, but is this the precursor? I've heard that coconut oil is supposed to be even better from my friends who are devotees of Whole Foods, but would love any advice on how not to become a molting snake!


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...

Baby Shower

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Looking for Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I am looking for a few unique baby shower gift ideas. The shower is in a couple of weeks. It's their first baby and they don't know the baby's sex. I just don't want to give the typical shower gifts you always see. I am open to making something, buying something, etc. I'd be glad to hear your suggestions and also hear what your favorite shower gift was that you received. Thanks ladies for your help!

Bringing Baby Home

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Need Advice on Caring for Baby Boy's Circumcision

Hi! We have a baby boy due soon, and have all girls at home. I wonder if any of you would share advice or helpful tips/facts on how to care for the baby's circumcision. I have heard of issues before, and do not know what to watch for. Once the circumcision is done, I want to help him be as comfortable as possible as it heals, but I also want to know what problems or issues to keep my eyes open for...I would really appreciate any advice~ Thank-you so much!


Diaper Rash Gone Bad

my 1 month old daughter has an awful diaper rash, Ive used desitin, a&d,...