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Need Help with Asthma

My son is 5 1/2 years old and he has asthma. He has non-stop coughing. The doctor put him on Advair twice a day. He has been feeling good for 2 weeks but we stopped p.e. in school, soccer, and restrict his time outside especially at night. This week he was allowed to go back to normal routine. He played with a friend outside one evening, soccer practice at 5:15-6:15 and he went trick or treating. He is soooooooooo sick! Since yesterday he's been coughing nonstop and now he sounds like he is crouping. I'm so frustrated because he can't do...

Childhood Illnesses

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21 Month Old Daughter Always Sick

Ok, I am a first time mom, but I can't help feeling like my little girl is ALWAYS sick. Since January, she has had 7 ear infections which have finally been put under control by ear tubes in June. She got croupe for the 3rd time last week, which was followed up with strep throat and wheezing. When we took her to the doctor on Saturday they put her on steroids for 3 days, antibiotic for the strep, decongestant for the drainage, and the nebulizer breathing treatments with xopenex 3-4 times a day (the drs put her off and on the nebulizer for...


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Xopenex vs Albuterol??? Please Advise!!!

Hi Ladies, My 5 year old DS just started his first bad cough and of course it turns out he has bronchitis !! His ped prescribed him albuterol or xopenex ... I read the literature and both seem to have the same side effects so would like some feedback as to which would be better based on personal experiences of course!! I have to begin his nebulizer treatment today and am so on egde and hate to see him cough so bad...any other natural remedies than can ease his discomfort and any other advise will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks! ...

Preventative Care

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Soon to Be 6 Month Old Is Wheezing

My son will be 6 months old on Feb 6th. He got a bad cold while in day care about 2 1/2 months ago and has not seemed to be the same since. We have gone to the doctor many times and he checks his lungs and says the same thing, Humidifier and drops up the nose. Now my sons eczema has spread to his body and is now wheezing along with constant coughing. He also has red spots (rash) on his arms and legs and cheek. His hands and feet appear to have a slight swelling. Me being a first time mom and having no clue, It appears it may be food...


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Need Suggestions to Help Daughter Recovering from Pneumonia!

Hi Everyone My 17 month old daughter was just released from the hospital with Pneumonia. This is the 2nd time shes had it and been hospitalized since october. Since Sept. shes been in a new daycare (part of the problem) and shes had cold after cold after cold, then I got the flu shot (regrets), then she got pneumonia, then she got a stomach virus, ear infection, and now today she was released with the 2nd bout of pneumonia. Essentially, she has not gained weight since sept. Her appetite has obviously been challenging from so many...