Bad Breath

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Bad Breath

C.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Everyone! I've had a problem with halitosis (bad breath) for years. I'm never without gum, mints, or breath fresheners, but those don't seem to help. I brush ...


Bad Breath

M.F. asks from Houston

My sweet five year old daughter has bad breath! It smells like morning breath or like when she has a cold. I have noticed it and can't figure out why. I brush her te...


7 Month Old Poop Smells like....bad Breath?? Halitosis.....

L.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, The last 2 days each poop I change smells like someones bad breath. I dont know if youve ever smelled halitosis breath, but thats what my 7 month olds poop sm...


Bad Breath

T.K. asks from Scranton

My 19 month old daughter has HORRIBLE breath alot of the time. Has anyone else experienced this? I brush her teeth everyday and the only thing she eats is grilled c...


Bad Breath

E.S. asks from Houston

My two year old has been waking up from bedtime and naptime with horrible breath. We brush her teeth with the Oral B toothpaste that is safe to swallow everyday. I ...


Toddler with Bad Breath

R.M. asks from San Diego

Hi, I have a toddler (26 months) with strong white teeth, but with a bad breath. I brush his teeth twice a day, but the bad breath stays. Is there anything I can do ...


Halitosis, Is There a Home Remedy That Anyone Has Tried or Knows That Works?

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

My sister has Halitosis. its that terrible rotten milk/phlegm smell. Doesnt matter what she eats or drinks. She could eat Liver and Onions and still her breath smells...


Daughter Has Bad Breath

R.P. asks from Davenport

My 12 year old daughter has bad breath. We took her to the dentist and her teeth are fine. We took her to the doctor and he put her on antibiotics in case it was a ...


Babies Breath

K.A. asks from Washington DC

I remember when my sons breath was so sweet. Now he is 10 months old and it smells horrible. He had been sick for 3 weeks(beginning of February to almost the end of...


Bad Breath in Son

A.H. asks from New York

My son who just 13 has terrible breath. Its been this way for a long time. He is a clean fanatic.. he brushes teeth 2 or 3 times a day, uses a floride rinse, a whiti...