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Infant First Flight

Hi Moms! We are taking our 3 month old son on his first flight. I don't have one specific question, but am more just looking for advice. I am a little concerned about his ears, if anyone has anything to share about helping with pressure change that would be great. I also am looking for a decent travel bottle warmer. Any advice on these two topics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance!


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Question Regarding Enfamil a R

I just started feeding my six month old Enfamil A R because she was spitting up quite frequently and I have a question whether I should still be supplementing with rice cereal being that this formula already has rice starch in the formula. Should I still be giving her rice cereal or oatmeal? I dont want her to gain unnecessary added weight due to extra cereal feedings. Any suggestions from mothers out there that feed their babies Enfamil A R? Thanks :)


Similac Vs. Enfamil

Hello Mommies! I have a newborn, only 13 days old. We've figured out she...

Childhood Illnesses

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Is My 11 Month Old Fighting off an Illness?

My 11 month old has had diarrhea for the past 3 days. She is not throwing up, nor does she have a fever. I can't think what it could be. I am taking her to her Pedi tomorrow but I just wanted to see what others experience was with this. My oldest had this issue when she was this age but it was an allergic reaction to her medication. This is out of no where. Unlike my other daughter, my 11 month old won't drink the pedialyte. I am worried about her being dehydrated. Also, do you think she is fighting off an illness? I'm just hoping this...


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Vitamins for a 15 Month Old

Hello, My daughter eats mostly table food now. I try to feed her a nutritous diet but my mother in law recommended I also give her vitamins. Do other mother's give thier children vitamins and which ones are recommended? Thanks

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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My 5 Month Old Is Always Constipated!?!?!?!?

My son has been constipated since he was about 1 month old. He is now going on six months and nothing has changed. He will go four or five days without having a bowel movement and sometimes even more like six or seven days... (his longest record was nine days!!!) I have talked to his doctor several times about it and he seems to think that because i'm breast feeding my milk must be so pure that there isn't alot left over to digest and that things would change when he started eating foods. Well I started him on baby food (rice cereal, squash...


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Enfamil Lipil (Gentle) vs Similac Advance with Iron

Our second son is three weeks old. we nursed for the first week and a half while weaning to Similac Advance with Iron. Our son does well enough on formula in general but spits up and has some minor gas (some fussiness but doesn't seem to have an issue passing the gas and stools are what they should be). But, since he does spit up (not a ton but more than a little on most bottles - and we burp plenty) and has the minor fussienss we decided to switch to Enfamil Lipil Gentle formula. But he is still spitting up - is there even a difference...


Infant with Gas

My 2 month old son has been suffering from long periods of excessive gas-...

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Bottle-Fed 6 Month Old

My 6.5 month old has been bottle fed since 2 weeks old. We use the Avent bottles. We've tried to switch to the "3" nipple flow since he was 3 months, without success. It worked for awhile at around 5 months, but then he got a cold and had trouble breathing and eating and would either fight off the bottle, cough or cry so we switched back to the "2". Not only is it taking forever to feed him but he gets frustrated with eating and cries to push the bottle away. Then when we try again, he'll fight it off over and over until it works for...


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Allergic to Enfamil?

My 3 month old has had feeding issues since he was a month old. He gets a stomach ache/cramps/gas and has bad reflux and nothing helped. Suspected milk allergy, switched to Enfamil Nutramigen but didn't seem to get much better. Tried Similac Alimentum and saw a huge improvement after a week. But if we give him the Enfamil, all his symptoms come back. Belly ache, cramping, gas, reflux gets worse and he chokes/aspirates and spits up all day. He is super fussy and cranky. He fights sleep during the day and wakes up more through the night. He...


Similac vs Enfamil

Hi Ladies, I have a question about the formula. Which one do you prefer...


Enfamil Vs. Similac

I was wondering how important it is to keep your baby on the same formula or...

Illnesses & Symptoms

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4Th Percentile for 15 Month Old Son?!?

My son was born at 37 weeks he was 7 lbs exactly & 17 in long, he is now 15 months old and went for his check up yesterday he is 20 lbs. Last appt 12 month visit he was a little over 18 lbs. He is in the 4th percentile for weight, 47th percentile in his height and like 90th percentile for his head :) (the boys in my family have big heads & brains haha :) So the doctor was a bit concerned. My husband and I are not small people at all both have weight issues so i thought he may as well but its the opposite. He is tiny. He wears 9 month...


1 Year Old

Milk guzzling 1 year old will not drink any milk. Have tried milkshakes that...


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Vitamins for a 18 Month Old

Could anyone give me suggestions for a vitamin for a 18 month old. We recently found out that he is allergic to the milk protein in milk so can no longer drink milk and that is including soy too. He is on Rice Millk and seems to be doing very good with it. The only thing that I'm worried about is the lack of vitamins now since he's not drinking whole milk. I've also noticed that he's lost a little bit of weight. Not sure if its because he's not getting the fat from the milk or maybe he's just soo active. He is always on the go. So...


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18 Month Old, Chronic Colds

Hi Fellow moms, My 18 month old has colds all the time. After 6 months of age, he has been sick more days than not, mostly with runny nose and cold. Two weeks ago I took him to an allergist and we had him tested for allergies, He is not allergic to anything, therefore the runny nose is not allergies. It is definetely the cold viruse. Just recently he had a cold fro 17 days, finally cold free for 1.5 days and now again a bad cold with severe runny nose, congesstion and feels miserable. 3 months ago, he had loose stools for one month. ...

Sleeping Habits

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Enfamil Next Step Formula

My daughter just turned 9 months old today. She has been on Enfamil's AR Lipil formula since she was 4 months. I was recommended this formula by her pediatrician because she had acid reflux and spit up ALOT. Anyways, I feel that her acid reflux is gone and I noticed the last time I was at the grocery store that Enfamil has a formula called Next Step for ages 9-12 months. Has anyone tried this formula? Should I switch?