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Peapod Travel Bed/tent?

Has anyone tried the Pea Pod travel bed/tent? My daughter is now too long for the pack and play but SO not ready for a big bed. We have a fair amount of travel over the next several months and I'm looking into other options. Someone recommended the PeaPod and I was just curious if anyone else has tried it. If so, did it work well and how old were the kids. Thanks!

Sleeping Habits

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Problems with Bedtime

My daughter Morgan is two and a half and never goes to sleep without screaming for at the least thirty minutes to the most and hour. I have no idea what to do to make this easier for me and her??? I have tried staying in the room with her to calm her down and she ends up kicking me and screaming more. I have also tried making her stay in her room by herself and cry herself to sleep but that is breaking my heart... i keep her on a pretty strict routine i pick her up from school and we come home eat, take a bath, play together, read, and...

Stages & Milestones

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5 Years Old Potty Training

My 5 year old daughter is still not responding to toilet training. I have tried everything from prizes to stickers to be a "big" girl. I was told when she was four if by five she still was not responding they might do tests. My doctor on her 5th year appointment just blew it off and said for me to try again. I not sure what to try or do. I was thinking of getting a second opinion but I like our pediatrician but I not sure if I am overreacting. I worried because She does not care if she is wet and I can not tell if she even realizes...


Tiny 8 Month Old Girl

Hi Ladies - My daughter has been slipping on the weight chart since she was...