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My Toddler Has Sweaty feet....Are Crocs Worth the Money?

Ok, here's my question. With another summer approaching I'm hoping to avoid the "foot peeling" we had last summer. My son has extremly sweaty feet. The bottoms peel off all summer long. Last year the Dr. said to get him leather insoled sandals or Crocs. My Doctor recomended Crocs due to the material they are made out of (vs the generic ones) He has nice leather sandals but he needs everyday play in the dirt sandals. So I guess my question is are Crocs really worth the $40? (I looked the price up online for the the pair I like). They...


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Son Complaining of Leg Pain

HELP! My middle son, David (3 1/2) has been complaining of leg pain. It wakes him up at night and he cries saying "Mommy it hurts" I ask where it hurts and he said "all over". I get into bed with him and rub his legs and he does go back to sleep. Its been only the one episode per night but he was at my moms for the weekend and he had her up every hour or so. I haven't had that experience yet. Can anyone tell me if this is just "growing pains" or I should I contact the doctor asap. I don't know if it matters but my mom recently got...


7 Years Old Fears

My son is going on 8 years old and he is scared to do anything alone. He...

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Shoes for Toddler

I'm wondering how important it is to buy my young toddler name brand or...


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...


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Seeking Softest Toddler Boy Underwear for Sensitive Skin

I've bought lots of different kinds and there always seems to be something about each one which irritates my toddler's sensitive skin. It's usually found in the seems. I've removed the tags and all the stitches associated with the tags. He still will have accidents so we can't go "commando" yet but may have to go that route. ..