Son May Be Allergic to Enfamil?

Updated on April 27, 2010
A.F. asks from APO, AP
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My husband and I have been given enfamil soy and found that at almost every feeding he is throwing up the entire thing again. We believe the hospital miss informed us what kind of formula he was getting there. Because the kind he was eating at the hospital was Similac Advanced not soy like they said it was. See even at the hospital he was given enfamil and threw that up too so they gave us the Similac. Now when I go to WIC they tell me I can't get it because they don't give it out. The only time they do special things like that is if it's on a doctors note. Well my husband and I had to take our son to the hospital last night because of him throwing up the enfamil and his constipation. We got the constipation under control. Has anyone else had problems like this with either the WIC or the Formula?

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answers from Atlanta on

Try breast milk. He's very unlikely to be allergic to that.

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answers from Louisville on

Forget WIC for a few days and go buy the Similac! Once you switch baby to that and if he keeps it down, then go to the doc and have them write it up and WIC will accept the change. (dgd had fits w/Good Start for similar reasons - I made the switch one weekend and finally got them to get it changed thru doc/WIC)



answers from Raleigh on

2 of my kids were unable to digest protein as infants, so both soy and regular formula were no good for them. We had to use Alimentum, which smells disgusting, but is hypoallergenic and most importantly, a lot of allergic kids can tolerate. As far as the comment about breast milk, whatever you choose for your child is YOUR decision. As a vegetarian, I eat a lot of soy, and my son could not tolerate those proteins in my breast milk. I had no issues getting a doctor's note for the Alimentum. WIC can give you whatever formula your doctor recommends, but yeah, they have their hoops to jump through. Good luck!



answers from Portland on

Yes. It is easy to get a doctor's note. The doctor will want to test him for allergies but once he does that and finds that he is allergic to certain ingredients he will write you a note.

My granddaughter was allergic, not lactose intolerant, to milk. He wrote a prescription for Alimentium, I think that's the brand and WIC provided for it by brand name on the voucher. It is expensive but they did not resist supplying it for her.

While you wait for the appointment I suggest that you go back to the hospital and ask for the formula that they were giving him that he did not throw up. I'm confused about which one that was but it sounds like he did alright while in the hospital with one of the formulas.

You'll find that WIC is co-operative but they have rules that they must follow. Be sure to ask questions until you understand what you need to do to get what your baby needs.

Soy is a common allergen. I'm surprise they started him on it. Since your baby is sensitive to certain ingredients it is important to make an appointment with a pediatrician and have him tested for allergies. My granddaughter was also allergic to eggs and peanuts. She outgrew the milk and egg allergies but not the peanut one. It is common for allergies to go away when they start this early in life.

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